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“Aristotle was born around 384 BC in the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedonia, where his father was the royal doctor. He grew up to be arguably the most influential philosopher ever, with modest nicknames like ‘the master’, and simply ‘the philosopher’. One of his big jobs was tutoring Alexander the Great, who soon after went out and conquered the known world…”

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Mad Adam


Brilliant benefactor says:

You people are so far up aristotles ass you forgot how to think for yourselves.FUCK aristotle.That bich was so fucking intelligent he ended up dead.I will fucking upload my consciousness to a machine and live forever so i can keep making all your lives misesrable for all eternity!Because you are all parrots!POLY WANNA CRACKER?

Xiel E says:

I wonder if erik erikson was ever a fan of aristotle or was ever influenced by aristotle’s works. Anyone who got any ideas?

Steve Anston says:

This is *not* a good synopsis of Aristotle’s contributions to philosophy.

Franchie Robbins says:

What happened to metaphysics, a.k.a. the most Aristotle thing ever?

Dmitri Ivanov says:

I think you spelled “Witiness” wrong at 1:40, it is spelled: “wittiness”.

Heath McCabe says:

At 2:34 and other places, he bends physics a bit to make his point. That’s not how those balances work man. I do love the content though, to be clear.

Fox Kill says:

katharsis! with is greek for catharis!!

mountaingoat1003 says:

Aristotle was a great man.  His stuff should be taught to kids.  Might have a better world if it was

Jay Christensen says:


Aaron Barber says:

Put it on .75 speed when you’re high, makes it easier

Meryem says:

Lycée in French means high school not secondary school

IDK OKAY says:

Just wondering who came for a school video XD thanks 😀

Mark Ivanics says:

This has been a good and conclusive video about this subject! Thank you for making it!

Victor says:

Fucking centrists

Layse R says:

if moral goodness comes from habit, so badness does? So, to Aristotle, there’s no such a thing as ”we are born evil”?

Sara Ghaffari says:

Pick a stock photo that is more accurate–men and women on their cellphones–not just women.

nicholas figgis says:

Aristotle’s view on Brexit

Nadia Maciam says:

Wow, i am sooo surprised that he wrote the deficient and excess terms because i would like to learn that

Connor Hearld says:

Always so intriguing

matthew asher says:

Balance just like Isaac Newton.

James Henry Smith says:

India invented the scientific method.

Daily Dose says:

why these people all have closed eye-lids…?

Atheists Gone Wild says:

Pause at 2:36 That’s basically our modern political spectrum.

lemonlimelukey says:

he sounds like a normie who never took nature into account. just boring mind masturbation.

Arundhati Vaidya says:

what is the painting at 2:06?

Kai Tang says:

We are so far gone, the west promotes narcissism and won’t stop.

Deets McKumar says:

He may call it buffoonery, but I call it straight savagery.


dear sir,i am damaged to learn from your profound knowledge and deeply rooted wisdom of many greats do you see in them common points why don’t you make a philosophy of greatness covering all far so much of knowing has helped you to become another great in the line ..please let me know about you..I am inspired and energized to listen to your wisdom

Katie Ross says:

the golden meme

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