What The Truman Show Teaches Us About Politics

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the codex says:

in my opinion, the Truman show has to be the best portrayal of the concept of Marxist dialectic in popular culture.

Leeor Engelstein says:

I know this video is a year old but i think you should look ay Truman through the eyes of Foucault

schizoidboy says:

Thinking about what is shown here one does have to remember that in order for any system to be accepted the people have to either be consensual or else indifferent. Throughout history rulers, monarchs, and other dictators essentially survive simply by the consent of indifference of those around them. It all changes when the flood of new ideals come around and then changes in thought occur among the people thus changing the consent and the indifference. For the most part people are more concerned with simple survival in the world they live in and don’t wish to be bothered by things they perceive to have no control over, it is only when their survival is affected by those in power that changes are brought along.

Dylan Avery says:

Laughed out loud at “saw this in the theater with my mom” cuz I did too. Easily a formative cinematic experience. Love your videos, keep it up. 🙂

flowerybones says:

Brexit = Splitting of the UK from the EU

Lance Goodthrust says:

I totally get what your saying about the Truman Show. And I have to say, it makes a lot of sense. But nevertheless, where Truman escapes Seahaven… I WANT in. Truth is overrated and it’s funny how this movie came out in ’98. Since whenever something happens bad happens in the news I tell my friends, “I miss the 90’s.” And not for any fashion or music. But because it was more simple. You’re so right about the narcissism of today.

Amey Nanote says:

The Truman Show is a brilliant film. My fav Jim Carrey films are the ones with his dramatic roles, cause he may be a comedic actor (trust me I love the Mask) I have to respect his acting.

Sarky says:

Sometimes i think this channel is too deep for me.

White Blogger Black Specs says:

They’re right, this is an allegory of Plato’s The Cave

Lex says:

could you please do an analysis of quentin tarantino as a director?

mohammed salah says:


Yesion David Gómez Rojas says:

subtítulos please

The Milling says:

I think the truman show is one of my favorite movies, and it’s different from all the other good movies that Jim Carrey has done.

So good.

Charlie Dawson says:

Here’s what I don’t get. Why would you go to the trouble of making the world so real if he would accept any reality? Brilliant movie though.

Mary Clare Mayo says:

I remember feeling so judgmental of the “tv audience” watching Truman’s scripted life unfolding before them, feeling self-righteous as he woke up and escaped from this madness, feeling triumphant as he discovered the door out to the “real world.” And then I gasped as I realized that I expected to follow him through that door and see where his newfound liberation took him, and that I was no better than that “audience.” The movie was over. I wanted to see the next episode.

Cristian Guzmàn says:

Great video !!
thank you for creating it.

My sincere regards 🙂

Jacques Coulardeau says:

Reality Shows are Konzentration Kamps

This is an intriguing film. Truman is in his mid or late 20s when we get to him in the present. The idea is that he was one of several children born from mothers who gave away their children for adoption at birth. He was the first one to be born and as such became adopted by the corporation represented by Christof, the director or this show. […]

Connor Nyhan says:

I think The Truman Show is my favourite movie ever.

Dansplains says:

“Another beautiful day in paradise ha! ha!”

James Northrop says:

This movie messed me up as a kid. I swear I started to believe there was a camera behind every mirror and in every button

Allan Jensen says:

UK exited from the European Union, not Europe.

Human Culture X says:

I really liked this episode! Ive used a clip from it in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofjS7Bu8kCE&t=6s

CrazyJoe says:

You would be doing a service to the world if you could use your voice to narrate for audiobooks

navythriller says:

I never hear anyone mention the opening of the bus door in the background at 0:22. I’ve always thought that marks the moment in this movie when the door to the outside world first begins to open for Truman.

MsFaintResemblance says:

could you please analyze ” Naked lunch” ?

PW Customizing says:

Could someone pls tell what’s the name of the last track?

Ramon Vargas says:

after going to “Universal Studios” as a kid, I questioned my Reality. Ever notice how palm tree leves feel fake??

Some YouTuber says:

I love thissss

Baber Khattak says:

Please help me find the music at the end. Thanks

James Morrison says:

Don’t think society is “waking up.” Conflict isn’t some indicator of something; it’s just an aspect of a flawed world

Jonathan Lawton says:

01:19 “2001: A Space Odyssey” revisited.

brielpo says:

I love this film.

a light bulb says:

3:16 alright the uk isnt leaving europe, its leaving the european union.

Aditya Sanjeev says:

So basically you’re saying ‘fuck the system’ but without the system it would be chaos and anarchy. I believe we should be skeptical about the system but we shouldn’t destroy it. Order is necessary.

Jeremy Walters says:

Okay, so society is ridiculous, I guess? What, exactly, should be in its place?

Benjamin Roberts says:

2016. Wow. Hmm movies like 20 years old. Weird

Nicole Yap says:

2:23 -2:24 ,,,,, man

Kwilium says:

What’s song at the end?

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