Fascist Libertarian LARPfest: Reactionary Review: Starship Troopers (Book)

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I have a Bitchute But There Isn’t Much There Yet

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Starship Troopers Paperback – May 15 1987

Starship Troopers Audio CD – Dec 1 1998

Starship Troopers Audio CD – Dec 1 1998
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I have a Bitchute But There Isn’t Much There Yet


The Clock Work Prince says:

The question would be what would limit the citizen class from enriching itself at the expense of the none citizens other than there sere dedication to the idea of the state

trojanthedog says:

Nations exist but as elements within the Federation. Pay attention to the lecture with the blind instructor at OCS.

CosmoShidan says:

Juan Rico is Filipino; especially as he stated his native tongue is Tagalog at the end of chapter 13. And his mother was visiting Argentina. Not to mention that there was reference to the 7th President of the Philippines Ramon Magsaysay, who had ended a civil war in the Philippines and had sent Filipino soldiers to Korea, which I do believe Heinlein was paying homage to.

Also, I wouldn’t classify the Terran Federation as fascist, for that would imply that the government is militantly Hegelian, meaning that it favors a nationalistic, totalitarian, communitarian society, when the politicians are democratically elected, and that there is a voting franchise. Granted that the ability to vote and run for office is limited, but I don’t take Heinlein’s ideas as a literal, for I see it as metaphorical for the virtue of personal responsibility; in addition to waging a war, teaching a classroom, becoming a police officer, and other positions of power of moral exemplariness.

Another thing to note, in an essay Heinlein wrote in Expanded Universe, the author points out the absence of conscription. That is because he viewed conscription as unconstitutional and a form of slavery. In other words, Starship Troopers is anti-conscription and promotes the idea of an all-volunteer military. It is evident in Chapter 2 when Fleet Sgt. Ho tries to scare off Rico and his pal Carl, when he wheels his way from behind his desk, to reveal he is triple amputee to show the two of the risks.

Stranger in a Strange Land is a little more than a story about a dude from Mars having sex, it’s more of a retelling of the Christ story, and the main character discovering what it means to be human and fighting for the right to his inheritance.

Monarchist Autist says:

The first vid of yours I saw

Jack Attack says:

Sounds like a better government than what we have now.  Our society is full of selfish pieces of shit who have never contributed in any way to this country, but they get to vote just like me, even though I served in the military and paid a lot of taxes.  Most people should not be allowed to vote.

Tad Coder says:

An altruistic meritocracy…..who the hell would want to live in one of those.

dvd glz says:

Heinlein was a phropet he is 20th century jules verne

robert leeland says:

its a citizens republic

deaddropsd1972 says:

I am working on an amateur re-reading of the audiobook but w voice acting, sound effects…should be done by Feb 2017. Hope you will listen to it….

Last of the grey Jedi says:

I have actually thought some form of government like this would, maybe work better. I don’t know. But it does seem like it addresses some of the problems with our society. I would love to have a full scale long term forum representing a wide view of political opinions and ways of operating different aspects of the government and after having heard all the arguments have people weigh in on their opinion of each issue with some vote. Do this several times with different populations and see what theoretical governments come as a result. Or if some type tends to win out.

trojanthedog says:

Johnny Rico is from the Phillipines not Argentina. His mum just happened to be there when it was caulked by the bugs.

Dogmeat1950 says:

Yeah…. its Not Fascist. NOT EVEN A LITTLE.

Starship Troopers is the only Fiction book read at West Point and other Military Academies and on the USMC reading list.

Hienlien Strange…….. ok buddy.

The Federation isn’t Fascist. IT’S EXPLAINED IN THE BOOK.

In fact they don’t like Communist and they don’t like NAZIs.

Also no such thing as a “Libertarian Fascists” lol that’s like saying someone is a Communist – Conservative Republican lol.

Kasey Morris says:

This book is not fascist. This disinterest in facts is how we get goomba’s like antifa. They don’t even know fascism when they see it. All they need to do to see fascism is look in the mirror.

God Emperor Of Mankind says:

I first read this book my freshman year, and I loved the government it proposed. While numerous of my beliefs since then have changed, my belief that this proposed government is the best hasn’t changed a bit.

Ton says:

Goddamn you could have edited the coughing out.

BenkethePirate says:

Listen to Red Alert soundtrack while reading, trust me it works great.

Ezra Sonderling says:

You should read The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. It’s one of his better works. He creates a voluntaryist, libertarian paradise on the moon. He wrote Stranger in a Strange Land while extremely sick, and its the only book of his that I’ve read and actually disliked.

PuppySoft says:

you use the stalker pda sound for your phone too? nice.

Make England Great Again says:

I’ve just purchased the book!

luaudesigndf says:

“Fascist Libertarian” WTF

IamRayson says:

I am a libertarian, and I when I read Starship Troopers, I found it compelling, thought provoking, but I couldn’t help but think the author was a little naive regarding requirements for citizenship.
 The legionaries risk life and limb for Rome, but they made and unmade the government for their own enrichment numerous times, and I doubt the veterans in Heinlein’s universe are immune from that sort of thing. They are, like the rest of us, flawed human beings.

o0thx11380o says:

lol libertarians…

Quid Est Veritas says:

I think when Heinlein was talking about the veterans dealing with anarchy he was echoing the Freicorps.
I always liked the idea of a public service requirement for voting. Universal suffrage is absurd.

Jerome amato says:

This book sounds awesome going to buy it

paulrward says:

Argent does not understand this book because Argent is not yet mature enough to understand it., Hopefully, with the passage of years, the gaining of experience, and the acquiring of some mature wisdom, he will someday re – read this book, and realize how purile his review of it is. The problem with YouTube is that it exposes all of the simplemided blatherings of children to the entire world, and will result in Argent’s being subjected to a lifetime of embarrassment for his display of immaturity.

trojanthedog says:

The number of people who do federal service is between 20% { Earth I think} and 80% on Iskander. Can’t be a military dictatorship because when yoy are in the military you can’t vote. Federal service is lots of things the military being the smallest part. The book actually says that the military is rather small for the population that it protects – historically low in fact.

Abu Hajar says:

I think the best way to describe Heinlein’s views were sort of “wild west.” Masculine indifference.

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