Writing is Political

Some thoughts after last week’s US election. Because whether you intend it or not, writing fiction is political.


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Erik Rounds says:

I was watching your videos and came upon this nine months after it was posted. Honestly I’m still hurting from this.

Thanks for this video. Stay strong.

Edward Smith says:

I’m reading books on novel writing that say to avoid promoting one’s political views in the story, yet I’m with you–I can’t seem to avoid it.

We should all be prepared for our side to lose presidential elections about half the time. In my case, it’s more than half the time.

I felt sick that the unqualified GW Bush got elected twice, and rushed into a moronic war. I felt despair that Obama got elected twice, after spending half his life as a devoted member of an anti-Semitic hate cult where the minister gloated over the 9/11 attacks and the congregation cheered. Predictably, Obama has basically given a nuclear bomb to genocidal maniacs in Iran.

Both choices this year were monstrous, and this election was weird and depressing.

I enjoy your videos. Keep up the good work.

Konrad Dax says:

We as creative people and writers, must fight for our right to express ourselves and to create stories that move other people and make us feel for one another. We must redouble our efforts to be true to ourselves no matter who or what may oppose us. I at least, am going to be more active in my own social circles and my efforts to make my community a better place. I hope you will too bookishpixie. Stay strong and never stop pushing yourself.

Sariah Baker says:

I stand with you. I’ve definitely been writing topics I care a lot about into my novel. I’ll be working on publishing this book by summer.

Santino D'Agostino says:

This is false. Not all writing is political. Children’s books such as “The Cat in the Hat” is not political. Only someone who would manipulate a story to push their political agenda would call writing political. On the other hand, Orwell’s “1984” was clearly political, but that was his intention. The writer is the one who determines the aim of their book. To assume that all writing is pushing some type of political agenda is an asinine idea. Every theme at the end of a book is not political, it is simply a theme. To assume that every writing ever written is directly related to the state and government is just a horrendous, stupid thought. If anything, most writing is an escape from politics. Only those who look to stir up some type of unnecessary quarrel will manipulate a non-political writing in order to make it political.
“…one group holds power over the other and uses it to oppress the other or uses it to pretend that the other doesn’t exist at all is also a political act; and it’s one of the politics that won today.”
Actually, those politics lost that day. Hillary Clinton had a huge favoring in towards her regarding the at the time current administration (Obama administration). So, she had the power. She wanted to make it seem like Donald Trump didn’t exist at all. She literally calls her movement the resistance. Last time I checked, that is holding “power over the other and using it to oppress the other.” Donald Trump just held up the birds and said “fuck you” to the democrats. Now, I hate Donald Trump, but don’t accuse him of something that Hillary Clinton actually did.

Cat Owens says:

this is rather disappointing. I have been following your videos for some time–I find your lack of sophistication regarding politics and history sad and unfortunate. Perhaps it’s time to grow up and get some education about the real world, not the sjw bubble you seem to inhabit.

Jack neff says:

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The Gay Catholic says:

Let me guess, a Hilary Clinton supporter ?

Michael Gray says:

Excellent video.

I started my novel in December, and I had no intention of including anything political. But as I’ve written over the last several months (nearly finished with the first draft), the political side of my characters has come out in a way which I think makes them more real than they otherwise would have been.

Given the events of this past week, I’m more worried than I was last November. We’re heading into a very dark place. But as you said in the video, we have to fight and create empathy.

avijit3001 says:

Hey, c’mon it’s ur country. I am sure Trump only talked about illegal minority immigrants

Nathalie says:

Thank you for sharing this, and for caring.
We all need to do what’s in our power to get together and diminish hate. And this isn’t contained to the US or this election either, it’s a symptom of a much larger trend. But eventually, shit will get better.
Don’t take the world on your shoulders, Ava. You have a lot of allies.

Thagomizer says:

“I hate how SJWs are screaming and crying over the outcome of this election,” I texted my friend.

“Really?” he texted back, “I’m loving every minute of it.”

Brendan Malik says:

I hadn’t realized I’d started my book looking to be political, but now with these election results, I’m seeing that yes, my book is political, and I need to keep writing it.

Kota Jones says:

Reading the comments is just sad. So many people saying hurtful things to each other over some politicians is ridiculous. This is Ava’s channel and she has the right to voice her opinions here. She didn’t ask for you to come watch and be negative in the comment section.
We all have to come to a place of support for America as a nation. Even though I can’t stand the sight of Donald Trump, I know that the American people have a voice in what he does from now on and we have to express that in the ways that we know how. Four years people. We will NOT sink in four years.
We need to take this as an opportunity to fuel creative fire and make inequality unacceptable. Our next president has said and done some hurtful things that have put a lot of fear in people. I don’t care how right wing you are. You can’t spit on someone for being scared when they have every reason to be. And, in turn, I don’t care how left wing you are. We live in a representative democracy where Donald Trump was elected. We have to support the American choice and wait this one out.
Peace people. Choose peace. The sun will shine tomorrow.

Thagomizer says:

Is there a difference between political and non-political writing? Because if everything is political, the word has no definition.

Edward Markle says:

Strange thing. The GOP felt much the same when President Obama was elected, but you didn’t see rioting. It makes me sad to see so many who didn’t get what they want throwing an adult temper tantrum, trying to get what they want after the fact. Guess the rioters need a time out?

LauraSlate says:

I took a deep breath with you, thank you for that. This was such a heartfelt and powerful vlog. “I’m not going to let it break me, I’m going to fight harder.” I needed to see this, thank you!! <3 *hugs*

J.R. Handley says:

No, what won was the will of the people.  Trump won the electoral and popular vote.  The DNC lost by cheating their own system to oust Bernie.  The people rose up against the politics of corruption and the status quo.  I think Trump will end up becoming an establishmentarian but the people will continue looking for the outsider to fix things before our democracy fails to unsustainable fiscal policies from the left and unnecessary wars from the right.  That said, we read stories to escape this dreary political stuff, to get away from real life.  Stories should be that escape, because most of the movie industry has become liberal sounding boards, and overtly political and preachy.  Books are not a place for authors to preach at their readers, at least not fiction.  That drives readers away, and like most I’ll pass by the preachy for the fun.  If I want to “feel hurt” I could watch the whining antics of Hollywood or the news.  I have been following you since you started your channel and added your books to my Christmas list this year.  Thank you for saving me some money, because I wouldn’t enjoy overtly preachy/political novels.  I wish you all the success, but this is it for me.  I’m unsubscribing.  Enjoy this holiday season.

michael Angelo says:

Don’t give up. In the world of writing we all need to stay focus continuing writing stories that brings influences, changes and inspiration.

Mr. Raleigh D. says:

I took a look at this video a few months after it was released and I too am working on a book which in itself is political. Kinda funny how writing does to people. It makes them stronger.

Raven Rose says:

I have always written lesbian stories and I will continue to do so because it is one way I fight for what I believe in. Keep going, Ava. Don’t stop.

Jack neff says:

I ve just lost any respect for you. Obviously you wanted a woman president whether she was fit to take the job or not. Hillary and the Clintons in general are at best suspect in all kinds of evil. I feel you wanted Hillary just because hse is a woman ignoring lifelong criminal activity. That’s as bad as voting for Obama just because he’s black. What exactly is it you fear for your neighbors? Deportation of illegals. Does not the term “illegal” enter into your diatribe? IF not why? If you snuck into any other country do you really believe YOU wouldn’t be deported. Your concerns are baseless and as fulfilling as obammacare and sanctuary cities. I’m sorry but I expected more from you. You re an American why can’t you just accept the outcome of the democratic process. If Hillary won do you suppose Trump suporters would riot, and destroy private property? I dont think so. And the liberal universities so left their next stop is the right. Really? Suppliing hot chocolate and cookies for those who supported Hillary? COmfort dogs and grief councilors. That attitude of the “we are entitled” is whats wrong with this country today. Not your unfounded theories of what life under Trump will be. He hasn’t even taken office yet and you’re condeming him. Many who wanted and hoped for change with obama were the same people who voted for Trump this election cycle because of obama’s lack of fulling promises and instead violating the Constitution when he didn’t get his way like a spoiled child. Why did he seal all of his academic records, papters? What was there to hide? Did you ask yourself that question of just stand behind, or rather hide behind the liberal banner. I honestly hoped or thought anyway you were better than that. I am so disappointed in you! Wat was done by a black president to address the black on black murders in his hometown of Chicago…Nothing I believe he only mentioned Chicago two or three times in his eight years. Good by Pixie I truly hope you are not deported.

asa holcombe says:

Good show Ava! possibly the best.

Mickey Miles says:

The election results threw me for a loop and I literally wrote. nothing last week! It eased up on Saturday and I reverted back to a sci fi novel I was writing. I’d promised myself not to touch this manuscript for a month, bit subconsciously i started writing it again because of the politics. Its government is much like ours and well yah.. so thats what Im writing! Be safe! Hope is that thing with feathers..

paveltc says:

Thank you for this video.

T.R. Warthorne says:

believe me Ava I feel the same way. the election shoulda gone so much better

wolfmatic says:

Sorry about disliking, but the world hasn’t ended yet. It’s not so grim. And not all writing is political.

Elena Swan says:

If only I saw this during that time. I woke up to that news in the morning and I had a mental breakdown for three days straight. It took me awhile to get out of that state because I would literally stay up all night just to read news about what was happening. Anyway, my book is really political because it was inspired by corrupt politics of WW2 and the demonizing/internment of the Japanese. I believe we’re headed toward that path today with the Muslims.

Rudy Labsilica says:

We’re All fighting against this evil that took place not only in our country, but all over the world. And we will prove to them that justice will prevail and the pen IS Mightier than the sword! BRAVO!

Helen Suzanne says:

It was hard to watch this video. You always seem so upbeat and optimistic, seeing you downcast hurt. But I’m glad you didn’t put on a face, being honest was brave and necessary right now. The points were eloquent and truthful. Thanks for sharing your insight. <3

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