The Rules for Rulers

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Leo Walz says:

Take out the Congress

Bob Dole says:

Simplified over the point it makes sense

qe qe says:

This is dont explain everything. Its simple way to teach it, very good but still dont explain everything. For example autoritarian ruler can use people vs keys or even maintain balance. Last option is harder but offer much more then simple dictatorship or demcracy. This is how China, Russia and overs sovereign democraciesone part democracies work. Ppl happy, keys happy, ruler happy and strong. If keys gone wild – ruler use ppl, if people revolt – ruler use keys. Not with brute force, in such countries this is no need for this.
Tl;dr – in sovereign democracy lower part in pyramid of power rule by democracy, high part rule by dictatorship, but with people agreement. This is much cheaper and beneficient for both ruler and keys to maintain happy and prodictive populance, and this is much safer for ppl to have stable goverment without caring about candidates most of the time (unless if ruler fail, but even here he got better option then usual – he remove without violence and maintain at least some wealth after this).
This is why this system become more and more popular with every year.

Btw i dont say this is better then democracy, etc. Just some missed facts.

Cole Summers the Ender Reaper says:

0:04 If CGP Grey was the king,Earth would be better

Rekha Dhasmana says:

There is a solution and that is give all the treasurer to the keys remember they also have to distribute.

dankmemerino147 says:

0:02 that’s lemnos, or altis in the arma3 world

Laure M says:

What an amazing video.
And some of things detailed here reminds me what is happening in DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo)
The president don’t give a fuck about congolese people.

Phuckyew says:

What’s with all the bananas?

Cleric775 says:

Poor benevolent ruler 🙁

jhl365 says:

I liked this video. However, it is wrong in portraying political dynamics as based solely on power/quid pro quo calculations. Competence/mastery of any given domain is still valuable and plays an important role. It can become corrupted, sure. But it’s misleading to suggest that only 1/2 of the picture is the entire picture.

Rectus Rectumius says:

Are you calling China a best democracy? Because it sure as hell is stable.
More stable than the US and europe without all the guns bombs and violence.
It’s hardly a democracy though. lmao

The Warhammer Historian says:

Morale of the story: government can’t work you’re fucked piss off

sebatian says:

How to be Me?

George Spanos says:

is it the island of limnos in the beginning?

Mateusz Juraszek says:

I think the video is very informative. However, it demonises monarchy. By purpose or not it doesn’t show a case where monarchy rules a country without natural resources. In such case ruler is very interested in improving economy (sets fair taxes, building or allowing others to build roads, airports, schools, hospitals). Otherwise there is nothing he can use to build his wealth.

Cancer Memes says:

That’s Altis map

mindess says:

Well, here in norway we found oil in the 1960s and the government made what we call the Government Pension Fund of Norway. So a lot of money, and still a democracy

Prashant Mhamane says:

Now I really Understand How Politics Works and Why they can’t Provide ? , what they said in Campaign.

Jeremy Baker says:

1440p that’s all I’m saying

wuzzup3212 says:

At 0:03 that’s a map of Lemnos. Or Altis if you play arma 3. Super curious to know why that’s there! Cool

sebatian says:

How to be Me?

Robeon Mew says:

So Trump and socialism

Giovane Alucard says:

That’s why monarchy is better.

Noble Muslim says:

Dictators have tricked ignorant people from other tribes, and forced them through coercion, to support the tribe of the dictator under a false collective label and the delusion that it will be returned to the original supporters. “But they give us roads and schools!”

nikiosko says:

“Maybe, you’ll be different.”
As the video fades, person becomes dictator and winks…

*Pretty great video though, I like this.*

Jesse Meyer says:

Dude just explained trump

Grejdan Mihai says:

In my country the power of a big bomb can do something …actually ONLY THAT can

TheOverlordFrank says:


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