John Locke’s greatness as a philosopher is based on his theories on childhood, his work on religious toleration and his concept of the rights of citizens. He helped to make us who we are. If you like our films take a look at our shop (we ship worldwide): http://www.theschooloflife.com/shop/all/

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Anna Catania says:

Are these videos available with sub titles?

Alfire Anwar says:

thank you very useful material.

John Locke says:

Let us remember, everyone was born to all the same advantages of nature, and the use of the same faculties. The government should only protect our rights! #WeAreAllEqual #LimitedDemocracyPlz

Nathan Smith says:

yep and now totally being undone by Cultural Marxists/Post modernists, literal far left nutters. They should be resisted at all costs to Western civilization.

gaga tavuk says:

Please add Turkish subtitles

David Bajramovic says:

Probably the greatest mind of his era.

napoleon_bonaparte says:

He was wrong about Tabula Rasa, and it’s also sad to see the ideas of such a man being used by totalitarians to shape people to their whims.

ImaJustinLol The Great says:

Would You Do Something About Liberalism, ie. John Stuart Mill

DerpSpY05 says:

Don’t tell me what I can’t do!

Peter Perez says:


Emmanuel Lambert says:

The english are the most fascists sob on the earth

King Christophis says:

Just thought about out the blue, and I am now almost sure that the right to the “pursuit of happiness” is a reference to Aristotle’s version of happiness and had never realized that it is being improperly taught everyday.

jackieblue04 says:

Thank you. It would be great if you (if all) could refer to human kind as human kind and not as “men”.

Christian Escudero says:

John Locke… the man… the legend…

Don Bailey says:

Educate a devil you got an educated devil.
your toleration goes to far, not all religions are in fact innocent.
you do away with the idea of a higher law, but GOD is still there to be called on.

Maximilian Mears says:

So helpful

Lion Bajwa says:

Can you do religious polity thoughts or maybe hannah arendt . Thnk u

Ibrahim Deniz says:

Türkçe çeviri eksik

RideMyTruck says:

min 7:10 Locke beat psychoanalysis by almost 200 years… XD

Joe Smith says:

Locke never used the term tabula rasa, that was Hume’s appellation of Locke’s idea.

Doctor Pepe says:

You used Donald Trump yessss #johnlocke

Knugen says:

Probably the best summary video on Locke posted on youtube! Thanks so much! 😀

KT Pswizzlestick says:

Proud to say this is my cousin! I have always referenced him in my studies and it is wonderful to find that we are related.

Two Drifters says:

Excelente! Explicación!

Walid says:

The second ammendment makes absolutely no sense in a democracy. You don’t need a violent revolution to get rid of a tyrant in the USA. You can just go to a ballot box and vote them out of office. A democraticly elected ruler can never go against the people’s will because that will ‘overthrow’ his government.

The Governor-General says:

Locke said that only Christian denominations save for Roman Catholicism should be tolerated. Religious toleration ideas more extensive than Locke’s existed before him.

Emily Toll says:

Omg THANK YOU! You just saved my life with this!

Jack Dyenjaj says:

“Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society”.
This is quite relevant to this idea of tolerance of the other religions and ideas. You may see it as stable, but fail to remember human interests form into groups.

Marcelius Martirosianas says:

Political Theorija John Locke yra racionalistinis ir yra Taikuomuoji; Panašius pagal Panašiumo teorija mokslininko
Bertraną į Nijoles Oželytes interpretacija. Stiline epistetaikuomuji filosofija.Tačau Niutonas ne buvo pakluosnus draugas,ir nekada Nuomuone John Locke neprimdavo,atvirkščiai atmesdavo, Niutonas igymti logika nenoredavo pakiesti.
del to ,kad Saves pažinimas nedarydavo, idialiai-matematiškai.. iš čia seka , kad Su Sokratą elgesių filosofiją bus trivialiai. TOKiais atvejeis Jis susulygins Sokratą su Jezumi Kristumi, bet John Locke liks kaip yra ,.be juokių lyginimas. Sviarbiasia kad ,neprarastų Gražiuos moteris,kūria labai moraliai palaikidavo, padedavo Nuitoną situacijuoje, Marcelius Martirosianas

Lagadov says:

Who else though of ”LOST” lol


Am I the only one who actually watches these to learn something and not to study for a test or something?

Imnotsurw says:

these videos are saving my ass

ThreeFingerG says:

I posit that Aristotle, John Locke, and Ayn Rand are the 3 greatest individuals to ever walk the face of the Earth.

Ananya Kirti says:

Make a video on Hanna Arndt Please!!!

Randyll Tarly says:

What’s wrong with John Loki???

Paul C says:

Yeah right, you should know the reason why his books were published in Amsterdam for the first time, I think. He wasn’t welcome in his own country, Great Britain.

Taşkın Özerol says:

birisi türkçeye çevirsin amk

Ryan Masters says:

Spirit over religion. If we all come to this realization perhaps one day we can finally separate church from state.

DuckBeatz Remix says:

Am the best

M.R. Davis says:

This is a very interesting and comprehensive overview of John Lock and his influence. Great video.

Must take issue with one thing, however. You state that Locke had a huge influence over America’s founders “and in particular it’s Declaration of Independence, for example, and it’s insistence on the separation of church and state.”

This is a common assumption, but the phrase never appears in the declaration. Religion is most pointedly mentioned in the Constitution in the 1st amendment, but read it. It says “congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of religion…” which is not the same as saying there shall be a separation of church and state.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t disagree with the sentiment. I fear a religious theocracy as much as a socialist totalitarian state. But the source of the modern obsession with a “separation of church and state” is not the Declaration of Independence.

You might more accurately state that Locke’s religious ‘tolerance’ influence filtered heavily into America’s founding documents in their utter restraint in the use of religious language in the declaration and near absence of it in the constitution.

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