Mark Lilla, ” The Once And Future Liberal” (with Sean Iling)

Expanding on his New York Times op-ed piece, “The End of Identity Liberalism,” published just days after Trump’s election, Lilla argues that 2016 marked the end of a political era. While the right faces the deterioration of libertarianism into populist demagoguery, the left has to admit that identity politics has failed. To reinvigorate the Democratic Party and achieve real political change, progressives must stop relying on symbolic politics and pursuing narrow social movements. Instead, Democrats have to focus on encouraging solidarity and developing an expansive vision of national destiny, one grounded in building a government that helps all Americans. Lilla, Professor of Humanities at Columbia and a frequent contributor to The New York Review of Books and other publications, has written a well-reasoned analysis of liberalism’s last two decades and a bracing polemic for the future.

Lilla is in conversation with Sean Illing, interviews writer for Vox.

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Maria Schicklgruber says:

PLEASE HELP me understand Why democrats & unions want jobs for 11+million ILLEGAL alien WORKERS
Why are you democrats against poorer working Americans?

Harsha Mahtani says:

am half way through. Have these people never heard of bernie Sanders!?

Maria Schicklgruber says:

The Democrats left me i didn’t leave them i’m still a democrat i just can’t vote for them anymore.
I’ll NEVER vote for a party that wants AMNESTY for 11 million illegal aliens NEVER ever

Roger Sterling says:

Spare me the bullshit

Justice Justice says:

I was a democrat activist. I remember as a small kid being taken by my father to the election polls. He would tell me that we were democrats as he pulled the levers in the voting booth. He lived through the depression and served Uncle Sam during WW2.
I am am now, actually beginning slowly with Papa Clinton to being an Independent. It Is clear to me that both political parties are part of the swamp. The great success of Bernie Sanders was amessage to the Democratic which they tried to shut it down through dishonest and illegal actions. Remember Donna Brassil (sp?) where ever she Is hiding. They still have not learned much from the Bernie rebellion. Hillary Is still mostly If almost completely as she is trying to sell her book while still mostly blaming others for her defeat. I am done voting for Democrats just because the alternative is Republicans.
The only thing that i agree with the author is that change will come if former democrats win local elections, even city councils and not wait to to run for President or Senate. Get elected to office eveǹ to city council. Do a competent and honest job and you will earn votes for yourself and for others like you as they slowly climb the political ladder.
One other thing he said I agree with is the harmfullness to the immigration issues of sanctuary cities. Universal efforts not to support our law s will never win votes. Get votes and then write new laws. I also don’t believe the fear of mass deportation as one of the biggest supporters of hispanic migration even if they may deny it publically are the US Chamber of Commerce and other similar orgs, as they want cheal labor. That’s my opinion.

LiberaLib says:

I like this guy!

Radium Theatre Productions says:

I could’ve easily watched another hour of him taking, and explicating his ideas. Very enjoyable

Heidi Laursen says:

The cognitive dissonance is so strong from the left that anyone challenging identity politics is immediately not believed when they say they are liberal. ‘…a liberal, of which he says he is one…” from her intro and also in the NYMag interview. It’s disappointing that the liberal elites are so blind to their own weaknesses.

Dennis says:

And yet…. Bernie cowered to the DNC and Clinton. TOTAL BS.

roxee57 says:

Yes!! Foundational principles. If enacting policies based on principles better everyone, regardless of group identity, then everyone of different identity groups gets help. Not discussed is that identity groups as defined by leaders of Ouse groups often exclude members of those groups who don’t agree with the ideas of the leaders. It’s why principles matter, not identity politics.

A Man says:

It is time that anyone considering themselves to be intellectual in outlook forgo naive party politics.
Explore the pronouncements of those who condemn the Democrat Party from the progressive left
along with those of the right who find serious fault with the Republican Party and you will find agreement. Fervor that government be transparent and seek broad public good is expressed from those quarters. Debate will be had yet it will be debate founded on respect on both sides since the
intermediary will be respected. Are these gentlemen conscious of what has transpired since the assassination of JFK. Our country lost a leader capable of shaping a more positive message for the
public at large. Parties be damned.

Unladen Parrot says:

Lilla has not heard of Foundation for Individual Rights in Education? He should try instapundit, rubin report or powerline blog in addition to fox news …

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