Adam Smith was no uncritical apologist for capitalism: he wanted to understand how capitalism could be both fruitful and good.
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Edward Backman says:

Radical left wingers don’t want taxes. They say steal it.

Xander Gisbey says:

Kircaldy is pronounced kir coddy

maxhagen12014 says:


Raghav Sundar says:

Rousseau is one simplistic retard

Alexander Ford says:

Business has nothing to do with adam smith, capitalism, socialism and or other thoughts of economic structures. in fact, business has little or no intrinsic value to be thought.. its a generic word.. however, with excessive engineering of thought one could say business is the umbrella definition for ///accounting i.e checks and balances of an entity structure representing one or more individuals.. thus profits and or losses not part of the equation. nor is the teaching of management of an entity part of what they charge students 50 grand for business school tuition fees part of any business . nevertheless, all decisions made to ensure the best practice accounting of the entity is part of a Business decision.

Ysf Krwn says:

I haven’t read even one of his work. But from this particular video, i think that Adam Smith’s idea is a simplification of a very complex system.

upstartmike says:

I just about died when at 4:40 that image of Trump slid in when he said “needing to be liked”. And this video is from 2014, wow.

Guilherme Recordon says:

Well, it turns out he envisioned much the same utopian future Marx did, but at least Marx was honest about it. While he was like, “oh let’s trick the rich into giving us what we need instead of taxing them what’s fair, otherwise they’ll flee to a country where they’re even more desperately in need of their left overs”

muslim Jesus says:

DEBT IS WEALTH, WAR IS PEACE, HELL IS HEAVEN AND SLAVERY IS FREEDOM! This is the mere truth we live in since Zionist Banks took control of the game numbers on the screen and worthless paper became more valuable than human life. We must understand our enemy, and understand the weapons they use, then use those same weapons against them. The money system is the head of the snake. We cut the head off and the rest of it will wither and die. There is no need for violence, no guns, no banners, no slogans, just a united act of global non-compliance.

Anti says:

Well education seems to be the answer. But in a capitalist society where the inequality is so vast that many can’t attain good education, how would consumers get enlightened to consume intelligently? In addition to that capitalists having in mind their thirst for profit would try to control society into buying their products through media and advertisement. Adam Smith is somewhat dangerously optimistic about the ability of consumers to choose wisely while they are being deceived by corporations.

BuShi Do says:

Seems like he didn’t consider human greed in all of this and the ever increasing expansion between the rich and the poor as human population sky rockets. A capitalist society being humane in modern times is a joke. There might be enough to go around but there is a fear which leads most of us wanting to acquire as much as possible and horde resources which creates a crab bucket situation in society. Humane? I think not.

Maceta says:

After reading trough all of “The Wealth Of Nations” I can’t help to feel frustrated at how much this man has been mischaracterized by both the left and the right.
He was in all senses ahead of it’s time. Against slavery, opposing racist theories for the development of societies. Highly critical of religious authority, to the point of pretty much proclaiming himself atheist. He believed land owners should equally distribute their land to their offsprings regardless of age or gender, as opposed of the entailed state of his time.
He believed in accountability for the powerful and prosperity for the general public. And his research led him to the conclusion that the best way to achieve this was trough the free market. And he exposes his arguments for this in a very candid and objective manner. I was left with nothing but admiration for the man. I urge anyone with the spare time to read “The Wealth Of Nations”, wich is a very entertaining book, and not the boring economic lecture you would expect. Probably as mischaracterized as Smith himself was.

Javier Treviño says:

I’d like to see videos about Peter Thiel and also one about Italian Futurism, they’re both really interesting

studmalexy says:


Sebastian Palominos says:

It is funny that Smith never claimed something simmilar to politics; as far as i remember he founded economics (but not in the way we claim), he talked about the morality, the problems that arises with free markets, but also the benefits..
Like the idea that 2 people looking only for they self-interest can cooperate together, trade products and/or services and be better simultaneously

June28July says:

4:38 President Trump now

ProofnycCham says:

His 4th point is really persuasive

then again says:

No, they’re greedy. No ethics either.   Corporations control what people are able to use, such as fossil fuels, despite the environmental need to put money and resources into non-toxic energy sources.

mads max says:

I wonder if adam ever thought the world was finite. Kinda puts a twist in his outlooks now.

FirstRisingSouI says:

Think Adam Smith would be for unconditional basic income in the face of the impending extreme automation?

carolyn smarr says:

Naked people mean I can’t use this video for my high school economics class in Dubai… 🙁

a.a- says:

“Adam Smith needs revision.”

Rich Quitliano says:

Great series… the voice seems very familiar!

Roshan Chachane says:

Adam Smith way way way greater than Marx

Joseph Ehlers says:

“The government of an exclusive company of merchants is, perhaps, the worst of all governments for any country whatever.” – Adam Smith

Potato Patato says:

Very, very interesting! I always saw Smith as, broadly, “the guy who invented capitalism”. I doubt he’d be happy with where we took his ideas, considering are now heavily consumeristic society. I think, perhaps, we followed most of what he said, but fell short at the crucial “make wealthy people want to help out” step. They still see money as the quickest way to respect and recognition, with outrageous behaviour and ridiculous showmanship a close second. I guess we can blame our modern media’s sensationalistic methods for that, as people like Trump get more famous not through charity but through bafoonery. Then again, that is only because we consumers desire such crass entertainment. Whoops.

Sw0rd Penc1l says:

4:30 That is the funniest part. I laughed so hard.

ANAMY says:

E.Corp before it was cool.

AuricMonkey says:

This video surprised me, not at all what I expected

Kristoffer Haugsbakk says:

At 04:11:

> Meanwhile the radical left-wing answer was, then and now: raise taxes.

That’s false. The modern radical left-wing answer has nothing to do with raising taxes.

Michele du Toit says:

Adam Smith is said to have been a freemason.

Hereinliesthetruth says:

Please do Ayn Rand.

topcityres says:

He’s right. The biggest problem with capitalist society, is we are all selfish immoral cunts.

GrumpyOldMan says:

0:50 specialisation
2:30 consumer capitalism
4:00 how to treat the rich (they want appreciation)
5:00 educate the quality of consumer demand

Nitish Kumar says:

Smith gives the idea of leasize fair for welfare economy, now we discuss about UBI.

John Gray says:

I heard he’s a wanker.

Angelica Casey says:

its ironic trump is in this

ToriZealot says:

Interestingly, all the crimes of Mao & Stalin are the fault of Marx, whereas all the crimes of capitalism have nothing to do with Adam Smith.

Vendis Sertune says:

Libertarian capitalist here, one of the best voices to date

Goonbadum3445 says:

5:30 yes

Zhixian Wang says:


fisura filozofica says:

I like how stupid this is.

Mike Pence says:

Yea, I’m pretty fucking dank.

Shaikh Mohammed Yunus says:

why are ppl advocating for capitalism so arrogant?

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