Schweizer takes on political corruption in ‘Secret Empires’

On ‘The Story,’ Peter Schweizer discusses his new book ‘Secret Empires,’ which he says reveals corruption that has taken hold of Washington D.C.

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William Matthews says:

Listening to Hillary talk about what she and her family have been doing for decades makes me dislike them more each minute.

John Grytbakk says:

Our quisling leaders sold us out to Communist China. …a long time ago. …and the treason and madness continues. Amazing. Very sad.

Toadsmoothy 1960 says:

“…undermining the stability of the *Global Order* And *that* is what all this anti-Trump nonsense is *all* about. *The New World Order* or as Obama talked about and the U.N. pushes: *Globalization, Global Governance, World Government* Trump is a Nationalist not a Globalist. Trump is *America First* not sell out America to China and the U.N. pipsqueaks. Remember, Hillary wanted to merge North America together like another E.U. so we can all be ruled over by unelected bureaucrats. *That* is what this is all about! These people are evil and need to be defeated every time they raise their ugly serpent heads!

Julien Oppenheinmer says:

Those who are involved in this scandal, must be executed for treason against our country. They placed their personal interests above our country and people.

Alex Lamac says:

How can these SOBs sleep at night after having sold out our country to China?

Ross Meldrum says:

And yet if I have insider information and act on it in the stock market I go to prison, But if a senator or congressman gets insider info and acts on it it is legal WTF???

Bruce Snell says:

PRAYING Jesus Christ, Jesus show yourself mighty to your people, Lord there seems to be no way out, no way to fix things, no ways of solution, but Jesus you are the solution, you are the truth, you are the love and forgiveness, you are the author and finisher of all great things. Jesus if you can raise a nation up and take it down in a day, then Jesus can you not heal our nation and our people.Yes you can,we praise the name of Jesus. Jesus, quickly reveal yourself to us, that is best for each one of us, touch us the only place that you know and can touch, Jesus can you not minister individually to each person, the only way that they can be ministered to,. Jesus are you not greater than any and all calamity and evil, Jesus where a man sees no way out, your spirit testifies that you Jesus, you are the only way out. Jesus you are the author and finisher of all things, great and small. Jesus help us receive your perfect and perfecting love and forgiveness of the cross. Jesus you told me that if we could fully receive and understand the love and forgiveness of the cross, we would be transformed as a new spirit, a useful witness for Christ Jesus. Jesus we pray that you answer this prayer, that we receive THE FULL PORTION,of your perfect love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ.Jesus we praise your perfect love and forgiveness. Jesus we pray for personal and professional revival Lord Jesus not only does it have to happen in our heart, it has to happen in our family and in our workplace,,, Lord bring us to where your people are, there’s no greater ministry then in our own families in our own workplace, Jesus show us the way to your fullness. Jesus you said, to pray for the greatest gift to prophesy to strengthen, encourage and comfort our people, to help raise them up. Jesus we repent of godless chatter, a lack of faith. Jesus we need the faith the size of a mustard seed to plant our faith at the altar,Jesus you will grow our faith. Jesus help us be the great communicators of your love and forgiveness, your faithfulness. Jesus Christ we pray that you come quickly, we need you and praise your mighty name, Jesus our Lord and Savior. Jesus come quickly, Jesus we cry out for repentant heart and spirit, seeking the perfect love and forgiveness, found only in Christ Jesus. Jesus is not the simple gospel, can be as simple as, the perfect and perfecting love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. Jesus is this not available to all people saved and unsaved. Jesus we pray for this great awakening, correction, direction pointing to Christ Jesus, as Lord and Savior. The name of Jesus is above all names, the name of Jesus identifies the God we serve, the God that can save, forgive us of our sins, and love us into eternity now and forever. Jesus cannot the zeal of the Lord accomplish this great revival, harvest this great harvest and free our people, from captivity of the world and the evil one. Jesus not all is lost, but always gained, we hear that this is the greatest time and harvest, that the world will ever see. Jesus, Jesus, quickly come. Jesus we are standing in victory and not in defeat, because the victory was won on the cross let us praise your great name the name above all names, Christ Jesus our Savior and Lord, amen and amen. I AMen


TRUMP IS DESTABILIZING THE GLOBAL ORDER? fucking A! That’s why the hell we all voted for this guy!

Afghan Overdrive says:

Biden and Kerry and McConnel and Comey and Mueller and Clinton and Obama…all crooks.

xdrfox says:

Its called TREASON !!!

Afghan Overdrive says:

typical democrat/marxist strategy~ accuse YOU of THEIR crimes, so you are too busy defending yourself to focus on THEM!

Oleg Ushyarov says:

Hillary Clinton and family are pieces of shit, need to be tried and executed.

Lynda Mackrous says:

Hilary you sold the country lolol

xdrfox says:

Trump dose not keep his salery, he donates it !

Portrait Coins says:

“Night Night Hillary” is the new hottest book, comming soon…

Dave C says:

Hahhahaa lol, she is talking about herself. Does she actually think Americans buy her BULLSHIT

Rob Manzoni says:

Peter… say “clear”… now say “new”… That’s good – now put the words together: Say “new-clear”. Now say it faster… newclear. Now spell it properly: “nuclear”. Thank you

Crawdaddy says:

Global order hahahaha

Diane MacMillan says:

How stupid this woman is, she thinks we believe her?

kazzicup says:

Hissing witch Crooked Hillary. I can’t stand her lies.

Ken Robison says:

Bill Clinton Obama they all sold the country to the highest bidder follow the money how much money have these dirty politicians have taken in. We need a military trial with a JAG Lawyer and some generals.

James Brown says:

Gaslighting again.

GW H says:

You have to also read his book, “Throw Them All Out”. About the 08 Crash and insiders who made a killing in the markets. Mostly politicians and of course Soros.

misterfunnybones says:

Billary is the devil & must be destroyed. She’s an occult sorcerer with the ability to assume multiple forms like Michael Wolff & Stormy Daniels; she also masquerades as an orangutan.

K Vogel says:

Ensign Hunter Biden, commissioned at age 42, kicked out immediately after failing a drug test. Wow.

Keep buying those guns America! FKYRFLNGS says:

And the government labels me a loon because I think we should be shooting these crooked bastards dead! Think about what the Bundys went through because of Harry reid and his crooked sons dealings with china…FUCK YOU CROOKED THIEVING MURDERING LYING SCUMBAG POLITICIANS. Start shooting these bastards!

Ollian says:

Trump lost 1 billion on the last 15 months. Hillay went from broke ( Weinstein had to pay the woman Billy sexually assaulted in court settlements wort more then 800K) to 250 million dollars in the bank. – that we know about. Everyone should read Clinton’s cash. ps When the Clintons left the WH they ravaged through the furniture and art work not forgetting the Clinton Foundation that she used as a shush fund. Everything will be out soon .. wait.

Worthless libs says:

The Clintons will pay eventually. It won’t be pretty!

Yasmin ?!!!! says:

Great book and highly recommended for anyone who is interested in being enlightened and to learn more about how governments across the globe fool us all.

mean he says:

It’s NUCLEAR pronounced new-clee-yer…. NOT NUKE-YOU-LUR!!!

Stjepan Blagaj says:

bull shitter its about time to take that bitch down

Avanti2Man! Uscgsam says:

Hillary is calling the kettle black. One of the most corrupt families ever.

Tehui1974 says:

Both sides of the political spectrum are equally as bad as each other.

King K says:

Report that CNN Collusion News Network and Liberaltard Communist propaganda MSDNC

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