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Limitless 1 says:


elkammash says:

Excellent work

theguyever says:


BobbyRay Banz says:

Is Napoleon Dynamite narrating this video?

Liza zaliza says:

Please indonesian subtitle

Tony Caruson says:

I disagree with the first bit. I’ve never clicked on anything related to Kardashians but rather sought out a summary of The Prince. I think people are waking up a bit and smarter than most give themselves credit for. It has to be that way or we are surely fucked.

Gobbledegook Suck my nuke says:

I feel our cynical views on people are similar

Peter Rangelov says:

Thumbs up for Kim Kardashian’s ass

Maddy C says:

Lol, an interesting analogy

El Rico says:

don’t bitch at me… he made me do it

Jason Cenzano says:

Your videos are awesome, but damn it if you don’t sound like Napoleon Dynamite. “Tina, you fat lard, come get some dinner.”

No One says:

The fault is with the people, and not the rulers, businessmen or anybody else. What Machiavelli did was simply teach the science of it. No morals and no ethics or any other concept. He simply taught how guns work, not how guns must be used. If we want to avoid Machiavellian rulers we must change ourselves first; but that is simply impossible.

JRussellDay says:

Lol not only do you fail to understand Machiavelli, you also fail to understand life, the world, research.. I could continue but I’ve already dedicated far too much of my time to this comment

elbones1982 says:

Another video for the sensitive fragile consumptionist cuck sheep

yella bu says:

Where are you???

Archie Thomas says:

Not saying I agree but there was a saying that nice guys(gals) finish last.

Niko Ništa says:

Good Tsar batyushka, bad advisers.

Maanikhan911 says:

The encore is absolutely right!

FightMediocrity says:

Get the book:

Edward Waller says:

if you’re interested email me

Abis Rizvi says:

the good, honest and sincere people that do come to power, come not by votes but by force, and that’s why we are supposed to absolutely hate the use of force so that the people who are in power remain there (P.S. no one is perfect but I will name Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini in this instance)

Spanish Conquistador says:

Narrators tone killed it

George Washington says:


Neurosis says:

Hey, wait a minute. I recognize those animations. Red Pill Psychology’s YT channel uses them. Did he steal them from you or is the program you guys are using the same?


Donald Trump has used EVERY SINGLE ONE of these Machiavelli rules…..and it’s only two years into his presidency…….wow.

David Moor says:

The whole reason the rulers in Machiavelli’s time were so pissed with him was because he was telling the truth about how they ruled. As I understand it, Machiavelli would have preferred to live in a society based on “The Discourses on the First Decade of Titus Livius”; this discusses how to live in a stable republic.

Colby Neal says:

this is so bad

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