No Politics, No Problem (Downward Thrust Response)

Many have decried this game’s lack of political or social commentary, though I feel that’s one of the game’s strengths. It helps give the game more universal appeal. There’s enough politics in our lives already…no need to force it into video games where it’s not needed.

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Gozokukolat says:

Why does that dumbass want a SHOOTER to be a super immersive RPG? Last RPG I played was a shit show because it pandered to ass clowns like him.

deathman5678 says:

I fucking hate casuals. Who’s with me?

Shadow Hedgehog says:

“This game was primed for political conversation.”
Wishful thinking. For people like him, EVERYTHING is primed for political conversation about how not-left-wing opinions lead to Nazism. Everything is sexist, everything is racist, everything is homophobic and you have to point it all out.

James Esparza says:

Downward thrust is a youtube channel i used to enjoy but often I found the video essays being a bit too Definitive with a lot of open end interpretation.

Dave says:

I think that Wolfenstein 2 is somewhat to blame for people expecting more out of this ones story. That game became a massive SJW favorite

Josh Countryman says:

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Mark Lowe says:

One of the main reasons Fallout 4 was shit is because your character had a voice.

A Wild fox appears says:

Damn I wish I could afford all these new games :U

darkroom0716 says:

Soyboy Critics need to be fired.

Papa Stalin says:

If you watch the bill of rights trailer for far cry 5… You’ll understand that they had no intentions of making it serious… RAGS GET THIS FOOL.

LavaMan 03 says:

4:49 that voice crack though ❤️

Lonnie Rohn says:

and this is why I lose interest In Downward Thrust.

garronn says:

Wait… Does this make your character a terrorist if you are blowing stuff up and killing without inhibition?

Damo says:

Game journalist:
If it’s in America: It’s not Okay
If it’s in Africa: totally O K

Quazzy ツ says:

Guys I’m really curious, I haven’t watched Rags in a while, but I’ve noticed his Twitter is gone? What happened to the doggo?

Dating Pickles says:

That old person at like 28 mins, he cracked me up

Zack Walker says:

I think it’s very naive to think that politics should have no part in video games. I think there’s a place for politics in some games. I thought Far cry 5 was going to deal with religion and I was disappointed to find out that it’s the same cut and dry formula as far cry 4. I think tackling religion would have differentiated the series in a good way as it would have an actual message behind the story. Politics is definitely not for every game. In fact it’s not for most. But how can you say that politics in a game is inherently bad? Inside has a political message behind it. Doom doesn’t. Doom would not be good with politics in it. Certain games are fitting for it while others aren’t. You may think that Far Cry is not a good fit for it, which is fine. Maybe you just want another formulaic Far Cry game. I want a good change in it. It’s the same reason I don’t care about the new Assassin’s Creed, which actually has had a political side to it in previous titles. It’s gotten old to me tho and I want something new from the series. Ubisoft tried to change it and for many it was enough. I don’t care for it tho

Arno Modelstate says:

Isn’t a 1 way conversation just the kind of debate they would want O.o ?

Zero1Cross says:

In reference to the guy who kept hoping for a discussion and all encompassed.

I was hoping to just play a video game and shoot crazies in the face. Apparently, I can’t do that anymore without my character waxing philosophically about how he/she disagrees with the guy currently getting my buckshot to his face on politics.

Also, this guy has no imagination or suspension of disbelief if he can’t grasp the reason behind a silent protagonist or a character that has no conversation prompts.

Left Handed says:

You sir, are a savage.

Ian Richards says:

The very worst thing about a Silent Protagonist is that its almost impossible to virtue signal while silent (and totally impossible to screech like a demented harpy about patriarchy, white male privilege and capitalist conspiracy)

Triple Brackets on Steroids says:

Politics are ok as long as it expands the game. Or plays a pivotal role in it. As long as it’s not inspired by real world politics but by the atmosphere set within the game. By the various groups vying for power. I might even be interesting if done right.

Late Game Reviewer says:

I guess he felt that way cause he thinks there’s the theme of religion in that game. That could be easy misintepreted as being a political game as religion is kind of a heavy weight in politics.

James Garrett says:

my issue with farcry 5 is the Boring Side quest.
and its easy even on hard.

Mindy Auron says:

This dude would absolutely despise the Fallout games up to the fourth one with the whole “silent hero that decides the game’s fate” problem hes got going on

sladikk says:

“I sense a big but coming and unlike most big butts I have a feeling this one is gonna make me sad”
Fuck you that was so funny I almost crashed my car while listening to it on YouTube red

n3rdm4n says:

Man I wish that FC5 didn’t need the ubuishit to run. Sounds like a game I’d buy if it weren’t for that.

Zyxis asterious says:

is rags a furry


0/5 stars, dog would’t let me pet him

Hrotriks _ says:

It is what I hate when people criticize something as in : “this isnt feminist or takles feminist discourse … hence is bad” or” this does not promote my communist ideals , so burn it ” or ” this aint no nazi enlightment… evol!!!1″ while the artwork never ment to do that at all. That is stupid beyond belief

Justin S says:

Hope county choir tho.

mj b says:

Its telling, when someone needs there good guy to have narrative explaining to them there moral standpoint. Rather then using the silence to build there own.

Michael Kreitzer says:

“aforementioned fan-shitting.” – lmfao! 🙂 I love me a good turn of phrase

YoungGabe says:

I don’t know who Downward Thrust is and I want to see you express your ideas in a thoughtful manner. Please stop making videos in this horrid format.

Ragnomam Games says:


Eddie Tokunai says:

Anyone that hates silent protagonists needs a talking to.

Jon Stephenson says:

Also, as per the video Rags is talking about, one merit i think is his proposition for discussion, pointing out the thumbs up *and* thumbs down button and encouraging his audience to disagree in his comments section.

The Badenoch says:

Total agreement, I have noticed a slight downturn in downward thrusts (no pun intended) quality.

Bryan1986D says:

If companies include politics in their game it should be there for a reason beyond taking a 2×4 that has “this is bad and you are bad if you do it” and beating the players over the head with it to repeat what we all already know.

Rotten Egg Creations says:

When I found out it was the same like any other far cry (narrative all in the beginning and then the end with a bunch of missions in between with no character development or real narrative) And witnessing some play through of far cry 4 and a silent protagonist I lost interest (though exceptions would include DOOM and Half life)….that being said Isn’t the fact the farcry 5 villain and crew are the equivalent of a jim jones political enough like in the awesomeness of Wolfenstien? The other issue I have with the AAA market is the lack of risk taking or making a narrative of “what if” real world scenarios for a person to play with. I remember when games being made around controversial subject matter was a thing for a while, super columbine massacre RPG, operation: pedopriest, course no mainstream publisher would ever touch such topics. If anything I would love to see a game like this play out like the movie “Red State” where in reality when something is labeled as a terrorist cell, everyone dies, men woman children, cause if you let the children live they’ll likely become terrorists themselves.

Angry Emu says:

Rags I don’t think the cunt you’re responding to has even played the game. He wants to “reason” with a doomsday cult. He’s braindead.

Jon Stephenson says:

Just one thing, personally Far Cry 3 is probably my fav so far, and Jason is by far my fav protagonist in the series so far. Seriously the final fight with Vas is the only big negative in the game that i can think of…

Twinzzlers says:

God… About 90% of these comments are cancer.

ginger ginger says:

“I can’t help but feel like there is a big butt coming my way, and unlike most big butts I think this one will make me sad.”

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