What Now? Books & Films to Inspire Political Action

The Books:

The Honor Code: http://www.bookdepository.com/The-Honor-Code-Kwame-Anthony-Appiah/9780393340525?ref=grid-view?a_aid=bookishthoughts
The Establishment: http://www.bookdepository.com/The-Establishment/9780141974996?a_aid=bookishthoughts
Inspiring Women: http://www.word-power.co.uk/books/inspiring-women-I9780992739201/ (only available at Word-power & from their online store)
Fighters for Life: http://www.bookdepository.com/Fighters-for-Life-Michael-Rosen/9781905192274?ref=grid-view?a_aid=bookishthoughts

The Films:
Where to Invade Next?

For those of you who are asking these are my feelings on the EU referendum results in Scotland and the prospect of another independence referendum: https://morejeansthoughts.wordpress.com/2016/06/25/thoughts-on-the-eu-referendum-scotland/

More Links:
My video on Books By & About Refugees: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZd7E64NU_Q
Owen Jones’ video on what we need to be prepared for in the case of Brexit happening: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3FqAaD_lsRw
A Poem on the Results of the EU ref by Jen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4PB-X4FVug
The STUC: http://www.stuc.org.uk
STUC Women’s Committee: https://twitter.com/STUCwomen

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Daphne Koumpa says:

Excellent video, thank you! It’s so easy to feel powerless in terms of politics, but your recommendations can definitely help. I’m not in the UK, but we’ve had our share of referendum scares in Greece last year.

PuffyBooks says:

excellent reading list and fair points made 🙂 I’m hoping some of your optimism will sink in for me. no more ice cream, to the places that have the books, away!

Ernie Scheel says:

Thank You for this video. The politics here in the U.S. are changing soon as well.

Jen Murphy says:

Thank you for making this video Jean! Do you (or anyone else) have any recommendations for how to become more involved in local politics/activism? I’m galvanised but don’t know where to start!

Antonio Ferreira says:

Thanks, great video.

Crafting Philosophy says:

Have you watched the film ‘Trotsky?’ It’s an interesting mashup of non-fiction and fiction. My wife and I found it pretty inspiring during the activism scenes. I hope the vote gets more people involved in positive activism. Solidarity from the US!

nokiddingbrainless says:

I can honestly not imagine a better way to respond to what happened than this. Thank you so much for making this video! After all of the crap 2016 spewed at us so far, it’s so easy to feel hopeless. Thank you for helping to keep the fight alive!

drawyourbook says:

It was very shocking to learn that Brexit won indeed, I am still waiting for something to happens that reverts this… But you are right about the political movements and that change does not happen on its own. It is often frustrating, because many times political movements take very very long time to reach their objectives if ever, and it is sad to see people being manipulated in that way, but in my opinion once you reach a certain level of consciousness about the political situation and people’s rights, there is no other way but keep fighting.

UrbanFoxBooks says:

This is a brilliant video!! I just bought a copy of The Establishment when I was in the airport last week, I’m going to start reading it right away!

Lydia Emily says:

Thank you for this video, Jean. I’ve been feeling despondent, angered, and disappointed all day. I needed this. I admit that I’m still feeling at a loss as to what I can actually do, but maybe I’ll figure it out when I’m less devastated by this result. This video is wonderful.

Wietske Janse says:

This was such an amazing video, Jean. I was really disappointed with the outcome of the referendum, but I’m so happy to see that you immediatly regained all your strength to make this inspiring video. Let’s all stand together to create a better world xxx

time to read! says:

This video is fantastic, you are so well spoken and inspiring. Glad to add this to my list, and hopefully I can get to them soon. I just watched Where To Invade Next last month and thought it was SO GOOD. Glad you mentioned that one. Everyone should watch it.

Shelf of Unread Books says:

Great video Jean – a very well thought out and well spoken argument and some great recommendations too.

Leanne Rose says:

Thank you for making this and building positivity from such a difficult time. I’m devastated. I feel so uncertain about the future and I’m scared. I will be sure to check out these recommendations. I’m such a big fan of Owen Jones’ work but have yet to pick up any of his books. I must remedy that!

Ezekiel Yu says:

Okay. Well, I must say, I was more a supporter of Brexit than other commenters, and I don’t think Farage is a racist/bigot/xenophobe; fear-mongering was on both sides.

What’s good about this video is that you accept the change and hope to make things better. But, it’s good not to demonize the folks who’ve voted Leave, because their concerns are just and human and important as yours. Not saying you have, but just saying. And if you’re recommending Owen Jones, I’d recommend Douglas Murray or Daniel Hannan, simply to keep balance of ideas.

Amy Jane Reads says:

I feel overwhelmed by the news but also the accompanying commentary on social media, and this is just what I needed – something positive and active. So thank you so much for this!

nsm1791 says:

Thanks so much for this video! Such a thoughtful response. I’ll definitely check out some of these books and films!

ABlueSorceress says:

Do you think this will dismantle the UK since northen Ireland and Scotland are against the Brexit. If there was a vote at this moment for yes or no to stay or leave the UK will scottish people based on this results will vote for their independence ?

Maria Oyanguren says:

I’m really disappointed with Owen Jones’ views on Venezuela. He supports a dictatorship that destroyed a country and has left its people making lines to buy toilet paper and other necessities. I agree with a lot of the other things he’s said but this particular belief angers and disappoints me.

Nathaniel GE | See You In 5 says:

Loved this. A fellow remain voter here. But as you said what we do going forward now is the most important thing. Definitely going to check out ‘The honour code’ and ‘Where to invade next’.

Christian Parrish says:

Kinda crazy what’s going on these days. While I do not live in the UK and live in the US I can say the worst thing someone can do is do nothing. Always great to see people of the same generation as me going into adult life willing to stand up and not let the world be torn apart from doing nothing.

Hanna Louise &Tea says:

Great video! As usual 🙂

η μύτη του γκόγκολ says:

From my point of view, the rise of nationalism in UK is a failure for UK’s left. In this times where the true toxic nature of EU is evident, they chose to support EU’s political agenda hoping that ”things will change from inside”. So they left all the criticism to be made by morons like Farage. Sadly this is happening all over Europe…

SavidgeReads says:

Thank you for this Jean. I was devastated yesterday. Me and Jen C couldn’t even buy books when we met up yesterday. We were exhausted and wobbly. This video is perfect in reminding us all to just get on with it and react in a positive way. Yay you. I’ll be checking out quite a few of the books you mention, especially Owen Jones. Thanks again Jean.

EZ says:

Thank you for making this video! I’ve been feeling pretty despairing and anxious all day and this made me feel hopeful again <3

Phil Cooper says:

What was your opinion when Scotland had the opportunity to vote for independence from the United Kingdom?

Emily Wilkerson says:

This is such a great response to what seems to be a really terrible outcome for the UK and the EU. I’m from the US and I’ve been feeling pretty despondent lately after the mass shooting in Orlando and Brexit has really just added to that feeling. So thanks for the recommendations, Pride sounds awesome, and for sharing your fighting spirit with us all.

Nathan says:

May I ask how you voted in the Scottish Independence referendum in 2014?

Susheela says:

2016 has been a doozy. Thanks for reminding us to keep looking ahead with this video!

BeautyChemCam says:

Such an interesting video. I still feel like you were a bit angry. I hope it’ll turn out for the best in the end…

Ilse Huppertz says:

Jean, thank you for your positivy! I am a Dutch student and I wish to study in the UK at some point, something which is going to be much harder now. But besides that, I am very worried about nationalism and populism spreading in western countries at the moment. I think you can always achieve more together than alone and I am very pro EU. I also know that, even though the EU strives to protect and spread democratic values, the way the EU is organised is not democratic enough. Change is needed, but within the EU and not through falling apart. I am very curious to see how things will develop from here.ps. I have a bit of a personal question for you, I hope you don’t mind me asking. It seems like Scotland may get another referendum on wether they want to stay within the UK or not. What would you vote this time?

WomanVsBooks says:

Love this….gutted with the result and so sad there is so much hate in this nation, I have to admit I’ve been angrily tweeting (oops) your video is so inspiring though…may have to pick up some of these books 🙂 xx

Alice Famer says:

>not having The Communist Manifesto
>not having State and Revolution
Um what….

Christina M says:

Thank you for this video. You almost cured my chronic cynicism and pessimism. Almost. As an American with family in the UK – London and Aberdeen, and firmly in the remain camp – this has been a huge wake up call. Sometimes we don’t take the Farages and Trumps of the world seriously enough until it’s too late. Fear mongering is one hell of a drug.

Sarah B says:

The start of this video is so sensible and well said

Antonio Ferreira says:


niidiimii says:

Brilliant video. MUCH needed. I was just thinking that I need some non-fiction to inspire and give me ideas of what to DO now after such a disappointing result. (Also I’m craving that kind of thing because I want to keep learning more in general to better guard against being as susceptible to bullshit.)

Abi B says:

Thank you for this video and your positivity, it is much needed right now. I was actually vote counting last night and my region voted remain, however when I got home this morning I watched the end of the vote and I balled my eyes out. I’m definitely going to be checking out the books that you’ve suggested. Great video as always.

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