The Philosophy of House of Cards – Wisecrack Edition

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Welcome to this special Wisecrack Edition on The Philosophy of House of Cards, where we dive into the deeper meaning of the Netflix masterpiece. We’re covering: 1) Aesthetics, Theater & Politics; 2) Leaving a Legacy; and 3) Politics as Spectacle.

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“All This”
“Devestation and Revenge”
“The Complex”
All by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Written by: Alec Opperman
Directed & Narrated by: Jared Bauer
Edited by: Ryan Hailey
Assistant Editor: Mark Potts
Motion Graphics by: Drew Levin
Additional Artwork by: Jacob Salamon

© 2016 Wisecrack, Inc.


Diaznator says:

Please do THE AMERICANS (It would be perfect for the final season coming this year and the current political environment. Спасибо!!!

Robert Palumbo says:

Very prophetic now

Necromater 665 says:

Well fuck well never see its ending now

Charlie Clark says:

Do we enjoy the performance, pal, we elected a reality star for president. You damn right we love performance. Now if only lindsey lohan runs in 2020

Jonathan Hall says:

“You are entitled to nothing”

Starkillar 808 says:

for a second I thought that clip of frank pounding his ring on the desk sounded like the drum beat when you start up netflix

Wolfe Beckley says:

So like the Waldo moment made into a entire show

Ki st says:

The president use his power to have fun with young boys

That’s a real power

Chris Palmer says:

A supportive friend to Freddy…


Conner Hancock says:

How about the Network?

Aditya Lee says:

I didnt expect spoilers

v Bremont says:

social media warfare, after main media battle of the presidency, trump hillary show// now is social media war. live .!!!!

Winnezor S says:

Does anyone know the name of music that starts at 1:11?

Skaz 1 says:

Have u guys done the Handmaiden’s Tale?

alex hood says:

Do philosophy of breaking bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brandon Combs says:

The 30 second commercial is the most house of cards thing about this.

Der Absender says:

All the energy he puts into building his legacy is pointless because, no one would remember President Underwood.
For what even?
You cannot create a legacy just because you “made jobs”, that’s more or less just a thing a normal leader should do.
Today it is only possible to create a legacy by developing a humongous leap in technology or killng people.
I mean there are of course other ways, but all I can think up would destroy the system Frank wants to operate in and without it he could not be in his position.
He could destroy the oligarchy the US has become, he could strengthen democracy by banning Super PAX or installing a new electoral system. Or he could go really wild.
Or he could start a war with a super power.
If the bottom line is “remember me”, operating in the given system is ALWAYS the wrong decision.
No one remembers administrators, not the good ones, not the bad ones, but the people remember Ghandi and Hitler, Robispierre and Mother Theresa, Caesar and Jesus.
If you use the system just to maintain power, you are just the chair you are sitting in.

alex hood says:

Do philosophy of godfather!!!!!!!!

Daniel Andrade says:

Take what you can

Angel truth says:

i love shows like house of cards and hannibal and true detectvies, its like they are giving us time to think and i love that, we can refelect and learn.
I hate super hero movies, fantasi, sci fiction they are so unrealstical.

Johnny Irenchi says:

Trumps Presidency pure theatre.

Andrrw says:

The reason we love Frank Underwood is because we understand what he wants, and we want it too. We all seek to trascend our own existence beyond the limitations of time, and he is the representation of that basis. Power is the base of human nature, and even nature itself. Every single form of life in this planet tries it’s best to be above everything else just to survive. The difference is that we have a self-aware consciousness and we can classify such estructures only to use them in our benefit. The problem with Frank is that he is trapped in that basis, and because of that he is unable of appreciating the derivations of seeking for power in our essence, which are necessary too. He is uncomplete, cornered in itself, powerless in these derivations because of the damaged that his surroundings did. At the end, he is another victim of the arbitrarity of chance. God is his real enemy, with Its senseless rules. That’s our purpose, to defy luck.

Possum says:

Is this spoiler free?

Nasilele Lisselo says:

Please do philosophy of Boss or Empire.

marpazm says:

te amo bai

Jory Jones says:


T3CHN01200 says:

You guys at Wisecrack seem to really like Jean Baudrillard or at least talking about him.

Anna Ryan says:


Andres Vernazza says:

My favorite TV series!

Roaster says:


Jesc Franco Fe says:

No democracy is not a central aspect of the United States, the guide lines that created the country are the ones in the U.S. constitucion “the words democracy and democratic don’t figure anywhere in this document, In it’s original form the constitution was not democratic, and the house of representatives was the only directly elected part of the federal government… the constitution became democratic as a result of the rise of president Andrew Jackson’s democratic party in the 1830s” Dr. Michael Arnheim.
Democracy is inherently flawed it is the dictatorship of the the biggest minority, out of the universe of people inhabiting the USA only a handful vote and those votes are divided into smaller and smaller “shares” the end result is that a fraction want to impose their views and call legitimacy where the reality is that they are the 10%? of the population, that is why America have a system where all the groups decide who is the person that will serve office, to avoid that the “biggest minority” rules over everyone else, and that my dear democrats is why the popular vote is a flawed argument on you attempts of becoming supreme leaders, Hitler was elected in this way, Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez too, see how that turned out… the presidency is NOT A POPULARITY CONTEST.

Luis Cordova says:

It rhymes with grape

4 & 20 Black Birds says:

ya. information or data itself is just a means to ignore the bigger picture. that’s why all these media drown you in data without foresight or context. it’s fillers without substance.

Mark Blaze says:

house of cards was so good because of kevin spacey. but don’t worry they’ll fix that.

Kevin Johnson says:

You guys should’ve delved into Machiavellianism a little with this one. I think it’s the perfect cinematic showcase of the philosophy.

Suraj Nair says:

Can anyone names those philosophers showed at 12:05?

Royce Ivan Ilao says:

Amazing video!

Daniel Andrade says:


Varun Kumar says:

“cry havoc” said he who fought chaos with chaos and let slip the dogs of war

Brodetim says:

great video

Antediluvian Spy says:

I just cant look at this show the same now. Kevin Spacey’s face disgusts me.

stuart sproul says:

Can you do a video on books you would recommend!!!

Theodore Nash says:

Do 3 billboards ( A movie )

Brian Emerson says:

American culture is all performance.

Papi Chulo says:

Whats the name at the song that plays at the beginning?

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