POLITICAL THEORY – Niccolò Machiavelli

Machiavelli’s name is a byword for immorality and political scheming. But that’s deeply unfair. This was simply a political theorist interested in the survival and flourishing of the state. Please subscribe here: http://tinyurl.com/o28mut7
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Bharadwaj Acharya says:

Wonder what he’d say about Trump

Jonathan Pitre says:

With all do respect some of the interpretations of Mackiavellis work are kinda missinterpreted in the video. Particularly when refering to Terror, we see in the video that people are being hanged, but Machiavelli would say that to take a persons Life should be the last thing to do. Terror as Mackiavellis puts it is more like our notion of respect. To impose respect on the people, rather than anything else.

kosmo spacejams says:

I just found his book The Prince in a free book store and decided to look him up. This is great can’t wait to read it!

xXCoolCatXx says:

What was the city Cesare Borgia conquered?

Spoiler Warning says:

If that painting is actually what Machiavelli looked like then Ubisoft did a really damn good job on likeness ngl

Max Korobkin says:

So the guy failed as a politician and we still listen to his advice? A society of infallible perfectionists who can’t even admit it’s own faults?

Nicson Flores says:

Any one here played assassins creed 2?

Richard 0'shay says:

weird???? i found myself unsubscribed. resubbed

Carlos Srour says:

a todo el mundo le encanta una historia de “return”…un perdedor noble


Please make a video on Chanakya’s philosophy who is also called “Indian Machiavelli”

Spoiler Warning says:

Come on dude. We all know Savonarola only came into power because he had the Apple of Eden. Not some Good Christian morals. He had a 1-up on everybody.

Katharsis540 says:

The book The Art of War is also great read.

RIta Sanchez says:

do you guys know 2pac name himself makaveli because this guy…

Fedor Galkin says:

I wish you had at least mentioned Anti-Machiavel

ماجد المرزوقي says:

شكرا ع الترجمة..رغم اني سبق ان قرأت كتاب الامير♥

amin furqan says:

tell me which book did he wrote abt unscientific ?

Manuel Santos says:

Wonder how all politicians got from “acting in the interests of the state” to “let’s see how much I can squeeze into my pockets while the world burns”

Osar X says:

So being bad to be good isn’t immoral?
But I think is useless to act like that to people who you like, because would it mean they’re wothless?
And even he followed his rules he got bad luck 3:49

Spoiler Warning says:

You heard it here folks. Nothing is true. Everything is permitted

Raghav Sundar says:

“The ends justify the means”-It brings the question…if a nation becomes the most supreme in the world, does it matter what methods one used to achieve it. Who would dare disagree with the man who holds the most power? So I guess Machiavellianism only works if the leader isn’t a corrupt idiot. Of course, such people who aren’t part of those corrupt idiots are a rarity.

Eugenio Del Nero says:

Gli uomini dimenticano piuttosto la morte del padre che la perdita del patrimonio.
Men sooner forget the death of the father than the loss of their patrimony.

CosmoShidan says:

It’s too bad Machiavelli didn’t see that by making yourself look weak can be tactical.

Nitish Kumar says:

the first realist thinker who shaped the prince (statesmanship) eg – statescraft, separation of religion from politics, etc.

sapo pepe says:

hes a savage

Spoiler Warning says:

“I plan to write a book about you one day.” “If you do, make it short.”

Whiteraven Brotherhood says:

Machiavelli is political realism and pragmatism.

Joshua Caleb says:

So basically it’s impossible to be both an effective leader and a “good” person in the traditional sense. This is precisely why I’m an anarchist.

Chris Campbell says:

Hotdogs, motherfucker!

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