Did Political Correctness Cause Fascism in the US?

This video answers the question “Did Political Correctness Cause Fascism in the US?” and considers how Mark Fisher’s critique of capitalism might inform our understanding of the reactionary right.

Kill All Normies

Ghosts of My Life


ben zur says:

have you considered adding subtitles to your vids?

Matt Gilbert says:

Bit of a dynamite point made by Postone. Whether its the pro-Palestinian anti-Zionists on the Left or the “anti-Semitic Zionists” (to borrow from Zizek) on the Right, he hit home with that one.

matthias staber says:

Dude?!? Sacrifice your identity to what? I want to know what it is that we have to make this sacrifice towards? The communist revolution? Collectivism? explain that part please – I sure do hope you are not thinking about the communist revolution

alex perdomo says:

Was that 2+2=5 at the beginning?

Da Feet says:

Couldn’t something like “alleged fascism” occur?
And is it impossible for a measure considered “politically correct” to cause it?

Tarik Ćutuk says:

Evil Morty’s Theme in the background for a bit there, nice.

Morrison Ryan says:

the song around 3:00 is Blonde Redhead, no?

almanacofsleep says:

How many of the Alt-right are actually fascists rather than just using pseudo fascist imagery for its shock value? Can fascism really be said to be on the rise in America as apposed to right wing populism or general cynicism in the established political order? Does Douglas Lain think Trump is a fascist?

Greg Doherty says:


BlackPrivileged says:

I’ve hid within the alt-right for almost 9 years trying to humanize African-Americans as victims of culture and opportunism, but in the end, I hold a lot of sympathies towards White National Socialist.

I wouldn’t wish second-class citizenship on my worst enemy.

Thanks for bringing up *_Kill all Normies_* that book is a real eye-opener.


The form of the question assumes the conclusion– “There is fascism in the US.”

Alejandro Cabrera says:

2:00 evil morty theme song!!!!

willwat25 says:

how did the subject of anti-semitism come up? What is it about Semitism that makes people feel like they are in need of emancipation?

victor bruun says:

PC IS fascism

Ryan Otte says:

7:08 Why can’t we resolve our differences with a song and dance routine today?

I Ss says:

Political correctness didn’t “cause” fascism.

But the SJW movement caused the anti-SJW movement which has come to dominate culture and politics today. Classical liberals, libertarians, civic nationalists, new atheists, capitalists, white nationalists, fascists, Nazis, conservatives, they ALL hate SJWs. It’s one massive coalition of people all hating on SJWs, and that has done a lot of damage to left-wing politics, because you’re strongly associated with SJWs.

Even lots of the classical liberals now consider themselves “right-wing”, when 5 years ago they all would have considered themselves “left-wing”. That’s how poisonous the SJW movement has been to the left, people want to distance themselves as far away from it as possible.

The SJW movement blew up around 2013, political correctness has been around in full force since the 1990’s, maybe before. Two different things. PC annoys a lot of people, but for the average person they think it’s reasonable, or at least it doesn’t effect their lives so much that they need to oppose it.

The SJW movement, if it had fully succeeded, would have literally completely changed Western society as we know it, everybody’s lives would have changed, there would have been mass firings from jobs, people banned from doing certain university courses, parents would have been forced not to call their children “boys” or “girls”, people forced to use new pronouns, white people not allowed to speak in certain meetings, video games being banned/censored, behavioral differences between males and females illegal to mention, 90% of Halloween costumes banned, and so on. And most anarchists, most socialists, did NOTHING to fight against this. Today they are now considered to be one and the same with SJWs. Don’t you realise how abhorrent people find this ideology? Probably one of the worst marketing errors in political history. You should have distanced yourself away from SJWs the same way that conservatives distance themselves from Nazism.

Maybe it’s not too late. But with the SJW movement clearly in decline now, you’ve missed the best of it.

ian redgate says:

narrated by nerd

Ivan Bilohuscin says:

Fascism and Nazism are only form of marxism. What you call “new form of fascism” is in fact liberty movement. Rejection of collectivist bullshit you have been peddling to the point of lunacy. But leftist cucks were always free with terminology and familiar with telling blatant lies. What a surprise… Always about “change” always about the dreamed revolution. Well, shove it up your ass, we don´t want it.

Piitsi says:

What Fisher describes in the end was already put forward in the counterculture of late 60’s and 70’s. Dissolution of the old self, and dissolution of failed political identity. Problem? This just led to culture of narcissism and fluid identity. I’m with Adam Curtis on this one. Identity politics is not overcome by endless deconstruction, and purification but by finding something to build together no matter what identity, race, sex etc. one carries. We should look outside of ourselves not inside for while. Maybe we could start by cleaning the oceans for starters.

Lastly I want to thank you Doug for doing this propaganda. It’s great to see the scope of ideas and political thinking on this channel! 🙂

Larvemannenz001 says:


Wash Georgington says:

If you could stop using it to mean “the shitty parts of authoritarianism/totalitarianism,” that would be fantastic.

It makes it difficult for those of us who live in the world where words refer to specific things, and consistently so.

J Gorge says:

Tl:DR: Consumerism, modernady, materialism and cultural nihilism caused these reactionary movements.

Yung Biz says:

(((Frankfurt School)))

Yukon Cornileus says:

Political Correctness is Fascism.

Jannous Aukema says:

Your work reminds me a lot of Adam Curtis


In a word, no.

RichardCorral says:

Nah, political correctness IS Fascism. Try again. Who said it was the cause? You have it backwards, it comes from fascism.

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