No one understands this movie… and why

ok, starship troopers movie and film breakdown


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Is a good movie

Nephilym Band says:

Still one of my favorite movies!

Manuel Fernandez says:

I love your video、but you got one thing wrong. Rico CAN be from Buenos Aires because almost all 100% of its citizens are white、the rest are very very light skin people. They are whiter than America for sure.

Imran Khalil says:

F u and ur part

Cloud Sanders says:

Heinlein’s government didn’t give out citizenship just to soldiers, but to all people who were employed in government/civic services, such as teachers, since it showed that that member of society actually cared enough to vote and had earned the right to do so

Nicholas Jackson says:

This is the dumbest critical review of a movie

Oi Oi says:

Good shit man, good shit. We can tell you really poured your heart out into this video.

WannabeInternetMeme says:

I love Starship Troopers, one of the first gory movies I’ve seen

AranEruantien says:

Original content? Nah

Andréa Ferronato says:

(Clap Clap) movie review

Anthony Anspach says:

I really enjoyed this content I grew up with these films so I’m particularly biased with this video

Bob Kalache says:

What? Pew using brain? I learned something?

Desk Lamp says:

Why didn’t pewds start this video with *clap* movie *clap* review

Hamish Smith says:

this was such a great chill video, do more

Henry Hurst says:

Just saw #ad I’m gonna pirate the movie for , propaganda purposes

Luigi DeNardis says:

i get all your points man !! kekistan will prevail !!

Chris Katko says:

NEXT UP. “Wing Commander was actually one of the greatest movies of all time.”

Sumbody Real says:

I met a younger person in America that did not know about Hiroshima and Nagasaki. never taught about it in school.

SuperArppis says:

So… the lesson is that Americans are dumb! :p

Commisar Casper says:

Casper is an awesome guy tbh. Met in North Carolina. He and my dad got along well, I might still be jealous

Turk says:

My 13 year old self just watched it for the titties back then

iupetre says:

Are you just saying Starshit Troopers?

Aj savage Holmes says:

RICO was my spirit animal in iraq


maybe, possibly, just MAYBE, we shouldnt read too fucking much into it.

its like saying the premise of 40k is about some deep meaning or starwars or star trek.

its a universe that was created. enjoy it

Furflyer says:


Jacob Marandola says:

Although I don’t agree with most of Trump’s policies, a “space force” is not really a crazy idea considering that the next frontier of humanity is the exploration of space, and may be worth it. We also have billions of dollars in equipment that we have orbiting the earth, left unprotected.

thatguatemalan memer says:


autotactic says:

The guy with ibanez was already at school, he stalked her into the starfleet

SCYTHE2525 says:

Oh I absolutely agree the movie comes across as a satire of modern social engineering whether intended or not. The world wants to play everybody.

hornbuckle0wns says:

This is probably your best video I’ve ever seen, holy shit. I always loved this movie and thought its message was pretty obvious even at the age of like, 10. I’m surprised it kinda went over everybody’s heads. Thanks, pewds. Guess I’ll stay subbed even after this whole t series thing.

Mike Morgan says:

First childhood on screen boobs for an entire generation; this movie is iconic.

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