“Whiteshift” Population and the Future of the Majority | BOOK REVIEW PART 1

Review of the book Whiteshift: Population and the Future of the Majority | REVIEW PART 1

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pimpninja1985 says:

The polarization is all due to a forced mix in cultures. You cannot simply and forcefully make cultures intermingle and expect they hold hands and sing camp fire songs together without any repercussions. It’s insanity and will not end well. At all. Why is it ok to be proud to be of any culture/race a d not acceptable to be a proud white? Insanity. Complete and utter madness.

mama 79 says:

I just want to move off the grid away from people.

papa smack your hat says:

assimilate or fade away

Adam B says:

I don’t think that there is a clearer stance on Immigration by President Trump than troops on the border, like here in San Diego.

Bloody Constraint says:

Crazy isn’t it.  The world as it stands today is a product of Western Culture even as the multiculturalists damn the west as being the root of all evil. The west became significantly harder in nature as it was forced to contend with Muslim incursions over a period of a thousand years.  Unfortunately the west has lost that hard edge and has become deluded into believing that the west is in fact not worthy of anything but contempt. You can see it in how the media portrays the west, specifically the white race as having stolen all that is good about the west from darker skinned peoples who were in some cases only slightly emerged from their own self imposed stone age at the time. Presently, in the U.S. if one were to believe all the crap that is being flung about, the Black race invented everything and the white man stole it all from them, inexplicably leaving no trace not even a memory that such wonders had ever existed.The truth is, that due to the competitive nature of European commerce no attempt was even made to hide the origins products and technologies that did not originate in Europe. The impetuous at the time was more about capturing and defending  markets with what might be reasonably considered theft being the reality of colonial expansion as a means of cementing control of agricultural commodities and natural resources. Had the roles been reversed, Europe would have been dominated by Africans and any other external interested parties.

Adam B says:

Good old Sag Harbor, NY, I spent summers there in the 70s, at my aunt’s house on Union Street.

Johnny Red says:

“You can’t restore civilization with someone else’s babies.”

234dilligaf says:

Don’t blame Trump for nothing getting done about immigration! He’s one of the very few that’s actually trying to do something about it.

Emi Aman says:

White people = Nazis?colonization? slavery? Peace, discipline, respect different, I m indo Aryan” tell us about indo Aryan nation? Humanity

ShivanDragon says:

The fertility rate going up and down is normal we have to many people born and then the fertility rate drops , like in Japan they have a very low fertility rate because they have less women then men and the rate of baby’s being born drops , normally this happens after a war in this case ww2 they come back from a war that we won and then they have kids and those kids have kids and then amount of people rises and then people stop having kids it all balances out eventually

Johnny Red says:

I’m not too worried about the Latinos, they are not that different from whites. I still think all illegal immigrants should be deported.

Banana Bandana says:

My wife is Swedish and I’m a black American our twins are black and are Swedish.
According to 23 & me she’s 100% Scandinavian
I’m 75% west African
My wife isn’t even a US citizen yet
My kids are light brown skinned but more Swedish by blood than anything and have Swedish citizenship and passports.
So they’re not Swedish because their skin color?

If you’re American you’re mixed.
When I went to Sweden I walked around Åmål reading the history and clearly see my African Ancestors didn’t build Sweden.
I felt like I was living off
Other people’s efforts.
But at the same time I’m only there because my wife is Swedish and I’m not there to take anything
I bought a house there but that’s my money I earned.

Really blacks we don’t have a home in the USA either
And none of us know where we came from. They won’t even call us American without saying
“African American”
I served 6 years in the us army where else am I suppose to go
I’m not going to Africa they don’t even like Americans.

My wife gets us citizenship and if I want to live in Sweden with her I’ll have to get a Swedish citizenship
I’ll have to be “Swedish” and black because they require me to on paper.

Loves Chocolate says:

Shouldn’t this correctly be headed the White MINORITY. We are now estimated to be between only 8 – 11% of the world’s population. When do we qualify for the special privileges the now ex minority obtain?

Red-Pilled Baby Boomer says:

Our mayor in Escondido was allegedly voted out because he supported immigration laws. Hispanics voted him out. We are becoming LA and Santa Ana.

Angel Tudela says:

I’m one of the 30% of Hispanics that’s helping the right fight the left. When you said that cubans and people with Spanish decent vote majority republican it made sense to me and i agree with you. America is much safer with a majority white population than with majority hispanic.

Hmngbrd77 says:

Im sick of all the hate speech from the left.

shadowhawk says:

I actually thought racism was going down, and that the left is for the most part making a big deal out of nothing.
reading this comment section has saddened my heart to see that racism is indeed alive and well in America.
y’all need to go watch Ben Shapiro, reed the Bible, and learn what right and wrong actually means.
you know Jesus Christ himself was not white right?

senateboy0909 says:

Look at all the Latin countries the safest countries are white majority ruled, Americas future will be the some of Brazil extremely corrupt and violent

Sage Hiker says:

Vince, your face would make a great lampshade.

richard therrien says:

That’s because most minorities breed for a living! The more kids the more welfare they get,, both my daughters decided to have a bi-racial marriage and now each have 5 kids and ninth collect over 90k a yr in government assistance,,, … not my grandkids!

Sean Thorpe says:

The longer this goes on I’m absolutely convinced conflict will happen. The political game is rigged against us. Donald trump has done nothing and we in England are getting screwed with brexit.

Cecil Baxter says:

You are just a fascist trying to induce panic. The likely USA population of 2030 is probably going to be about 45% white, 35% latino (which isn’t a race) 13% black, 10% Asian, 1% Native American, 1% other. Most latinos in the USA are mestizo which is mixed European (usually Spanish) and Native American) but many are white. Latinos and blacks are more likely to be Christians than Whites. Diversity has been and is a strength for USA. In particular Blacks contribute heavily in several categories Music, Drama, and Sports. Also some of our greatest leaders have been Black, examples Fredrick Douglas, ML King Jr., Colin Powell, and yes, Barack Obama. Asians certainly contribute a lot in Science and Scholarship to the USA. Yes, different groups of people have different strengths and weaknesses (on average as a group) but a nation with several different groups will usually (but not always) be stronger than a nation with only one group. People should be judged as individuals not based on who their parents were.

Reasons not to like Trump: 1. He is very rude I don’t want my country represented by someone like that. 2. He lies very frequently, no logical foreign leader is going to trust him. 3. Protectionism is a very bad economic policy if continued for long. If we continue to follow it we will wind up like Argentina with slow growth and eventual poverty. Argentina is almost all while (mostly Italian and Spanish). 4. Some of Trump’s opponents do try to picture things as worse than they are, Trump isn’t an evil genius like Hitler, just an opportunistic politician like Peron (but that is very bad). 5. While political correctness can be carried too far, example replacing Men & Women with With and Without Urinals on bathroom doors, there isn’t such a thing as cultural Marxism. Marxism is an economic theory (not a very good one in my opinion) not a cultural theory. 6. He cares little for the law and not at all for justice.

Wang Ping says:

As Chinese man I love that you guys crying. There is 0 chance that you can do to stop whites becoming minority in USA. period.

sonoki82 says:

If you want to take a controversial position, you have to be absolutely scrupulous when it comes to factual accuracy. When you make up shit, you look foolish and lose all credibility. Saying things like “everyone is becoming transgender” or “whites are projected to be 15% of the population in 2064” is idiotic. If you are making an unpopular argument, you don’t have the luxury of being a goofball. And the fact that you don’t know what the actual demographic projections are suggests that you don’t really think that such projections are all that important, which undermines everything else you are saying.

P. C. says:

Not only is Don Lemon living in Sag Harbor (a white suburb ), BUTT also his husband is white .
So for a black guy sucking white dick every night , he sure like to put the ”biggest threat” up his butt … 😉

Richard Miller says:

Why SHOULDN’T America be mostly white? Why shouldn’t it STAY mostly white? Trump is useful, for now.

bishap global86 says:

USA is lost .You guys need to come to Europe and hold our numbers here.

Esoteric Wolf says:

The Confederate and Columbus statues is nothing. The city of Richmond is in the process of taking down the Confederate White House as we speak.

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