The Politics of Starship Troopers

So…fascism, then?

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Subsplot says:

I agree with so much of what you’ve said but ultimately what you’ve just described is a form of liberal fascism. It’s humanity, all of humanity, no matter what the individuals colour of skin, gender or sexuality may be, standing up and saying “we are the master race, not because it is our natural right, but because we have made our selves into something special that deserves to dominate and shape reality simply because the reality we are creating is a good one.”

Bootleg Memes says:

I haven’t seen the movie, but I definitely want to now.

Joe Somebody says:

Thanks for giving an in-depth analysis of this and not just stopping with the surface label of “fascist parody” like most people do. I appreciated the use of quotes from the book as well as arguments from political thinkers to reinforce your case. Great video.

Oliver Neukum says:

The Federation did not start the war. Mankind, however, can be said to have inadvertedly started the war.

Paul Putter says:

The liberals are calling uncle now…

illumiNaughty says:

The Co-Ed shower scene was the best.

Benny Glock says:

You’ve completely changed my mind about this movie!


7:27….cant believe that was Gabriel from The Walking Dead….lol

Reese Lemane says:

Please stop using Arch Warhammer for reads.

BeagleBear Gaming says:

ay this is a good video

jacob combs says:

Didn’t you hear? If it isn’t marxism its facism…

TheNightangel77 says: Glad you stuck up for the scientists here. Of course science can have civic virtue and social responsibility!

Tom Kratman says:

I would suggest, by the way, Sargon, that fascism is nothing of the kind, that instead, whatever its origins, Fascism is based on the premise that man is improvable (or ruinable) neither by breeding nor by environment, and that he is, rather than a rational, reasoning creature, an almost entirely irrational, rationalizing, instinctive, and, above all, _emotional_ creature. Fascism attempts to create greater domestic harmony, greater productivity, and greater security by harnessing the emotions of man as he is. Thus, the parades, propaganda, music, literature, and even the wars are just ways of tapping the emotions. Fascism is government by theater.

It fails, of course, and _miserably_, because, despite having the most nearly correct view of the nature of man – far better than communism’s or Nazism’s – Fascists missed that the whole aedifice is just a drug, that every day you need a bigger dose, a more moving song, a more tear jerking but bit of theater, a bigger war…and you can’t provide those indefinitely.

No, it doesn’t matter in the slightest what fascism and fascists may say: THEATER, whatever they say, it’s only that.

Ixmore says:

17:40 by the sound of the oath, it sounds like voting isn’t just a privilege, it might actually be an obligation.

Gianturtlecow says:

Arch warhammer is the quintessential pretentious british voice

רועי להב says:

For the record, you’ve made a small but very consequential mistake.
There’s one small scene that puts the federation in a very different negative oppressive light.

During the shower scene, one of the characters mentions that she joined the military because she “wants to have babies”, and mentions that is easier to get a license if you’re a citizen.

The fact that you need a license to breed kinda implies a pretty fucked up society in terms of how much control the authorities have on the people.

Timothy Higgins says:

Man this video is excellent! Long yes, but it made me realize why I like starship troopers so much. I think the uniforms, the speech from that first sky marshall, and the questionable directing made me feel like it was fascist advertising. But now, clearly I understand that, to me, this is what America would look like if certain things didn’t dictate our society, such as horrible race relations; excessive greed; the unending need to control everything, and etc. There are a lot of people who abuse the rights guaranteed by the constitution, primarily because of lack of accountability for the individual. Now people born with clear medical issues or abandoned children need the most help. But some of us need to take responsibility for their actions, or lack thereof, and do their part in directing their own lives, instead of waiting for, looking for or scheming for handouts. And yes, freedom ain’t free, and it’s time people realize that. Thank you very much for this video

jagenmount says:

Having finally watched the movie, I decided to root through my watch later for this and now my brain is stuck in a catch 22… I see everything pointed out here about the assertive, traditional liberal utopia of the Terran Federation, but can’t stop seeing the military industrial complex of the ignorant, military state (not necessarily fascist) of the UCF… If I were able to separate the book and film, that would be the end of it, but I’m stuck here… I completely agree with Jordan Peterson and most of the discussion, but this paradox won’t go away… If I try to wrap my head around it as the liberal republic of TF/UCF is unable to communicate with the Bugs and mistakenly sends their society into a devastating and unfortunate war that results in great losses on both ends with nothing achieved (akin to the way in which communication differences end in a death in Walkabout), that relieves it somewhat… It’s just so sad then though…

Jarle Storm says:

hihihi, love you channel, but seriously vork on your latin a bit :-)))

resistradio says:

Like it matters…Heinlin was a god among sci-fi lit.

Adam Oates says:

Great vid! I never thought there was this much depth to what I viewed as a mindless action movie. Now I want to watch it again(and I’m definitely picking up the book!)

Benn Conner says:

I love the idea of maximising the value of citizenship. Subjects should get their citizenship once they graduate high school. They must also show a degree of competence and a willingness to take on responsibility. They should also partake in some form of national service if they aren’t working our studying. A nation is only as good as its citizens after all.

BrainScrambled Eggs says:

So many mindless fucking drones sucking this books dick. Fucking government service should gain you the right to vote? How about paying your fucking taxes.

Paul Donvito says:

I’m from the comment section and say kill ’em all

Potato Man says:

36:15 try telling crowder that

Benn Conner says:

I like it how Peterson says that life is a struggle for existence. The more we struggle the more opportunities we have to achieve glory.

Max Waller says:

an excellent video – it flows

Euan Smith says:

If the detail is “pedantic”, surely it can’t be “unnecessary”?

yetanotherstatistic says:

One of the (many) points in this book that itches my brain to this day is the concept of corporal punishment for a moral good. Dubois keenly points out that there is no scientific theory on morals, only the tragic wrongness of well-meaning people. Was it wrong to ban the use of the cane in schools, and for what reason was it done? To protect children (statistically?) or was it simply “fuzzy-headed wishful thinking” that children would simply learn to behave?
Has the stigma of being labelled an abusive parent, or fear of prosecution allowed children to be punished too softly, or more likely not at all? I look around nowadays and see kids growing up without consequence and without a ‘learned moral sense’. I can think of nothing growing up that could get me to fall into line faster than the words “wait ’til your father gets home”. He has my ever-loving respect to this day.

Matthew Giles says:

This is such a phenomenal breakdown

Count Rufus says:

Poor oppressed. Bugs it was just a military intervention tho free them

Esteban Perez says:

Jordan Peterson 10/10

John Wade says:

I don’t buy it. It’s too good as film to be made by accident. I think you very much underestimate Verhoeven.

reddevilparatrooper says:

The Mobile Infantry in Starship Troopers reminded me on how I enlisted into the US Army to become a Paratrooper in the Airborne Infantry. You volunteered and you joined. In Basic Training you had to prove yourself. If you failed you got your slot for Airborne pulled and became just a regular infantryman. In Airborne School the Black Hat Airborne Instructors encouraged everybody to quit or made you fail. High standards have to be kept. Once you have done your 5 parachute jumps and got your wings and graduated fine. If you get to an Airborne Infantry unit, the high standards in that unit determine again whether you stay in or not. Elite units can get rid of soldiers to no loss to them because there are a hundred guys for one Paratrooper slot and endless volunteers to fill that slot.

Sargon of Akkad says:

Thanks to everyone who made this video possible. Below are some links if you’d like to want to read further about all this, support me (this video is demonetised, ofc),  join my Discord server, or thank Arch Warhammer for his excellent guest appearance.
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Bob Bobbertson says:

*Does Jordan Peterson sound like Kermit the Frog?????*

Dan G says:

Wow, never looked at the movie that way. Thank you for the insight!

Peter Grant says:


James Cameron says:

The painting of Dante with the mask supposed to be that of Sargon of Akkad (but perhaps in reality the mask of an Elamite king) just looks odd.

Bill Whittaker says:

It’s just occurred to me that you could apply the same arguments to fascism as socialism, previous attempts were corrupt, give it another go with me as Fuhrer and all will be well!

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