The Politics of The Wandering Earth/流浪地球

I wanted to talk about some of the politics of this movie, though there really are very little. This movie is no more political than your average Hollywood blockbuster.

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broomzhang says:

It turned out that the Japanese rescuer was actually a Japanese actor. And since this dialogue was not given in the play. It is he who created this last-words and adopted by the director. Which in fact is a very Japanese mindset.

Tom Lee says:

haha Winnie-the-Pooh, you are hilarious man!

张直诚 says:


BW vieW says:

The whole USA-didn’t-show-up-in-the-movie thing reminds me of an old joke: When the US gov says, “We’re here to help.” :Kappa:

unifieddynasty says:

Yeah I’ll give this movie a pass. Space dramas that don’t ignore human history feel more realistic and vibrant. I.e., you have the American/Chinese duality in Firefly, the Indian/Chinese/Texan colonists of Mars in The Expanse, and even Matt Damon’s ride home in The Martian.

Kurt Wong says:

The logo of the 联合政府 is similar to that of the UN and one explanation comes to my mind is that 联合政府 was developed from the UN as we know today; another proof is that the secret files MOSS showed to Liu Peiqiang were signed by five countries —those are the five permanent members of the UN SECURITY COUNCIL.

mistyken says:

I haven’t read the original novel, but I think there might be a geological explanation to lack of reference to US. U see, earth engine needs to be build on land. Biggest land mass on earth is on the East hemisphere. So prob all the engines are built on Eurasia and Africa. US is on the edge of western hemisphere, there might be some torque engines there for maneuvering but prob most of the ppl are evacuated to other engine/underground city.

Randy Chen says:

It’s too late tonight, I already saved your video under watch later. I promise I will come back tomorrow. For critics, I would simply say that they are based on prejudice and therefore totally frivolous.

G Ang says:

The suits are ALL RED. All the politics u need.
Yeah that number is only useful if Huawei s 5G tech is not distorted by … U know real space physics and radiation …

Neil de Grass can have his mind blown now.

林Victor says:

I heard that the miso soup was a thinking of that Japanese actor. The director ask him what word will you(Japanese) say if you will die soon with despair. He went home thinking whole night then come up with this “I miss my mom’s miso soup, it is even better with some rice”

Damian Rhea says:

0:51 Great idea! By the same token, China should do a chain store called “KMarx”, for “Karl Marx”, and also to rival “KMart” in the U.S….

oceancx says:

looking forward your review of “The New King of Comedy”

Yu Shan Jin says:

This is the best movie review of The Wondering Earth. This Scifi/Disaster movie is fun and it made me laugh really hard about the “you can not see stars in Beijing.” (Heavy Air Pollution issues in Beijing) Fun fact: The sequence of arrival of the international rescue teams in the movie is the same as the international team during the 2008 earthquake. Japan, Russian, Korean, Singapore, Cuba, Italy, Germany, UK, France, Indonesia. The earthquake hit China very hard and we lost around 100,000 people. I guess people in China heard a lot about the high suicide rate in Japan, but I do not think that is a good idea to show the Japanese give up hope and commit suicide. It is inappropriate. (Just my opinion)

WoshiBryant says:

I agree this movie itself wasn’t particularly political. It does maybe what half of what a Michael Bay film does regarding patriotism. But many Chinese view this film as a direct extension of their homeland, and any criticism of it will be met with fire and fury not so dissimilar from the usual vitriol of politics.

jinx LUX says:

The US may be not a superpower in the movie setting.
superpower of the US based on the dollar & military. But in the movie, even the “money” does not exist. For the military, well, the Earth is going to die. Also, the ocean is frozen, so American aircraft carriers are useless. Also, most earth engines are placed in the Eurasi, and the story mainly happed in the Eurasi. It’s weird that American Characters shows a lot in the other continent

Xia Jiayu says:

Thanks for your review!
However I don’t think the Japanese suicide scene is not good.
I see this scene as a representation of the global despair because we all know Japanese people are tough and famous of suicide after war loss. BTW, the first rescuer who comes to help is Japanese as well.

张笑千 says:

According to the original novel, USA favored escaping via spaceships, but their plan backfired, so they were not as an important role as countries who chose to move the earth.

Leon Goo says:

We really need a Captain China, and let him do all the fighting, vs Captain America of course, on the screen.

Santa says:


Michael Tan says:

Funny old guy who knows a lot about China

Xinlei LIU says:

Actually,there was a Star-spangled banner in the movie… in a transport car

Shirley Chang says:

You are quite honest and funny, finally a guy with independent thinking. There are a lot of people criticizing this movie without even watching it. They did it base on what western medias told them…sad.

I watched the imax 3D version in America. There is only one theater in the state where I live actually put this movie on schedule for only 5 or 6 days. I had to drive 4 hours(round trip) during midnight to watch it. But , it was totally worth it. The special effects were so stunning, that I forgot my soda and popcorn all the time. The character building was relatively weak though. I guess there is room for improvement. It actually made me wonder what human being could achieve if we actually work together instead of against each other.

mie yamiomo says:

Thanks for your review. I appreciate it.

Fei Mo says:

The reason that the Japanese rescuer said he missed/wanted to have miso soup before suicide is believed to be the setup that during the earth wandering era, human doesn’t have normal food to eat as not much plants/crops to grow on the earth. So rice and miso soup must be really precious or rare and he missed them so much.

ZH li says:

I also thought that suicide scene kind of stereotype……By the way, that line “I want miso soup….” was the japanese actor’s idea.

physicsme says:

维尼熊! 厉害了我的哥!

lonely waste says:

In this movie, the Earth Union Government is the United Nations,
AI MOSS provides the permission of action issued by the five permanent members of the United Nations.
The reason why the political nature is weakened.
In the original story
When the Earth passed Pluto, folk scientists analyzed that the sun would not be destroyed, so a civil war broke out. All the coalition government owners were killed. Of course, the irony is that
After the end of the death penalty. The sun broke out.
So, for the film to be reviewed
The political theme of the film is still prominent in international saturated rescue.

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