PHILIP K. DICK (Book Collection) Is INSANE!!!

Philip K. Dick was an American science fiction writer who explored philosophical, social, and political themes in his novels with plots dominated by monopolistic corporations, alternative universes, authoritarian governments, and altered states of consciousness.

Eric is a HUGE fan….


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Phillip S says:

I once read that PKD chose the field of Sci-fi because it was the only genre that made up it’s own rules. A silly putty world. He needed that as a vehicle to smuggle his philosophic ideas.

Tony Harris says:

Read 6 or 7 of Phli K Dick books one after the other. You will feel like you are tripping. You will soon find yourself slipping into one of his stories. It is called having a PKD experience. Straight up! Back in the early 60’s the Hippies loved his books. Man, when I was hanging out with all those burn-out hippies as a teen back in the dazes, that is all the hippies talked about was, getting high and reading Phil K Dick I have all those books too since the early 60’s. Start with Time Out of Joint and trip out.

Eymerich Inquisitore says:

The Simulacra is historically underrated

Dude Ellington says:

must reads for any scifi fan

Jay Fend says:

I love Phillip K. Eric you have a hell of a book collection there!

Chasé Saladino says:

Now you need to read the Exegesis

GoblinOfGygaxinor says:

“really bizarre and disorienting to read” Yes, that’s the way I remember it. Check out Fredric Brown for another author way ahead of their time.

RichardCorral says:

Your reviews are nothing more than you reading the synopsis on the backs of the books. And those books are brand new, they look unread, with perfect corners and spines. As a PKD fan I am not impressed with the level of knowledge and analysis. Sounds like you only read his Wikipedia page before you did this “review”.

Max Nyström says:

He die 1982

TheRedverb says:

He had some interesting ideas, but as an author in love with Swift and elegant sentences, Phil just doesn’t do it for me.


I feel jealous!

Hanniffy Dinn says:

Best mindfuck sci artist no question. The original Total recall story is wild !!!

Vivek Acharya says:

Please make more videos about Philip K Dick.

neo robertson says:

Dick gave actual insights into the strange reality of our quantum universe

Mad Pajamas says:

Love the book reviews! Was tempted to grab ‘Do android dream of electric sheep?’ a while back. Guess I should.

Retro Gaming Junction says:

I learned about Philip K. Dick like most people through the movies, when I learned he was the inspiration behind Blade Runner and Total Recall, I was in. I read “Do android dream of electric sheep?”, and loved it, much shorter and simpler than I thought. Really liked your overview of the novels, but it was so fast… If you had to recommend a couple of them, novels or short stories, what would you recommend?

Max Nyström says:

Great Philip k Dick the godfather of cyberpunk

Kate Marron says:

Philip K. Dick is my king ❤️❤️❤️ I’m currently reading Flow My Tears the Policeman Said and loving life! I want to collect all of the mariner books versions because they are so beautiful (inside and out)

August Fyretorn says:

i was shocked when i found out how many movies were based off his writings. unreal

Erica says:

That’s a lotta Dick.

frodoggbooboo says:

Posthumous recognition for another “genius” too far ahead of his/her time to be appreciated – Tesla, Van Gogh, Turing, Galileo, etc. MLK JC JFK

Hours In The Attic says:

I like the book reviews, guys. do more!

David Agranoff says:

You guys would be into our new podcast. On Twitter at @Dickheadspod

Brett Chapman says:

Stopping by the bookstore on my way home today!

Tony Harris says:

Phil was so poor that he was eating dog food.

The film/movie Outlaw/Loner says:

I love his books

Tig Carson says:

I made sure to go home with a few of Eric’s books after filming.

Akite Mime says:

enjoyed the odd-ball edits.

Vivek Acharya says:

The Matrix was inspired from Philip K Dick’s ideas.

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