Politics and Marriage

How does marriage, at all its many stages, affect our political behavior and attitudes?

While there’s been loads of articles, books, and videos talking about the many surprising ways that marriage intersects psychology, sociology, and economics– not as much love (pun intended) is given to how it impacts our individual-level politics.

No reason why I wanted to talk about this topic this week. Nope. Nary a one.


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Judges having daughters

Having Daughters More Left Wing Voting

Daughters of MCs, More liberal votes.

Effects of Divorce

Effects of Marriage, initially.

What matters most to a spouse

Spousal Political Affiliation

“Unimportance” of Politics

Marriage Outside of the Party

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Hydrogen One says:

So if I do get a girlfriend I should wear a sweaty shirt on one of our dates.

Hydrogen One says:

Q: (I’m not sure if you addressed this) What causes a Cultural War or Paradigm shift? How is our current shift affecting people?

Geek37 says:

Interesting video. As a married man since the mid-2000’s, I tend to defy the data trends. I have a daughter and their are only the two women in my household. If my influence is lasting on my child, she’ll likely not identify with any political party because in-group mindsets are poisonous in my view (says the man who is part of a in-group of some kind). After growing up with the Clinton scandal and seeing how insane the media went on the Bush administration because of his warmongering, I came to the conclusion that political parties are nonsense and I married my wife knowing that she wasn’t as engaged on political media as I was.

Pedro Avellar Costa says:

Geographic and the fact the most people never leave their hometown would explain a lot of this data….

Means_of_production says:


Ashley Flynn says:

The idea that certain moral dispositions can be genetic is fucking insane, but it sounds about right. My father (extremely conservative) was my primary custodial parent, and tried very hard to use nurture to make me think the way he did. But, even as a young child, so much of what I was presented with didn’t sit right with me. Harsh punishments for sin/crime, extreme individualism, and strict adherence to tradition always felt wrong, and my inner desire to be compassionate and empathetic frequently got me into trouble or philosophical disagreements (ie: why we should help the poor instead of letting them fend for themselves, why the death penalty was wrong, why gay people should be accepted/shouldn’t be send to hell, etc.)

Jace The deck builder says:


DCED says:

So if we just made 2 sides the right brained will pick right brained, and vice versa, i was thinking about this earlier (before the video) to make it simpler.

Also congrats , hope she’s a good one cause if not, ouch… to say the least.

LeagueOfLegendsPro says:

Second (in a couple months that’ll be an accomplishment)

Jace The deck builder says:

congratulation on the Marriage

Slurpuff) says:

Congratulations! Interesting video! I hope your channel will continue to grow!

Stephanie U says:

Dat hair though. ❤

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