Books on Politics: UK Election Special

After a very democratic vote in the last video, here’s a video on books and politics.

Books Mentioned:

Chavs by Owen Jones

The Rise of the Right by Simon Winlow

Radical by Maajid Nawaz

This is London by Ben Judah

Justice by Micheal J Sandel


England Your England by George Orwell
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BooksUnstitched says:

This will be my first general election I can vote in. I’m not looking forward to it because I either have to vote for a man who consistently votes against gay marriage/adoption and wants to keep tampons a luxury taxed item or waste my vote. Going to do the latter obviously.

The Rights of The Reader says:

do you have the sense that every book is essentially political? I heard on bookworm I think it was an interview with Oliver Sacks who revealed he was apolitical; I didn’t know this was even an option! is it possible to be unconsciously political? (well obviously I answered my own question, but I wanted to raise the topic being that Oliver Sacks was such a brilliant spirit.) I appreciate the politics in Capitalism and Schizophrenia; “there is no difference between the libidinal economy and the political economy.” a great set of texts if you have the chance. they cover quite a bit.

Rachel Holbrook says:

Totally agree with you regarding voting/elections being exciting in the sense that it’s a chance to have your say. It makes me so sad seeing young people (and old!) who are so apathetic about our country’s future. With so many things happening in politics recently I’ve been drawn to a lot of political non-fiction. I bought The Rise of the Right and Justice recently (on your recommendations, thanks!) and I’ll definitely be checking out Chavs and This is London! I really love your non-fiction recommendations and I’d love to see more videos like this for different categories (ie. science, health, philosophy, current events, etc.)

BeautyChemCam says:

Great video! I know pretty much nothing about British politics. I’ve added some of these books on my wishlist now. 🙂

sven viko says:

Sandel’s Justice is one of my favorite books. I taught it in an ethics class once and had a lot of fun with the discussion it generated. Was there any ethical theory in the book that you found yourself agreeing with?

Hannah Hodgson says:

I have heard chav is a brilliant book. I’m considering getting it on audible as I can struggle with my concentration sometimes. Well done for using your audience to encourage voter registration – so important!

I might do a video on my channel about politics and disability, or something along those lines. It’s important to use platforms to highlight issues – just like you did! Another few books to add to my ever increasing TBR!! Xx

Stephen O'Connor says:

Hi Sophie

I’ve never commented on your videos before although i’ve watched a fair few as I’m an avid reader and I appreciate a British and specifically your perspective on things, Id Just like to ask, As a Brit and an Englishman, a Scouser and a staunch Labour voter, how you came to Left wing politics? Now I know Sussex isn’t a hotbed of Left wing political figures so I was just curious. Keep up the videos, I know, I personally get a lift when I see your videos in my notification box.

Illegitimi non carborundum.


Leanne Rose says:

Such an important video, thank you for making this! I’m reading This is London at the moment and it’s fantastic. Fingers crossed the election goes the way we’d like it to.

ImmaterialDigression says:

UK politics is really depressing me right now 🙁 I’m a very left Lib dem (probably will never be Labour because I grew up with Tony Blair being in power) so I’m simultaneously annoyed at both the nationalist right with brexit and blukip who will get a landslide but also the Labour party for all the bickering and infighting which has now crippled them. And then the lib dems are cornered into a position of being pro brexit when everyone is sick of brexit (im a remainer) + we are still blamed for going into a coalition. Meanwhile we are looking at further years of austerity, privitisation of the NHS, the education system + nothing is being done about housing. Not to mention cuts in social care and now they want to cut kids lunches and bring back fox hunting. I mean fucking hell! lol

Edit: but thanks for the book suggestions. 😛 I’m just venting 😀

Callaghan says:

No ‘A Theory Of Justice’? Or the ‘Second Treatise On Government’?

The Medieval Reader says:

I’m not British, but I wish a similar book to Chavs or The Rise of the Right had been written about the American working class. We have definitely ignored and ridiculed the working class in America and it’s biting us all in the ass. It’s easy for us liberals to be triumphalistic about our political views, but we need to be more self-critical. Justice sounds like a fantastic book. I love thinking of the moral implication of politics. Hope your election goes better than ours did.

alnsubuga says:

Those are some great recommendations. Have you also read The Establishment by Owen Jones?
Thank you for encouraging viewers to register to vote and engage in the political process. It’s a right that so many others are denied around the world.

Roisin Kelly says:

Thank you so much for this video! x

Helen C says:

Very interesting and informative video. Politics goes over my head, but this was helpful to watch. Maybe do some more related content, if you want? Thanks again. 🙂

Cormac Trigg says:

I’m very pro-Tory but this was very interesting. I love reading books that I disagree with to shape my opinions. I’ve read both of the first two novels you selected and found both very interesting, would recommend to all!

Tabata774 says:

You showed some interesting books on politics that are very interesting. I’m not English , but I am very interesting to know what will be the changes after Brexit. This could change the destiny of other countries in Europe. British people have a good chance to vote. Reading the Italian newspapers it seems that T.May could be the winner. Pools have failed several times in Europe.

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