SHOCK POLL: 75% of Voters Favor ‘AMERICA FIRST’ Political Platform!!!

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E E says:

Goodbye Globalism … collapsing everywhere.

J.R. Warren says:

It’s Harvard. Don’t believe it because it’s just a trick to make us not vote. They are trying everything they can to overturn the election and they will continue until they get their way. That means Socialism.

bluewater454 says:

*Seventy five percent???*
If this is true, then how the hell did Democrats win the House? They didnt just win by a few seats. They have a solid majority, and It is obvious that they dont have an “America first” agenda.

Mark Chapmon says:

This means almost nothing if people like Diane Feinstein own a stake in the voting machines. Voter ID laws can’t come soon enough!

Edward Zia says:

Love your work Steve!

Adele Celeste TV says:

Hi, Dr. Turley, Are you going to cover the story about Tommy Robinson being banned on Facebook? Anyone who shares posts about him gets deleted. The last several weeks Facebook has gone FULL Fascist and FULL totalitarian. Multiple Conservatives and Conservative groups have been banned. I deleted my pages to protest. We are afraid that Youtube will be next to mass ban Conservatives. It looks like the end game of the Left in the UK is to stop news from getting out or getting in. #DangerousTimes

Quay Rude says:

Why don’t you simply cite the source when you post stuff like this? We’re left to trust your summarization of the poll, which is ALWAYS dangerous. We have NO idea how this poll was constructed, how it was distributed, within what context was “America First” placed – if it was a term that was tested by the polling at all, etc. ALL of those factors are critical to any useful interpretation.

Plenty of polls I’ve read support the common sense notion that border security is important – and needs serious improvement. That seems non-controversial and apolitical. Admittedly there are truly “open borders” folks in the left wing … but their numbers are very small. AT ISSUE: whether the tremendous expense of building a physical barrier over a huge portion of the border is the best use of available money. There is NO doubt that additional border wall in urban areas of the border makes sense – but there is no doubt also that building a physical barrier where Border Patrol response times are measured in hours makes NO sense.

The President has specified NOTHING in his request for his “Build The Wall” project (… or “Peaches”). It is LUDICROUS to expect Congress to fund a project with no such specification and reasoning. Trump would reject such a proposal submitted by any underling within his own business – why should he expect any less from the United States Congress. It was a bi-partisan rejection to-boot.

Again, … please cite your source(s) here.

Charlotte's Web says:

Yes yes yes!!!

John Henry says:

it’s so logical it’s hard to believe there is not a 100 percent approval for these policies

Robert Clawson says:

Yellowvests!! MFGA France first.

MyricalLyrical says:

We cant be blind and have to start asking some questions on Trump. Like why he has warhawks and war criminals like John Bolton and Elliot Abrams surrounding him. Also why he is overthrowing the Venezuelan government without cause for their oil.

Dennis Spiropoulos says:

Excellent report listening to u from Montreal Quebec Canada

Geo Thomas says:

Then why doesn’t that jive with Trump’s approval rating?

Mark N says:

The Progressives want us to be a nice, non-offensive, country that anyone can rely on for a handout.

Big White says:


Bill says:

Israeli-firsters—Go Home!

Ratty Hall says:

I’m wondering what the democratic (not speaking of swing voter) vote was on this survey, or did I miss something?

Carbonado says:


D.S. critique says:

More states have turned conservative in the last few months than we’ve had in years.
Small wonder blacks are anti immigration.
Presently, blacks are being edged out of “historically” black neigborhoods by other minorities.
It’s one of the reasons for wide spread black on ( fill in the blank) violence.

John Henry says:

I hope Canadians start putting Canada first but I still have my doubts.

Fred Bretz says:

Well, I hope they show up on election day.

John Wunderlich says:

Hi Steve excellent material as per. Thanks for the ebook, will start it tomorrow. Blessings in Jesus. Take care. John

Bruce Edwards says:

all evil ;; rino comie marxist islamic msm hellyweird demonkkkrats are traitors!!!! deep six them all !!!! usa first!!! trump 2020- magakag !! ivavka or john jr. 2024 kag !!!!

Greg Deane says:

But there’s still 25% of Americans who would put other countries’ interests ahead of their own country, not just the loudmouths in Antifa or idiotic bimbos like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortexless, or toothless old fools like Nancy Pelosi. There are about 80 million traitors.

jerry thomas says:

Please look into State’s trying to side step the electoral college by forcing them to vote the popular national vote not the State

John Baker says:

The results of this poll you are taking about does not jive with how people are voting. Just in case you missed it the Democrats won the House last Fall. Texas, Arizona, Montana are now purple States heading Democrat. I find it just stunning how individuals like yourself can keep talking about the “great conservative trend in America” and how it is growing when as I have just pointed out with real world facts this is not the case. You are definitely out of touch and irresponsibly, you are telling people on your channel what you think they want to hear rather than the truth. The truth is socialism/communism is on the rise in America and conservatives are in a loosing battle. A recent poll showed 52% of millennials will vote for a socialist candidate in 2020!

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