Media Review – Political Satire

Richard Seymour reviews the state of political satire in the US and UK. Satire has been declared ‘dead’ many times throughout the last decades and survived. But has it finally come to its end in the era of ‘satire-resistant president’ Donald Trump?


Monkismo says:

Isn’t there a Catholic concept called “invincible ignorance?” Seems to apply in this context too.

Yuri muckraker says:

interesting video but Richard how could you have left out Real time with bill Maher or John Oliver as like the Daily Show gatekeepers and controlled opposition. now compare them with the Jimmy Dore Show and Redacted tonight, there is a place for superb satire and I hear RT is going to start the establishment’s club. sadly in the UK satire is more or less dead and even Frankie Boyle has to dilute himself abit when he’s on BBC and he’s aware of the almost nonexistence of sharp political commentary and satire in the UK stand up comedy and TV and said when he was on mock the week and other shows he couldn’t touch Israel. Russell Brand’s messiah complex and much of his commentary is wonderful except that stupid stunt of endorsing ed Miliband and that piece of shit puff interview. anywho that’s a good idea for Telesur a program on Real Time with bill maher, last week tonight (don’t go easy on them) and the Jimmy dore and Redacted Tonight. George Carlin and Bill Hicks would’ve loved the latter.

dylan hunt says:

aka unfunny lying racist jew shitmongering

koba says:

I stopped watching The Daily Show when I abandoned liberalism for marxism. Since jokes generally work by telling two stories at once and then switching them at the end with a punch line, the comedy started to fall flat. Stewart’s jokes relied on the tension between his naive liberal ideals and the monstrous realities of the capitalist system, but once you lose faith in those ideals and recognize that they’ve been bullshit from the start–that they exist in a symbiotic relationship with the ‘flaws’ he’d uncover with seemingly inexhaustible shock–the humor was gone.

Essentially, liberal satire only worked so long as I saw the horrors of capitalism as a bug of liberalism, not a feature.

Ian Warren says:

Where do we go from here?

Young Eagle says:

” Modern Americans behave as if intelligence were some sort of hideous deformity.” Frank Zappa

Richard Llewellyn says:

I think you forget that Zionists own the media now and watch out if fuck with the Greater Israel Plan.

staatsfeindlich says:

The first 17 seconds is nerve-wracking….please fix your goddamned “music” selection unless your objective is to annoy listeners.

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