Books You Should Read

Books! Finally! I’ve been asked countless times to make this video, so here it is. All books are listed and linked below (Affiliate links):

R. Dawkins, The God Delusion:

C. Hitchens, god is Not Great:

S. Harris, Letter to a Christian Nation:

R. Dawkins, The Blind Watchmaker:

R. Dawkins, The Selfish Gene:

J. Coyne, Why Evolution is True:

C. Darwin, The Origin of Species:

C. Hitchens, Mortality:

C. Hitchens, The Missionary Position:

S. Hawking, A Brief History Of Time:

B. Clegg, The Quantum Age:

R. Feynman, The Meaning of it All:

L. Krauss, A Universe From Nothing:

M. Chown, Afterglow of Creation:

C. Rovelli, Seven Brief Lessons on Physics:
(Read my review of this book here:

J. Al-Khalili, Paradox:

B. Bryson, A Short History of Nearly Everything:

G. Robertson, Mullahs Without Mercy:

S. Gubser, The Little Book of String Theory:

A. Hirsi Ali, Infidel:

Y.N. Harari, Sapiens:


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Pain Peace says:

That’s why atheist are more intelligent then religious people….

Helen Kerr says:

Can you recommend some more by female writers? (Before the haters jump on me, it’s a real question, honestly just looking for recommendations)

Noel Dožić says:

“Sapiens” and “Homo Deus” from Harari literally changed my mind! I can’t stop suggesting those to anyone.

Greg Smith says:

>God delusion
grow up

Sunny Makode says:

Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari..

Brian Freeman says:

Nice bruh. Out of these recommendations, based on what you said and how i already feel, I’ve been convinced to read Letter to a Christian Nation, The Blind Watchmaker, Mortality, and Paradox. Having seen some of your videos, I knew you’d have some good book recommendations. Thanks DUDE. P.S. i like the vybes from the birds at the end of the vid.

Kevin Carter says:

I’ve been thinking what is the book we atheists would choose to best replace the bible with.

Adrian says:

Dude, stop consuming your life by being obsessed about Atheism, you ruin yourself.

piggypigpig says:

All those books look pristine and unread. I don’t believe you’ve read half of them.

Benjamin Moss says:

Get a book shelf please haha

Radium says:

I love this channel, but my problem with the Sam Harris recommendation is that in the chapter, “Are Atheists Evil?” he says that 70% of France’s prison population is Muslim. This seemed incredible to me and therefore I tried to corroborate it online and found that this figure is a misrepresentation according to some sources, such as:

Yet, it is stated as fact by Mr. Harris, not even as a “reported” fact, or a fact according to “some sources”. While I otherwise respect the general arguments that Mr. Harris makes in his book, the fact that the first time I checked a statistic he presents, it turned out to not be strictly accurate, somewhat damages his credibility and makes it difficult for me to finish reading the book now without checking every other claim he makes.

Deemantos says:

The Triumph of Christianity by Ehrman is a good book by an ex christian
exploring why it spread like it did. Treatise on the Gods by H. L.
Mencken. Brian Greene’s books for those interested in String Theory


fuck you are cute…the next precious Hitchens-Harris-Hawkins-Ehrman (duch vomplicatef – such complicated names) I like Daniel the best.

Clorox Bleach says:

Personally, I feel ‘God Is Not Great’ is the best book Hitchens ever wrote in his entire life. It’s my favourite book.

Cémo Videos says:

I’m reading Harari’s book Sapiens it worthes reading it is really a good book and I recommend Jostein Garder’s novel “Sophie’s World” that tells the story of a girl named Sophie who will take a path with her mentor to discover a lot of historical and philosophical events .. it is really a good book for beginners who like history and philosophy, I recommend Richard Dawkins’ The Magic of Reality that talks about a lot of scientific topics and explain them clearly

Nathan Truesdale says:

Hello, Alex,

An enjoyable selection – did you read Sapiens, and if so, would you be kind enough to offer a comment on it?

Or perhaps refer me to comments you have already made but which I’ve not scrolled to yet?

Best wishes,

Sylvas Ashenwald says:

I’ve read Sapiens and I’ve got to tell you it is very interesting. It’s really opened my eyes to a lot of things. For example, I grew up in a very conservative family who is VERY fond of traditional gender roles, especially in the looks department. This book touches a bit on how views of masculinity have changed over time. For example monarchs used to wear especially colorful and quite beautiful clothes as a sign of status, wealth, and strength. Which is a stark contrast to the bland suits that modern leaders wear. I always think back to this whenever someone tells me that I need to act like a man or that I dress like a gay man (which I am not). This book helped show me that social norms are relative and will change, so why should I strictly conform to them?

Thinking With Martin Heidegger says:

God in the Age of Science?: A Critique of Religious Reason by Herman Philipse

S W says:

How do you keep your books so neat!!!!

cohemo077 says:

Imagine actually liking The God Delusion. Dawkins is retarded

Enki Dionysus says:

I would suggest: Atheism: the case against god. By George H. Smith Copyright 1979Published by: the Skeptics Bookshelf

Stan Wolfe says:

I highly recommend “Doubt: A History,” by Jennifer Michael Hecht (551 pp, HarperOne publisher). Christopher Hitchens referred to this book as “Infinitely referenceable.” And it is.

Priestess Kikyo Sama says:

The book that finally completed my full transition into atheism was “The Demon Haunted World – Science as a Candle in the Dark” by Carl Sagan. If I could only have one book for the rest of my life, this would be the one. It explores the meaning of science and rational thought as the true salvation of humanity.

lal ajsj says:

You should talk also about other things, not just atheism. There are other topics like politic, philosophy, physics, history etc. In fact I’m agnostic and i support many of your videos.

Cleber Tonello says:

I recommend A History of God by Karen Armstrong. It portrays how the Abrahamic god (judaism, chritianity and islam) have been perceived by humanity throughout the history.

Rog5446 says:

Here’s my recommendations.
Just Six Numbers by Sir Martin Rees.
Sceptical Essays by Bertrand Russell.
Against All Gods by A. C. Grayling.
You must be Joking Mr Feynman, a collection of anecdotal musings by the man himself.
What are we here for by Me (I’m still in the process of writing it)

Kaque Burlington says:

“God is not Great” by Christopher Hitchens might be my favorite book. It’s fantastic!

Thinking With Martin Heidegger says:

God in the Age of Science?: A Critique of Religious Reason by Herman Philipse

Meg DeMorest says:

I have to read all of these they look so interesting and im so interested in secularism as a subject

miguel contreras says:

hey just came across your channel subbed. Also i would recommend books by Nick Lane like The Vital question ( how simple cells gave rise to complex cells), another great book by him is Oxygen, also Life ascending. recommend these.

Daniel Ribeiro says:

More I read those “scientists”, more I believe in God.

Jeff Tarbell says:

Fantastic post! I’m just now finishing up Dawkins’ God Delusion and have A Brief History of Time and Origin of Species on their way to me as I write. Since so much theistic debate seems to gravitate to evolution and the Big Bang, I felt the need to brush up my knowledge in these areas. I think God Is Not Great will be next on my list.

TheTrueMizukage Yagura says:


Atheism Reviews says:

That’s a good starting list. When you get deeper into the atheism literature, however:

you will need to read Baron d’Holbach’s 1770 *The System of Nature:*

a book that will “knock you on your ass” as good Will Hunting would say. Just hear what Mr. Gabe has to say about it, as compared to all the other atheism books he has read:

Then you need to get in to Nietzsche.

Avengers 24 says:

Books you should read. to Kill A Mockingbird-Harper Lee, Undivided-Vicky Beeching, The Belgariad-David Eddings, Harry Potter-J.K.Rowling, Scarecrow-Matthew Reilly, The Bible,

Zairfin Rosechilde says:

sapiens from yuval harari, for me its hard to stop reading… i finished reading it in one weeks,, spent 1 hour a day…

Joel Almloff says:

I’ve read most of those. If you are interesting in reading books from the other side of the spectrum consider the big ones; Reasonable Faith by Craig, The Language of God by Collins, or Mere Christianity by Lewis. You will learn more about your own position by challenging your position.

Mateo Acosta Rojas says:

I recommend science and human behavior. It´s a book that shows the study of the behavior of organisms (including thoughts,desires etc) from a deterministic perspective. I think it´s very parsimonious accounting for a lot of “what we are”.The Tyranny Of Words. It´s a book about the field of general semantics (not to confuse with the field of semantics (maybe not the best title for a new field jeje)).The impact of language in our world view. And references back to Science And Sanity. The “start” or first (that i´m aware) definition of the field of general semantics. The subtitle is: An introduction of non-aristotelian systems and general semantics.

The Thinker says:

Alex, maybe you could do an overview of your book collection(s)? Sounds like quite a task but to see you share your books on that shelf there or elsewhere would be interesting. I look forward to each and every one of your videos. x

Simplicius Simplicissimus says:

Dawkins is great, but he takes 10,000 words to get to a1,000 word point. Hitchens is also great on this topic, but on others topics he verges on twittitude.  On evolutionary science, Knoll’s Life on a Young Planet was suggested to me by my brother, and it was well worth all his hype. The real battle is between methanogens and oxygen breathers. We will lose in the end.

Jonathan Forster says:

Reading several books on why religion is bullshit seems over-indulgent and a waste of time to me. Yes, religion is clearly horseshit; why do you need to read a discussion outlining the obvious?

Roy E. Calderon says:

Bro.. your videos are fantastic. As a fellow Atheist, I love how you propose and prove information and facts. I’m thankful for people like yourself. Just Amazing!

Liz Shipp says:

I have the God Delusion but I can’t understand his writing and how he explains things.

Jan Gjerdum says:

*tips fedora*

Thinking With Martin Heidegger says:

God in the Age of Science?: A Critique of Religious Reason by Herman Philipse

mark luis says:

Hi cosmic, what do you think of David Suzuki?

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