Crimes of Grindelwald POLITICAL and HISTORICAL Review

The new Fantastic Beasts: Grindelwald’s Crimes has hit the theater, and it has many distinct political and historical elements and themes to it. We go back to the European anti-war sentiments in the 1920s and the human tendency to follow strongmen.

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Karen Claudino says:

Jacob Kowalski still has his memory because the potion that rained over people only make people forget bad memories, and he didn’t have bad memories, most of them were good, so he remember things 🙂

MrFantocan says:


Make Wizards Great Again. Yeah more HP videos will be nice, bring Itamar to talk about historic events that are similar to the events in the movies. WHERE IS ITAMAR???????

Steph Snow says:

I agree with many points you made. I feel like Johnny depp saves this movie from being a terrible cluster fluck. The hitler comparison was a bit too heavy handed for me at times. I had no idea what was going on in the plot. Why do I care about creednace? Why do newt and dumbledore have a bond? Newt has a brother? His brothers fiancé loves newt? I had no idea what was really going on and also did not feel invested in anyone. I wish there was more Depp. Grindelwalds clothes were amazing in this film, I loved the short hair the ladies were sporting and the women’s dresses and heels were great. That plaid dress queenie wore with the sequins bow. Yesss! The shoes in this movie for everyone were amazing. I normally notice hair and fashion in film it’s my love but I was really examining them during this probably because the plot wasn’t good. Win some::lose some. Love your videos!

SummerIslesTargaryan says:

I stopped watching when you said “wizardess”

bethie says:

Favourite review, thank you!

Anke Jl says:

Thank you for this review! I also thought this was one of the most interesting aspects of the movie. Would love to see one of those speech/discours analyses of Grindelwald s speech later.

Ryger Rivers says:

I saw that plot coming since The Philosophers Stone, Grindelwald being overthrown in 1945 makes it pretty obvious what J K Rowling had in mind about his role. Johnnie Depp seems to be the perfect villain, actually I can’t imagine him in a funny role ever again after the domestic violence allegations… And your opinion about Jude Law… well it’s your opinion, I actually like him pretty much. About more Harry Potter or not… I wouldn’t mind, but I think J K Rowling is honestly not deep enough for that level of attention… The movie in my opinion was ok only because it wasn’t bad, like so many movies are now, but it wasn’t very good either.

mcc1789 says:

Yes, no coincidence that Grindelwald sports a Germanic name and he has a castle in Austria (Hitler’s birthplace). Interesting how much they have in common, given that he hates muggles.

Anomie Toponymie says:

NOT interested in more Harry Potter anything.

Aiste Osinskyte says:

It was explained in a first minutes why Jacob kept his memories. Also Dumbledore is truly kind of a douche, especially according to his brother.

Elihulove says:

Yes please more Harry Potter videos! I feel the same about the film. I appreciate the political message but feel that more focus should have been given to the reveal that Creedance was alive and on his search for true identity than on Newt’s crush and her backstory because I didn’t care about most of the central plot. Loved Newt, Tina, Dumbledore and Grindlewald. But Creedance’s true identity seemed to be the emotional heart of the film… And it failed on that score for me. Great review.

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