Kamala Harris Book Review The Truths We Hold – An American Journey #forthepeople #kamala2020

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Review of Kamala Harris’ new book “The Truths We Hold – An American Journey” Part of my not-so-regular series “Reviews Day Tuesday.” Why did I review this book? Nobody else has done it. I mention some things that were not in her book, including her relationship to Willie Brown, and her living her formative years in Montreal- not Oakland. Description from the book: “From one of America’s most inspiring political leaders, a book about the core truths that unite us, and the long struggle to discern what those truths are and how best to act upon them, in her own life and across the life of our country.”
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Big Al says:

Thanks for reading it so I don’t have to

MountainDew7 says:

Excellent journalism!!! Very helpful & enlightening for someone who finds the prospect her being president as scary.

Natasha Mudford says:

Isn’t she “black”? I thought I saw somewhere that she is. I might be black, too, as she and I have the same skin tone.

Hmm, how can I use that to my advantage… surely I am a victim in some way.

TM M says:

Excellent analysis. I was never going to buy the book. Now I know for a fact that I’m not missing out. I pray that she becomes the Democratic nominee. Nobody better deserves to be roasted and humiliated by Trump.

Julie V says:

As a Californian, I detest her. All she does is play identity politics and fules racial tension. Her comparison between ICE and the KKK was disgusting. I can’t stand her. She’s a black eye of Californian politics.
This entire book sounds like a fluff piece to boost herself because she can’t stand in her body of work.

Almamater8888 says:

Well, that’s very gracious of both you and the LA Times to characterize Willie Brown as “separated” while “dating” Kamala Harris. Willie Brown was “separated” from his wife for 10 years and is still married to her, so apparently that was just an excuse for him to openly date her, and Brown also impregnated his chief fundraiser, Carolyn Carpeneti, in 2001. As you mentioned, Kamala Harris was given 2 jobs, which was questioned by virtually everyone in California, because they knew of their relationship, and Brown was the appointer and she the appointee in both cases. It’s not overreach to say that she literally screwed her way into politics.

But the most troubling thing about Harris as presidential candidate is that she is on record as saying that illegally crossing the border into the U.S. is not a crime, but merely a civil violation. She will most certainly endorse at the very least continued porous borders for illegal immigrants to cross, and may endorse open borders along the lines of the Trump-rejected United Nations Migration Pact. And anyone that doesn’t think that’s a problem needs to look at the civil unrest that has overtaken Germany, France, Sweden, Spain, and the Netherlands because of mass immigration since 2015.

Doc BBW says:

Excellent review! Harris will be shoehorned by DNC vote purging if needed. MSM & Harris will claim African American – fake! Can’t wait for it to fall apart

nayyr1 says:

Thank you for the book recommendation, but I’ll pass :). That first story is, IMO, a fiction. If it did happen I bet it did not happen in the way she described it.
I am surprised that you are surprised that Willie Brown does not feature in the book. If you spread your legs for someone 30 years older to further your career – would you write about it in a book about yourself?
This goes to show that left just do not learn. Looks like Trump is going to be your president another 4 years (Orange Man not so bad after all? :)) I hear other candidates are even worse.

BobWidlefish says:

She’s a phony to the root, like Clinton, Bush, etc. She’s a manufactured candidate like Obama.

Natasha Mudford says:

Tom, is the intro music part of a longer ditty? If it is, I would like to hear the whole thing.

Rich B says:

Its pretty crazy she doesn’t mention all the time she spent in Canada.

stp479 says:

She is another beige imposter.

Funky Euphemism says:

Pocahontas is running and it looks like she has a few books. The most recent appears to be called “This is why we fight”. Given her heritage I’m gonna guess the answer is firewater… anyway, that may be worth reading. who knows

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