Power-Nihilism: A case for moral & political nihilism (Book)



Within this text James Theodore Stillwell III extracts thought strands from profound thinkers such as Hume, Nietzsche, Kant A.J. Ayer, C.L. Stevenson, J. L. Mackie, Ragnar RedBeard, Peter Sjöstedt—H and interweaves them into a meta ethical tapestry that is a liberating—brutally honest red pill. Mixing non cognitivism, error theory, with projectivism, Stillwell puts forth a kind of moral nihilism (Power-Nihilism) that dispenses with both secular and theistic forms of moral realism. In the final chapter James articulates his qualified form of political nihilism and critiques such concepts as “Natural law” and “Natural Rights” along with a few other pivotal concepts within political theory. This book also covers such topics as the will to power, slave morality, bad conscience, the on going destruction of Western civilization, radical individualism, collectivism, egalitarianism, hierarchy and much more… This text can serve as an introduction to Non Cognitivism, Moral Error Theory, Nietzsche’s philosophy, and Nihilism in general. Power-Nihilism is the view that:

— Objective Morality is illusion —
— The free man is a warrior–skeptic —
— Prescription Demands Force —
— The World Is A Battlefield —
— Life is will to power —

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“Power Nihilism by James T. Stillwell is an educational and enlightening read. The Book explores the concept of ethics from the nihilistic standpoint in similar to that of Nietzsche and Stirner. I’d consider it to be a must read for anyone interested in ethics, Nihilism, Egoism and the philosophy of Nietzsche. 5 Stars.”
— Adam Hunter

‘As you read this book, leave your pride and preconceived beliefs at the door. Withhold judgement until you have finished it.
Have open-minded Skepticism towards what you read and I am sure you will see the foundations you once held dear slowly crumble away.
James makes no apologies in this book, your worldview will be challenged and if you are fortunate enough, you will be set free from the chains of moral realisms.’ — Matthew Ray

‘Theodore Stillwell III enters the fray with Power-Nihilism: A Case For Moral & Political Nihilism, a short book which affirms a Nietzsche-Redbeard view of nihilism as the need for the individual to not be ruled by the herd, and find meaning where it is relevant to the individual…
Stillwell writes in an open style, merging contemporary idiom with philosophical language, that allows the book to introduce a dense concept and then breathe as it explores its depth at a more leisurely pace…
The book affirms the basic idea of nihilism through a study of morality which it rightly views as conditional. That is, if someone wants to survive, they must eat; however, there is no universal commandment that all must want to survive. With that in mind, Stillwell dispenses with the idea of objective and subjective morality, and focuses instead on the morality of survival and self-expression.’ — Brett Stevens — www.amerika.org

To read the full review of my book please click the link here http://www.amerika.org/lifestyle/power-nihilism-a-case-for-moral-political-nihilism-by-james-theodore-stillwell-iii/


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