Sensibly Speaking Podcast #125: Fire and Fury Review – Let’s Talk Trump

This week, I go totally political to talk about Michael Wolff’s book, “Fire and Fury – Inside the Trump White House” and my observations and reflections on the book, Trump, his enablers, the media and where this is all going.

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JudgeFredd says:

Nice suit..

Colette Malette says:


TijucaWeirdo says:

Trump is a symptom of a bigger issue. A certain portion of the American people voted for him, and are literally brainwashed by him. Mr Sheldon talks a lot about critical thinking. Half of the country proved they lack it. When people are cheering on the bombastic and overt racism and sexism of Trump you have to think what’s wrong with this country? How are these people falling for the lies. Perhaps they accept the lies because they love the hate he projects.

hairypolack says:

I bet he doesn’t have anything on beneath the camera line!

Straight-up Movie critic Grubb says:

Hilary lost because she the most corrupt politician in the last 150 years. If she didn’t take over (illegally) the DMC, then she might’ve never got the nom and we would be seen a very different outcome. From whitewater, the us travel office scandal, to benghazi and the email escapade, more people had absolute hate for her, many in her own party (including me), than utter praise for Trump. We only really get 2 nominees that have any chance of winning, and there were millions who just couldn’t vote for that selfish, evil, Hilary. Once shock set in, the liberal media readied for a war, which they are still instilling every single minute of every day. Let him fail on his own and then report on it like the news of decades past. Witchhunts and collective lambasting aren’t appealing and make everyone dumber for it.

Debbie Sunlight says:

You look very nice and I really like /agree with your analysis. I find you very easy to understand. Thank you.

MrBudzini says:

I could not agree more Chris & so very eloquently presented. Getting to the very heart of the matter. I am a UK citizen & we sit in amassment at these enormous rallies always with balloons, stirring music & way too many flags, all paid for by companies lobbying for influence. America must stop major companies having so much leverage in politics.

dangerouslytalented says:

Important. Wearing a tie.

Elena Simon says:

Please give us a review of the other choice we had.

JohnnyV Val says:

Chris Sheldon, do you think that America is just sick of entrenched politicians?, and sent Trump there as a message to the entrenched politician’s? Or do you think we needed a businessmen in the Oval Office for a change. At times, you need military leader, peacemakers, or communicators, maybe it was just time for a businessman..?
A lot of Americans don’t want Bush Clinton Bush Clinton. And the last thing we need is to have a husband and a wife president back-to-back. We don’t need 16 years of the same family… love you arguments and was hanging on every word! Thx Chris

bigdaddyshigg says:

Man, you sure have some fabulous hair!

dangerouslytalented says:

Hillary panicked, acted entitled, and completely ignored Sanders and his supporters. And, amongst a large proportion of the public, she had an image of corruption, both rightly and wrongly.

catie fast says:

I totally agree with this podcast. When Trump got elected I thought it was a joke, seriously. I’ve been mortified ever since.

Mac Array says:

Well hello there handsome. You look nice and dandy. Contemplating running for office? Just kidding. Thank you for another great video Chris. I for one really like to hear your thoughts on politics.

356porwa says:


J. Johnson says:

Very articulate and sensible, I truly enjoyed listening to your opinion. Keep it up!!!!

chris j says:

I like how the left have resorted to considering Oprah Winfrey for POTUS 2020 😀

flamedancer44 says:

Like the suit but LOVE the t-shirts, LOL. Great timing for this book review. I try to respect the President but he makes it so hard.

Larry Marvin says:

Looking forward to this!

Karen Pardo says:

This is not the first time we have an unqualified president. Or the first time presidents have had catchy slogans. Or the first time a president or candidate has said or done stupid things. Or has made unpopular decisions. Or have made executive decisions.

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