Permission to Not Be Political

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Keith Pitts says:

Are you helping? is such a jewel. Thank you.

Ben Carter says:

1:39 HA HA HA HA HA thank you for reminding me why permanently deleting my FB profile was a good idea!

Samuel Reed says:

Welcome back from Europe Brad, hope you had fun. My condolences on the loss of your friend, Terry. Also they guy next to me in my cubicle is totally Hitler, he eats garlic sardines, I expect the immanent collapse of western democracy.

John Frederick Meyer says:

not that I need anyone’s permission, esp. a master’s permission, I’m not giving anybody that kind of power, Thanks for the permission. I feel a little less crazy, just thinking about wiping down the counter.

3swb says:

Next recommended videos: veganism 2- electric boogaloo, can 2 people fall in love with 36 questions? Then ghost adventures

Jacob Scott says:

“hi humans!’

love it

Barry Ford says:

That must be some jet lag! I especially loved the way you read the FB post in that over-the-top crazy style. I also have cut down my FB activity to a very low level (maybe 15 minutes a week, if that).
(OT) Someone told me that if you don’t have a social media presence, it can be hard to get job interviews. So, go online, get crazy, and get a job, or stay offline, stay sane, and stay un-employed. Are those really our choices these days?

Otori Shingen says:

that cat is clear proof of reincarnation

Jakub Romański says:

It’s not just in the USA. In Poland, there’s the same. Everything is political, you have to be on the one side or the other. It’s unbearable, I think, that it is dangerous too and in a very tricky way. One day something really important will happen, something that will require our attention, and we will miss it. To much stimuli is making us unreflective, we just react, without distance.

Bixby says:

Great video! I would be described by some people as a “queer person of color” so I’m one of those “oppressed minorities” and, yeah, I get shit flung my way because of my skin color and my sexuality and it sucks. Sometimes it’s very scary. The more I get involved in politics, the more I want to shut it out. It’s ugly, it’s petty, it’s mostly non-productive. I figure I have just this ONE chance at life and I don’t really want to spend it by wading out into that cesspool of the worst of humanity and trying to clean it up. The older I get, the less interested I am in opinions (my own included).

E.V. Winchester says:

I’ve seen that “not being political is privileged” thing before and tbh, I hate it. I’m trans, but that doesn’t mean I want my facebook feed to be full of takes on the latest “trannies are evil” article. It’s just exhausting to see that stuff and it’s not like *I* need to be more informed about how evil I am.

Harold Campos says:

Ironically, I have a bunch of Jordan B Peterson video suggestions under yours, he’s the funniest pseudo intellectual (and controversial) white man meme I know of right now. I hate him. In my opinion though, religion and other stuff offers us an alternative to politics, but it’s all the same, we’re still confronted with this stuff somehow. Although I agree with you entirely about being relentlessly barraged constantly on FB and attacking one’s peace of mind, with people sharing the same monstrosities that I personally refuse to share, I am for activism and things like that. I think it can influence the world. It’s just all the changes needed are fragmented, and don’t seem as important to us, until it get’s to be something or other so big, then everyone screams “Hitler!”. It just seems like these days, a lot of it (activism, change) is misguided, and also there is also a lot of active defamation and misinformation of people who are trying to be progressive, and it carries some pretty dark overtones in my opinion. I think many intelligent people who cared might have decided to become more self-absorbed in their own life, and not worry about the news or at least about informing others on social media. It comes down to a personal level, not just what one is fed, but I think to change the world, the intention needs to be clear, and the argument and solutions irrefutable. Sorry if it makes no sense, but it’s my stream of thought. My friend calls my suggestions and advice “kung fu” but then, haha I guess that’s why I like your videos. The fact that you talk about this is thought provoking in itself, and when I’ve taken a FB break, is when I’ve been happiest and most present in my own life, although ignoring all that world-pain and despair, and injustice. Thanks for your videos, and I actually think your books are great and have very realistic goals.

james dendy says:

As a Facebook addict, I really could use this advice. It’s just added stress, and a stressed out person is no help to anyone. Of course, sign the petitions, call your senator if you’re into that.. but after, let it go. Clean your room.

Sara Chinappi says:

But if I complain enough on Facebook then I don’t actually have to do anything because I’ve made it look like I’m doing something. Duh.


I can’t believe you’re still doing the “I guess everybody is Hitler” thing. You gotta stop watching Fox News.

Dharma Bum says:

I saw that same meme from one of the most esteemed roshis in the U.S. It was a little disappointing. This is the same as George W. Bush saying “You’re either with us or against us.” There is no room for discussion, no room for disagreement. I have always held the traditional American view that politics and religion should not be intertwined. Even in Zen, there are things that need to be taken on faith and government policy should not be dictated by faith. If you associate a religion with a particular political party, the religion will be discredited when the political party fucks up, which always happens. We should be the moral conscience of society, not merely another bad political actor.

garad123456 says:

Chill out man

Diego Diablo says:

I was just in a really dumb argument with somebody, and I deleted the comment because the whole thing was ridiculous.
But to try again, I broadly agree with and like your sentiment that people should ask if what they’re doing is actually helping anything (a very important point), and I also agree that many people are getting too sucked into internet outrage (as I myself did with that argument). I’ve found that unplugging has been really good for my sense of wellbeing.
There is one reservation I have about this sentiment, though, and it’s that I do think it’s important to raise awareness about some political issues in a call for action, and the recent situation with detention centers is a good example. People can use social networks to spread important news stories in an attempt to penetrate the political echo chambers that everyone seems to be stuck in complacently. But to reiterate, I think you’re right that the key question people need to ask is whether or not what they’re doing is actually productive.

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