Marvel Before SJW- DAREDEVIL writer Ann Nocenti shows how to write political stories correctly


James Castle says:

This is completely disingenuous. I read these at the time and whiny right wingers complained constantly at the time. Google “Ann Nocenti” and preachy and see what pops up. Plus, the idea that she “showed both sides” is insane. Nocenti (to her credit) beat the reader over the head with her far left ideology.

You clearly just didn’t get it.

This is classic right wing/conservative ignorance. Takes you morons about 20 years to catch up and appreciate good things.


Good art will always withstand the test of time.

Eric B says:

sold on the first page lol

John K says:

I remember enjoying this run DD 270 onwards when it was originally published. I think the Bimbo was Number 9? Always wondered what happened to her and Ultron.

R Bruggeman says:

Macchio was a little shit that used to enjoy putting down Jack Kirby, but both he and Defalco learned under the great Jim Shooter.

JediFarce says:

I like John Romita Jr, although he goes a bit overboard with his drawing style. One comic book store employee told me he thought the artist made things look too blocky.

Texas Newb says:

Isn’t Daredevil a conservative? I have always assumed that anyone who chose team Captain America during the original Civil War was since they always got the crap kicked out of them and Captain America and Goliath were both murdererd.

Wild Ape says:

Harvey comics used to be big names too.  Marvel will be propped up by Disney, used for all it is worth and then scrapped I think.  I don’t think comics are dead though.  I think there is still an audience for them out there and when some comic company starts up that can deliver a good story without the SJW crap things will change.

gustavo salgado says:

the Nocenti + Romita Jr are my favorites Daredevil comics!!!

The Fandom Stranger says:

Ann Nocenti is awful.

Dr Judgement says:

Yeah she sure did show how to write “” good politically correct “” stories.. Too bad they are not politically correct or good..

Tony Nasser says:

I loved the Nocenti / JRJR run of Daredevil. One of my favourite runs of DD.

Where We Go 1 We Go All says:

Read her NEW MUTANTS SUMMER SPECIAL. wow total anti SJW actually…

Alberto Garcia says:

What’s gonna happen to your channel when the sjws are finally gone?

Michael Kriechbaum says:

Great to see your insight on how agendas can be pushed and used in comics.
I will have to admit I also can agree there should be the counter view on arguments when pushing an agenda. Thus it’s letting people’s views be seen in the comics. Even if there only slightly shown.

Knight Wolf Plays says:

the one thing I’ve been saying is there’s nothing wrong with using politics in comics but it’s how it’s handled is it a good story or a McDonald’s add there’s a big difference between the 2 I remember when Stan Lee was asked to do a drug story in spiderman but he didn’t preach that drugs were bad he just showed what could happen and made it part of the story .why can’t marvel just do that

Dario Di Donato says:

Thank you! Thank you for this gem! And for all the Advice… and that you can SEE!

Scott Austin says:

I remember that story. Mine was in Finnish, of course, and probably 2 years after it came out in the States (things were MUCH slower back then) I was a teen and didn’t have any kind of political views, but I DID recognize being preached at and naturally didn’t like that kind of story. As you said, this had a clear message but didn’t get preachy. I always liked Nocent’s stuff. Sucks if she really has become just another tunnel visioned preacher.

Polite Q says:

You can imagine that the writer is probably gets pummeled constantly by total jerks on social media these days. Especially if she is female. People are harsh bastards lately. So she might have just reacted like you are one of those without realizing.

Jack Harper says:

Remember around that time Daredevil fought Ultron. Part of the Acts of Vengeance crossover I think.

Fabrizio Aiello says:

That was one of my favorite Daredevil runs

Josiah Pitchforth says:

This is a great idea for a series!

jjohnson3469 says:

Nocenti wrote some damn good stories during her DD run. I especially liked the one she did with Johnny Storm in Hell’s Kitchen, where he got more characterization in a few pages than he had since Kirby quit writing the FF.

Nasty-looking Navi says:

Dude, I remember going to the city next to my hometown by bus when I was little just to pick up my spider-man comics.

Encore Baby says:

Before you said it, I was also thinking the editors might have had something to do with that comic’s content.

oak 1971 says:

Meat is murder!

oak 1971 says:

Wow, the satche on body armor guy.

filter021 says:

Nine is the official name of the Blond

Derek Cavin says:

That was a fantastic run for Daredevil.

filter021 says:

I personally think that they should introduce the character on Agents Of Shield, she’s pretty much Martha Stewart with Wolverine’s healing factor.

msa1985 says:


Murdock The Pooch says:

Daredevil has been the one title that has had decent quality control since the 70’s (give or take Waid’s era(s) ).

Cam Alft says:

so the karate kid worked on this DD comic issue…………..

patrice marcaggi says:

Marvel comics was much better before the SQuesada Mafia ! bring back the REAL MARVEL COMICS !

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