Review: “Dangerous” by Milo Yiannopoulos

“Dangerous” by Milo Yiannopoulos is a political book (and a tiny bit autobiographical) detailing Yiannopoulos’ political views and how they translate into the larger scheme of the political spectrum, culture, identity, and the world. I review and give my own opinions based on quotes I find in the book as well as my thoughts on the book. Enjoy!

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Godfrey Poon says:

I looked up the word “homogenius” in the dictionary… there was a picture of Milo.

The Tribal Times says:

Look, I’m not defending the people Milo Yiannopoulos and Lauren Southern criticise, but don’t you think that by trying to expose these people as hyperbolic idiots, they themselves have became hyperbolic idiots? If you’re so stuck up in your own ways, alongside your lack of knowledge of the outside world, and ultraconservative opinions, then you’re not going to progress, you’re only having conversations with people you disagree with to highlight how pro-free-speech you are, and how stupid they are for daring to be against any of the nonsensical values you hold.

Milo, Jewish yet a Christian, reverts to every religious argumentation you’ve ever heard, all that long, boring, meaningless gibberish about how society today doesn’t have values, it doesn’t have conviction. Sorry to tell you, Milo, America would be far better off without Christianity, or religion in its entirety, for that matter, especially seeing Christianity and Islam based upon their principles are practically the same religion. Religious diversity ruins social harmony, and so has the reactionary movement we’re seeing more and more of these days.

He talks about how the left is bad for LGBT people, yet Milo himself doesn’t even support same-sex marriage, and looks at homosexuality as a disability rather than a difference in cognitive thought and non-conventional attraction.

The whole, “I’m pro-life, so you must be immoral!” act really gets to me in particular, how he plops himself up on a throne, and the same can be said for Lauren Southern. They’re both boring – damn boring – normative conservative ideologues who’ve been repeating the same dialogue we’ve been hearing for the past twenty years or so, ever since there’s been a huge social divide between liberals and conservatives. In Milo’s case, he’s nothing more than an edgy, right-wing reactionary who perceives himself as special, while sharing the same beliefs MOST CONSERVATIVES hold.

He’s not helping – people such as himself and like him – to remove social barriers between varying ideological groups, instead reinforcing them. That’s because he never deviates from the boundaries of generic conservatism, all always, “Look at me! I’m gay and support Donald Trump! Aren’t I precious?!” I feel the same anger for how black conservatives behave, along with their demoralising of the irreligious left.

Not long ago, actually, conservatism was viewed as old and dull, because it… well, still is old and dull. There’s nothing new and hip about conservatism, and it’s definitely NOT THE NEW COUNTER CULTURE, Jesus. It wasn’t until a small fraction of the left – the crazy, self-defeating side – rose up and caused social chaos was the right able to thrive upon their own stupidity and authoritarian beliefs, by picking low-hanging fruit and feasting off of them to no end. Milo never punches up, it’s always down with him. He never takes on legitimate arguments in concerns of women’s rights – y’know, the basic human rights of accessing abortion and birth control – LGBT issues relating to the Republican Party standing against gay people getting married, atheist arguments against the fascism of religious tyranny, and especially – and this one needs to be said most of all – arguments in regard to a fair and egalitarian economic system which works for the people, because it’s controlled by the people.

Oh, and the occasion he defended child molestation. Interesting guy…

Essentially, I have no intent on reading a book written by a bigot who fails to address completely reasonable and sane concerns for an egalitarian framework, by someone who rejects equality, by someone who rationalises talking down to people and acts condescendingly to libertarians and socialists. For God’s sake, he thinks Scandinavian countries are fucking socialist! The guy’s an idiot who’s words are taken as though he were some sort of hero.

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