Political Parties: Crash Course Government and Politics #40

Today, Craig is going to talk about political parties and their role in American politics. So, when most people think about political parties they associate them with the common ideologies of the voters and representatives within that party, but the goal of a party is NOT to influence policies. The role of political parties is much simpler: to win control of the government. So today, we’re going got talk about why we have political parties in the first place and then finish with the five functions they use in reaching that goal. It’s a lot to cover, so next week we’ll talk about what each political party stands for and how that has changed historically.

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Httyd5 says:

watched first two minutes and I don’t understand anything!! mainly because English isn’t my first language and I’m sleepy

civics 360 says:

I am all about civics! sub to me!

Katherine Hoeniges says:

obama was pretty sucky

Hn says:

7:34 that is a very orwellian reason for political parties. For a person to not know and cut corners concerning information for who they are voting for is nothing short of lunacy

WeirdWorld says:

Democrat or Republican. or Aristocrat.

Skull Smasher09874 says:


Beyonce Mac says:

Am I the only one who caught this man saying Netflix and chill?

No just me???

Alijio De La Paz says:

Where does Cruck it thugs minded party’s come out of?

Jonathan Nightfire says:

My major right now at College is Political Science. My Political Party is Republican. I’m attending Political Science class this Fall Semester in 2017.

AwesomeGaming Studio says:

political parties + debate + president chosen =election + result

Bernie v.R. says:

I like how all the democratics were black

samina fatima says:

david is a @#$%^&*)$^&(

knicks the Crafter says:

Influence national government

clarence spencer says:

does it need to begin with all that stupid stuff? how can anyone take that clown serious after all the antics??

Josephine Faoro says:

Are there sources for anything these videos say? Also it would be good for him to say bis biases

Vikkar1 says:


Jesus says:

Political parties need to be eliminated

mackdmara says:

Got a joke, just for you. Why do they call political parties, parties? Because of all the clowns in them! Hehe. See it’s funny because it’s true.

Demolition 5505 says:

these videos are weird


The lisp. oof

Mahbuba Dehkankhodjayeva says:

I wish you had a series on EU Politics 🙁

Luis Thillet says:

this guy’s awesome

Jay Jay says:

Just found your videos. I will be showing them to my kids. Thank you so much!!

Philip Naumann says:

Im a republican

Infinity Charbonneau says:

I like to watch Crash Course because it really helps me to do my history papers and all my homework.

Anthony Points says:

I’ve learned more from these 10 minute videos than I have sitting in an hour and a half lecture twice a week for the past semester. Thank you.

Doug Grinbergs says:

I was hoping for a grown-up presentation. Disappointed with PBS brand.

Emma Bush says:

He speaks sooooo fast ahhhh

yoko costrau says:

Thank you.

Alessandra Cristina de Araujo says:

Great video. He could talk a bit slow for those who are not too good in English. Thanks for share it in a easy way to understand.

Atticus P says:

“If you disagree, then go form your own party, you can do whatever you want.” Yeah, easier said than done, sir. How lightly that was said. Wow.

Reese dailey says:


Nesty CB says:

What a shame of deffinition of political party. It’s as deep as a glass of water

resqwec says:

Ngl it’s much harder in America to say that the party reflects the candidate as the parties in the US incorporate broad views and, in the 60’s, weren’t ideologically different at all

Matthew Quirarte says:

8 more hours before the storm…

andrew cao says:

Instead of reading a textbook, this guy is reading it for me with monotone!

MyName Jeff says:

my reaction of parties:
democratic party: i sleep…
political party: Zzzzzzzzz…
mario party: OH YEAH!

11thDoctor's Companion says:

I understand, like, nothing.

Kylie Shafer says:

I’m being forced to watch this.

Kira Kira says:

Question: Is that a Howl’s Moving Castle Cup? It really looks like Howl’s Cape! XD

JANESH .G says:

How did you make that party gun can you show me a website to huy or help me know how you made if it was done by yourself and company

Kenneth Reynolds says:

Watched this at school anyone?

Nicholas Nguyen says:

craig is suck

Аделя Абдинова says:

Can someone explain me briefly what he is talking about? Particularly about the elections? Please

RYAN HE says:

#make your own party

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