Sun Tzu – The Art of War Explained In 5 Minutes

The Art of War is the most influential treatise on war ever written, consisting of 13 chapters each of which is devoted to one aspect of warfare, it has shaped the way in which conflicts have been fought for thousands of years from the Japanese samurai to the Napoleonic war. Not only has the book influenced military commanders and generals all over the world, it has had resounding effects on politics, sports and business to this day.

In this video, we give key examples of Sun Tzu’s most influential philosophies and strategies. These range from the Vietnam War to the coasts of Normandy in 1944.

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betterdays when says:

The art of war is obsolete we have nukes now. Now it’s about, will the world survive?


By the time of the “D” day, over 70% of German soldiers died from the Soviet guns in the Eastern front and 80% of German military equipment was captured, destroyed and lost. The German army, apart from some military outposts like Normandy, sized to exist!
Before you make the video, Google first, please.
“D” day was an insignificant blip in terms of the outcome of the WW2.
However, it was needed to stop Soviet forces from taking control of the entire continental land.
As a result, “D” day saved half of Germany, entire France, Holland and so on. But not Poland nor Hungary and so on…

R3N says:

Is admirable how formidable the Germans were that the only thing that was able to defeat was that the multiple of the world strongest nation had to band together to defeat them.
The allies used Russians as a meat shield not wonder why they were pissed off after the war.

Lucas Da Motta says:

1:28 Bliztkrieg would be based on this right?

Ali ameer says:

D Day was of no consequence to end of ww2. hitler was finished on easteren front


It all depends what Angle you look at Al Nicholas Al ikhlas Alcohol Al Alcatelmathematicians science covers everything common sense no sense and heighten senses and what is mythical myths for example Merlin The Magician mathematician translator it’s all about the will to live Je sun . it’s all about the words and sword metallic Algorithms.

Mr Rose says:

This has inspired me to camp in every FPS I play


The art of fighting without fighting without withering away like a flower and becoming one flower standing Alone with mother Earth 1 0 and a Heroic companion never wanted to be shiny star in space Ra Gul Born from ❎ Core Red periodically predictable cordless Chi surviving on one chapati Alone with gravy looking like red wine Je Sun Jesus holy matrimony it’s all about matter over mind the avoid void Alone Al one Al Nicholas Al ikhlas maybe you’d expect from ❎ Core Red Santa Claus

HatchetFam Entertainment says:

Well. Attack the weak first? Or how about if you are surrounded by 5 dudes, the biggest guy gets stuck in the neck and the other 4 are not so tough anymore. Js

Diané Putra says:

“The war has been won, before its fight.” – Sun Tzu


You should be asking yourself what is it that you are afraid of African or is it Armageddon catalyst capitalism maybe you are afraid of what came before catastrophe

Tanish Nag says:

But he still can’t defeat the great ashoka ….

Francesco Albanese says:

A perfect manual for a primitive planet, the planet of the apes…

Heinz says:

Will this work on conquering myself?


Can’t win against a system when judges only acknowledge people using hand signs. You use those Exact same signs you in a gang. We have to protect ourselves some how from the cult of Satan

R3N says:

Viets were basically human ants! they were so crafty! underground kitcken, first aid room, dorms ! If we were in a doomsday scenario they would surely survive!

i hate this cruel world so much let me go heaven says:

Smelling chicken dinner

RageFire says:

what if there’s machine learning AI already practicing this art,we wouldnt even know because they will appear incapable 😮


Chicago boys sing the song Billy Don’t Be A Hero as the marching band someone banned the willy maybe it could be that song women Don’t Be A Hero willy Don’t Be A Hero as the marching band

Brian Linville says:

sounds like bunch of woo.

Dr. Smoothchild says:

The Art of War and The Prince by Machiavelli both share a Nietzschean philosophy which merely articulate and reinforce the principles of divine authority. In one of his examples concerning water, Sun Tzu noted the difference between a dehydrated army and one gathering supplies (water). This speaks of two concept in government. One in which the army general must do what is necessary to accomplish the ultimate goal, even sacrificing their own soldiers. The art of war is how to control everyone in war. A Japanese wrote a book entitled the Art of Peace. An interesting piece. Both share a common basic philosophy, to rule by force is a divine responsibility.

Normandy was so heavily fortified, the Germans assumed no army chief in his right mind would attempt such a beach landing. Which is why, it chose to concentrate major divisions at the Eastern Front. The Russians were facing Germans along flat lands, which was why armored divisions was in so much use. A tank division could just drive straight. This was the reality the Russians faced. The paranoia the Germans had of the Russians, saw most looking forward to being imprisoned by the Americans. Russia never wanted to take part in this war. This was a British invention, having created what took place to initiate World War One. Divine authority grants not even the populous should given truth. Since they too are aspects of war in war and peace.

Kevin Espinosa says:

Watch this while ur high. Ur welcome

Raj Dash says:

5 mins summarized in a phrase ‘Divide and Conquer’

Joseph Lauren says:

TRUMP = Sun Tzu

Seven Eleven says:

Who even needs this when you can just nuke’em!

Jay Smith says:

The Viet Cong didn’t have minimum casualties. Instead, they knew that the death of one GI had a devastating impact on its supporters.

stephenspencer2121 says:

To still use a book from that long ago, it must be a strong teaching. I pray that the USA always remembers these rules! But truly if God be with you than no one can be against you. Is the only way this art of war would be useless. For our father In heaven can make the sun stop, water rise or water disappear. That way I have learned my history but always put my faith in Jesus!!

Be Gone Thot says:

Just get thanos.

Cities & Skyscrapers says:

The art of war explained in 5 seconds:
be smart.

F Harrison says:

When you are business trip far away, you must convince your wife you are near, so she won’t cheat on you.
When you are nearby, you must convince your wife you are far away, so you can catch them on bed!
Sun Zi

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