The Politics of Aristotle (video lecture)

The Ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle was a prolific writer and the father modern science. He also had a thing or two to say about politics and came up with a system of government he called Polity. In this video, we explore what Aristotle’s political views were all about.

This is Episode 04 in the series Ancient Thought on the political science channel Inventing Civilization.

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If this video has sparked your interest in Aristotle and you’d like to know more, you might enjoy reading one or more of the following books:

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ahmad attas says:

I like republic of Plato tether then Aristotle cause I found a lot of falls thought when he classified aristocracy in he’s book

Dark Sister says:

This is very helpful thank you Sir. Your way of explanation is really easy, you made it really easy for me to understand. I wish you’d do more videos on western Political thoughts including, Hobbes, Locke, Russeau, J.S Mills, Jeremy Bentham, Mao, & Marx.

AliTheAllStar says:

I find Aristotle one of the easiest to read actually. I find his more inferential style of thought much more understandable than the rigorous rationalism of later thinkers like Hobbes.

Josephine County Constitution Study Group says:

For my teachings and book(s) on “What is a Republic?” I would like to use the graphic you have at 9:04 … First, may I? and second, who exactly do I credit for it? I will mark it copyright by (credit source).

You may want to see what we are doing now. I want to upgrade

Emilynn Leigh says:

Thank you very much for this informative and very well-explained video!

Daniel Jaffe says:

Thanks so much for this video! Using it as a reference for a term paper as well as study material for my final.

Abhijit Pattanayak says:

Excellent video about the ruling philosophy.

saar says:

very nice explanation…

sadhna singh says:

very helpful lecture…. thank you

Dimitri says:

Very nice summary of Politica . Could you specify the notion of lack of logical rigour , if compared to kant or analytical philosophers maybe , but generally his arguments are concise yet quite correct , logically at least . Is this judgement from the text itself or from books on history of philosophy , for if the latter it could be referring to some parts of on the soul , which indeed aren’t prime examples of precision (though its understandable in this particular subject) .

Basel B says:


Keller Barnette says:

This is a pretty terrible explanation of Aristotle’s philosophy. I really can’t trust the rest of your channel, sorry.

Al Z says:

keep it up brother.

C.E.B. C. says:

what are the differences and similarity of Plato kallipolis and polity of Aristotle

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