International Relations: An Introduction

Featuring academics from the International Relations Department at the LSE, ‘International Relations: an introduction’ is a 10-minute film about the study of international relations, particularly at the LSE. The film looks at what we study, and why, and also at major themes and how to approach them, and debates Star Trek and whether there will ever be world peace.


Marvelous Nyamayaro says:

it is good, i have learned more

rehmatullah khanjee says:

up to the mark

evanson mwangi says:

The rise of soft power in international relation it makes it an essential cartilage that defends unity in diversity from clashes of civilization.

Ali Conradie says:

Is international relations the same as international studies?

NEDEV says:

Very, very interesting and useful video! I am studying Euroatlantic & Global Security, this video was really helpful!

Dante Robertson says:

As a student that minored in International Relations and someone who is keenly interested in International Political Economics, I would recommend this field of study to everyone.

Vahid J says:

I have studied English literature and now I’m gonna get my PhD in International relations. can anybody help me with the key and must read books on this major. ?
your helps are highly appreciated.

MlleEmelie says:

This was very interesting and it gave me a wider understanding of what IR really is about. 

William Lunding says:

Can anyone who’s been studying this tell me about it? Is it as good as it sounds? 🙂 I’m from Denmark.

Achilles Edi Corleone says:

the question is how far in the educational major do you need to possess before you can get a good job with international relations. i have done some research but how far can a degree get you before you go further into masters and so forth. Can someone answer this please.

SLaYeR BoY says:

i am Anupam, and i am from India i want to ask you some question, if any student of other country is pursuing three years bachelor degree is that is valid in LSE, and my second question is how much money i need if i want to do masters or Phd in international relation from LSE, my third question is if any student of other is financially is soo weak and he is not able to pay fee of LSE then is any scholarship available for that student, and my fourth question here in India we have marks system as you guys have GPA system we don’t have it and now problem is this is there any solution for it, and most important question is LSE offer Masters in International Relation. i hope i will get your response as soon as possible.
Thank You

isa d.b. says:

Very nice video. It’s a great reference for those who are about to start studying IR. I’m from Sao Paulo, Brazil and just got accepted into university

Rune says:

International relations is about making better international relations, if anyone should be in doubt  😉 Are we progressing, Yes!

فدفدي fida says:

IR I’d love to study about this…..interesting and so idealistic. …this is not easy study anyway…..

Marshmallow920 says:

Given that IR came into being after ww1, and ww2, is its existence justified as an honest discipline that doesn’t take an ideological stance. It seems to me it has an idealist bias, cause that’s the only way you can justify “international” and supranational organizations like the UN that exist out of the realm of the nation state. IR more often than not seems to see the weaknesses of national sovereignty (each state to its own “interest”) and is pretty skewed towards the radical concept of “a borderless world”, an idea advocated by globalist agendas. I gess it depends what IR means to each person, realist or idealist. But Is it increasingly possible that idealism dominates IR, and the conclusion is some globalist utopia with a “world government”. Seems to me that realism isn’t popular with the field of IR. It isn’t popular with Left wing politics either. Coincidence or not. To me , Political science is a much broader and intellectual field, IR is a brand of Polsci, but along with political philosophy and comparative politics, so it does have more depth.

Douglas Dorman says:

Thank you LSE UK for the very insightful video, I completely support the stated goals of the application of IR for the stabilizing of our collative Global Societies to continue to develop and evolve the fullest potential and capacities of all people every where, peace and love, Doug.

Matthew A says:

The Leviathan

Muhammed Abid says:

Is any IR Teacher can teach me via Skype IR?
m.a.awan6 my Skype id

Anis Berber says:

Thanks! Does this have a sequal? like in a documentary? 

Nasra Mhd says:

am grateful to watch this video as it has made me aware that international relations is not only about war also rather it may include peace across the globe am from Tanzania am in high school  taking business and economics my question is  it necessary for me to study international relations in the university if I took economics back then please help me to understand for it has been my dream thanks

Jaffar Ussi Jr Juma says:

i like international relations

ibrahim heritch says:

what about job opportunities?

Hopehehpzibah c Nwaigwe says:

ITR a must for political science student, good work

Trisador9 says:

An issue IR should look into: Why all of these Professors have weird accents.

Dominique Williams says:

Thanks much for this video!


i am from kenya how can i get a scholarship to study in your school for my bachelors degree

Sharin Vile says:

Is studying IR same as Studying Politics and International Affairs? I am just about to do the Politics and international affairs, but was wondering if that it is similar to IR.

Killeh Playz says:

I had no clue what went on in this and I have to write about this for an assignment.. Could someone summarize this please?

Muzammil Kz says:

i fought with all of my family member to took addmision in I.R.

IR Theory says:

A very nice video, both visually and in terms of the contents. Really gets you excited about IR!

Shahnawaz usmani says:

What about West Asia?

Jaffar Ussi Jr Juma says:

i like international relations

Joan Rawson says:

I’m currently taking MA in IR I really loved it. It requires A LOT of writing and research though!!

Guo. ZY says:


Bryce Harper says:

Is international relations too expensive ? Can a single individual work and pay for off international relations ?

Daniel Abrantes says:

Once I graduate in IR from Brigham Young University. I will engage all my efforts to get a Global EMBA from LSE…

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