The Dystopian World of 1984 Explained

George Orwell’s novel has been brought up recently. Many terms and facts are used. The world he crafted doses have some similarities, but it in itself is dystopian in its own right. What caused this to happen? What made 1984 such a dark novel that Orwellian is now a term? This is one video to explain.

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Tyler Mustard says:

We need thot police

Bling Boy says:


Yunis Ibrahim says:

I has a lots of similarities with the man in the high castle.

Ru the Churro says:

“This video isn’t meant to compare our society and Orwell’s”
No, it is. You’re just worried about them watching you and being punished

Kelly14UK says:

What i’ve always wanted to know, is WHY Syme was really arrested, and would they have shot him in the end as he was the complete opposite of Winston and Julia.

ItsRainingGopniks 123 says:

in suc

BoneCraftSrb {BoneArmy} says:

666 dislikes lol

Platinum says:

weirdly people are mistaking us the British for North Korea in this comment section

Rez the commie says:

9:16 The Thot Police

mad cobra says:

That feel when you are an intelligent atheist from a muslim shithole where 100% of the population want your genes exterminated…

A shithole islamist jihadist dictatorship where wikipedia and intelligence is banned. There is not a single intelligent human, bit even in universities.

I am a university professor/student. Religion of my parents if the one true religion. 100%of humans who were born as kids of parents who dont believe in my parents religion will be tortured by god forever. Fuck logic. Fuck intelligence. I hate intelligent humans to death and i fucking love stupid humans sooo soooooo fucking much.

Lol. I wonder if i will find intelligent humans when i immigrate to us from turkey… That feel when you are 23 years old and you never had a single human in your life.

Spy Door Man says:

Orwell did predict a lot of things correctly and I agree with the Ingsoc’s simmilarities with the left-leaning globalists rather than the right-leaning nationalists of todays world.

Promotionit says:

1984 is what happens when you vote for leftists over and over again and allow them to abuse you and rule over you. Vote RED VOTE republican!!

Fox Jurgiel says:

thot police

Naturenerd1000 says:

1984 is super over rated. There are way better books and movies about a dystopian communist apocalyptic future scenario.

marc biff says:

George Soros is Big Brother.

Arden Nielsen says:

10:00 yes complete control. a dictatorship were the people in the country thing they are all free to do as they want, but the things they happen to want to be doing are the things that they are actually subconsciously forced to do.

Koala Kev says:

Did the war even exist?

Vincent Irkalla says:

0:28 *Hello, welcome to 2018!*

AlternateHistoryHub says:

Seriously go read the book though

Animash says:

While this is a good video to clarify what I didn’t get from the book, I kept wondering WHAT was going on with the breasts of the women in this video…

SpaceOrca says:

The subtitles are genius.

TheBillionaireLord says:

This is what would become of us if the Shadow Government and the Democratic Government continue to govern the United States.

Dustin Forbes says:

Good God Democrats are ingsoc…

Andrew Brannen 5 says:

Fucking Russia every time they always have to ruin everything

Elbo says:

Hearing you say Colchester wrong makes my ears bleed.

Coire Jones says:

Huxley’s Brave New World is far closer to the truth then 1984

ThomasPaine says:

This revolution is happening now through the mechanisms of the mainstream media.

Zel Zwrd says:

thought crime: kneeling in NFL
propaganda : fox news /trump
oppression of the proles: trump tax cut for the rich/wanting to destroy ACA/medicaid.

WHAT IN THE ACTUAL HELL? Im only 7 minutes into the vid and found all these uncanny resemblance

Kelly14UK says:

Damon Albarn, the Blur and Gorillaz guy’s from Cole Custer

Alec Karmen says:


Keith Leeuwen says:


Mang Crow says:

what if 1984 caused a chain reaction preventing 1984

Balamir Kilic says:

Basically Ingsoc is North Korea.

Kyle Dang says:

Sounds like EU and China today.

Dr. Pixelton says:

Does this society make you think of the Hunger Games?

Zenith Zero says:

The territory of Eastasia should be much larger. The northern border should go further north and Japan should be included.

Robert Arnold says:

Large scale “gas-lighting” much like what is going on with the current american situation.

Josh Brown says:

When o read the book I was expecting like revolution and an action novel especially when Winston goes to O’Brien’s house and Joins the “brotherhood” I thought it was gonna be a whole lot different that it was

Jo P says:

What if I was the Head of the Ministry Of Truth.

Manuel Odabashian says:

Does anyone notice the simarity between this and the so called women’s movements?

Wrongthink must be purged! says:

Alex Jo—–……. something. Whatever it is, it never existed. I need to go see the ministry of love to cure my confusion.

Bubbling Babbler says:

This sounds like the left of the 21st century.

Ms K Jones says:

I have read/listened to the book dozens of times. The farthest I’ve reached is up to the part of the paperweight breaking. I plan on completing it by the end of the month since it’s handily posted on youtube. I see a LOT of predictions in the story. That’s why I have gone back over the book so many times without actually coming to the end. But it won’t be long now. I appreciate you making an explanation. This will help me when I Re Listen. Thank you.

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