Timothy Snyder, “On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons From The 20th Century”


Snyder is the award-winning author of Bloodlands and Black Earth, and his extensive study of the Holocaust has made him one of the foremost experts on authoritarian movements. In this brief and urgent call-to-action, Snyder, the Housum Professor of history at Yale, identifies striking parallels between the political landscape of pre-war Europe and today’s United States. History’s lessons are many, however, and while democracies can fail, they can also resist and grow stronger. From the examples of the twentieth century, Snyder has distilled twenty essential points that should guide the current struggle. They are as simple as “do not obey in advance” and “beware the one-party state,” and as inspiring as “contribute to good causes” and “learn from peers in other countries.”

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Rabid Cougar says:

Political “tyranny” and a governmental coup can only take place when the population has been sufficiently disarmed. So which political party is hell bent on repealing the 2nd Amendment and disarming all the law abiding firearm owners?

Olivia Gomez says:

Maher’s attempts at humor and interruptions were downright rude. This guy is as serious as a heart attack.

HowSci says:

He’s a nervous speaker.

Craig Arrison says:

Everybody can do something!! I bought you a book!

Alexandria School of Science says:

What he says is very true. I live in an authoritarian country and I can understand what he says.

silverpurkat says:

You wont see consecration camps because they know it would make people question their government more but paid prison systems are happening by the government and it’s already begun with the mass deportation and holding areas.

Michael Trunzo says:

I had high hopes for this guy, but he’s got a lot more work to do. He lost me at his comment about “The Speech” singling out crimes committed by a specific ethnicity. What actually happened was that the speech singled out crimes committed by a single group of law breakers, illegal immigrants. I would assume there are plenty of crimes committed by American of that minority group, and those weren’t addressed, but this didn’t stop the author from misinterpreting the speech as the left desires. He is disobeying his own rule of not obeying in advance; shame that all his work has been for nothing.

Tsnore says:

And what of confirmation bias as news and just plain lazy ignorance?

Victoria Garth says:

America, Are you listening? Fantastic video of the truth and commonsense.

Justice Justice says:

The issue about corporate power over our government is one reason Hilary was not get my vote she was deep in wall streets pocket and so is most of democrats. They unlike Republicans, Democrats hide the fact.

Ex Gop says:

*10101010* ********EX-REPUBLICAN SPEAKS OUT********
*Thank you! Donald Trump You are defiantly going to make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN !*
You have brought to the forefront how flawed our electoral process is. We need to stop Gerrymandering or get rid of the Electoral Collage all together and get the corporate money out of politics *PERIOD!* You have brought the presidency to the level of reality TV. Your Fired! You will be remembered as the president that should have never been president. future !*

Joe Casey Kwizera says:

When is chapter 12 and 13?

Cynical Aggression says:

Much of what comes out of Russia could be classed as propaganda. However, the reason it works is because it has a ring of truth. He’s talking as if we have been the good guys. Plenty of people in the 3rd world would beg to differ. You can get rid of Trump and you are going to have the same problems he is speaking against because we have an uneducated populace who is spending so much time working we can’t pay attention enough to sort bullshit from truth. It also does not help the case for the media when they will so obviously lie en masse as if they are state propaganda. This country is already a police state with turn-key totalitarian potential. The problem isn’t so much who is in the Oval Office but what we have been willing to tolerate from executive power.

Inger Jacobs says:

To Americans ( not natives) you are there only for a limited time like all of us everywhere else. I am Norwegian, a country that has been had for 100ds of years by other nations – that was not even nations at the time.
We have been a nation in only 103 years – in which I have lived 72 of them – without realizing how close history is.
My country, Norway, may be engulfed by Russia any minute, well helped by Stupid in The White House, and it never stops there.
Maglomania is never a healthy sign !
Stop the Schmuck !!

psychotronik13 says:

Watch the internet and read books. Anti-internet people on the internet are stupid.

Peter Knopfler says:

Knowing your point in History and teaching the youth how they got to this point in History, what to do about it, if anything, and general preparation for independent living. Timothy does what school systems will not. You learn more after you leave school, readers are thinkers…Thinkers Read. Societies youth lost it´s reading discipline to screen time, porn ,games, etc. Timothy is offering a MANUAL or MADNESS. Thanks prof. Snyder. SEE you in VIENNA.

Frank S says:

This is so right on so many aspects. Most people tend to forget that the Usa of yesterdays is so different from what it is now, and that hence American exceptionalism may not hold true. Many academics or intellectuals worldwide have a perception of our daily reality which seems more pertinent and valid than the larger public as a whole, and that is in itself really unusual or weird and troublesome.

A well known french philosopher, whom recently published a book entitled Decadence, said it best, I am not gloomy he would admit but tragic. It is now time more than ever to be tragic, as effectively current events are a display of incivility and sheer stupidity at its best if not worst.

What is most tragic is the common attitude or behaviour that losing is acceptable and a fact of life, but losing to your opponent is totally unacceptable and injurious. Some will go to the absolute extreme not to lose to its political opponent or perceived adversary, and effectively we are all complicit and collaborators to a political climate which may become is a calamity.

This may be the precursor of human atrocities, and genocides of a previous era. In general, the vast majority in the Usa does not want to lose to its political opponent, an hence American exceptionalism does not exist. Should this be part of the 20 lessons?

Sophie Sophia says:

Interesting question about eye contact as I just read about Rex Tillerson informing people at State Dept. NOT to make eye contact.

Johnnie Bee says:

I respect Dr Snyder’s opinion and work very much however from the ivory towers of academia they neglect the economic reality of the people struggling to put food on the table in the system they so vehemently defend

Dee Sz says:

Fuck this anti communist bullshit, he talks about resistance, what more than the plain language of Marx and Engels? You’re also missing the main point the capitalism is what causes oppression and totalitarianism.

Benjamin O'Donnell says:

History doesn’t repeat, but it does rhyme…

Brent Weigelt says:

Interesting that this author keeps skipping the conflict that went on during the 90’s in South Eastern European??? I’m sure you probably mixed some shows in that area during the conflict and have some stories???

Hageving says:

Amazing Q&A! Thanks a lot for the upload.

Hannah Emory says:

“A nationalist encourages us to be our worst and then tells us we’re the best.”

Peter Knopfler says:

He does not speak of the silent Hatred for USA all over Europe. Europe feels like a military USA outpost, with USA bases scattered all over Europe .50,000 USA boots on the ground in Germany. CIA FRANKFURT Africom USA killer drones from Stuttgart, CIA killer drones fly from RAMSTEIN. NSA watches all of Europe especially Germany just as the NAZIS in living memory Germans have good reason to HATE USA killer drones attacked 8 Muslim countries Flooded Europe with Refugees.
Germany on a Short NATO dog leash who only rolls over and plays dead. Like an abused Child Germany goes back to the one that abuses them the most, USA REGIME, and silent hatred is brewing.

Jac Flasche says:

I think names matter. I think they effect people in subtle ways they are not often aware of. Take the nomenclature of left and right as political postures. Come on. . . right? The right should not be called the right, or even conservative, because what are they attempting to conserve: not the environment, not democracy or equality or even the liberal tradition of our own revolution. The progressive movement is a good name, much better than the left, or liberal, which conservatives consider to be synonymous with libertine. So it only makes sense when considering their works, by which we know them, that we no longer refer to them as conservatives but as regressives. Progressives and regressives, at least those terms reflect the actual affair.

123axel123 says:

This is a lunatic. Even if Trump is Hitler, there is no chance for Trump to take power over congress. Furthermore there is no massive economic crisis. Now, chances are that Trump is not Hitler, then this author looks dumb

Justice Justice says:

I have four academic degrees I did not vote for either canada. I really do not understand how the older generations of women so blindly supported Hilary as the doctor does in this youtube though I am sure that I am about the same age as the doctor. I still do not believe that the democrats have gotten the message how they have lost substantial .elections over the decade including loosing both houses of government in my very liberal stat. I think our still democrated gov.next. Nancy Pelosi needs to go but I am not sure that her replacement will be any better.

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