POLITICAL THEORY – Friedrich Hayek

The leading theorist of modern right-wing political movements was an Austrian economist called Friedrich Hayek. For more on this and other great thinkers, see our new book: http://bit.ly/29URGvS

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“Friedrich August von Hayek (1899-1992) was a political economist who had a tremendous influence upon how people in capitalist societies understand the concept of liberty. Controversially, for Hayek ‘liberty’ did not mean democracy or a commitment to a set of ‘liberal’ ideals. Rather, Hayek believed that liberty was ‘a policy which deliberately adopts competition, markets and prices as its ordering principles’……”

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Written by Chris Grocott


Produced in collaboration with Reflective Films


ElielFenrir says:

broadly acurate but in 7:21 they said hayek was confortable with dictatorships who apply free market ideas; i have read road to serfdom and most of his work and i have never found a point like that; sure his skepctical of democracy but in his work there is no endorsment of dictators like pinochet

McRecreationalNerveGasTM says:

Political Theory – Julius Evola

charles scott says:

The phrase “Authoritarian government” is redundant.

Patrick Bateman says:

It’s ironic that people were complaining about government after the recession when the very issues that resulted in the recession was a lack of government and deregulation.

Christian Neureuter says:

What did he think was the solution for massive corporations rigging economic markets though? Yes the market can fix itself without government interference, but it also requires no interference by the biggest players in the market.

John Norris says:

Amazing how so much of Hayeks video is dedicated to Keynes.

pragmaticpolitics says:

2008 would’ve been horrible under a restrained monetary system, do people realize that inflation is necessary in a crisis

WolfE says:

“Central planning leads to a single individual”

Andy Frye says:

At “line of scholars” why a random picture of President Franklin Pierce for an Austrian…?

The Roaming Tofu says:

Anyone who says that someone else does not understand economics because they believe in a different school of economics is a complete retard.

Migue Ross says:

Singapur tuvo una dictadura el dictador fue quien enfocó la nación hacia la riqueza

ca ss says:

Love how philosophers think they know more about economics than economist. XD

Thomas Hope says:

I would be thrilled to see a ‘School of Life’ video on ‘Neo-Liberalism’ ! Any chance?

Chrizzie 78 says:

Lot of Ad Hominem remarks, straw man arguments, visceral hate and ignorance in the comment section. Kudos School of Life for trying to give an honest account of the life and work of someone probably not one of you agree with in any way.

Temperamento Taller says:

Alguien podría decirme con qué programa se realizan este tipo de ediciones?

Will Forest says:

hayek has some interesting ideas but reguarding dictatorship the only issue is that autocrats have too many incentives to interfere with the market so they can give more resources to their political supporters otherwise they face being deposed by potential dictators who will. this is also an issue with democracy as the party that appears to do something will gain more support than the party that does nothing even if doing nothing is the best corse of action.

Rob York says:

What’s with the Murray Rothbard picture at 3:19?

Agu G says:

10:46 are Macri’s economic policies based on neoliberal free market ideas, or rather in keynesian economics?

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