Book review: Zombie/ Apocalypse 2012 A Political Horror Story By Ian McClellan

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dlcknives says:

good review mate

Stacy Anthony says:

You should read wasting talent by Ryan leone. It is considered the darkest novel ever written about drug addiction. It probably isn’t something you’d like if you are timid or get offended easily. You can get it on amazon.

TimBlankJ says:

Fooked lmao … I love it!! … oh i can see now how that can sound wrong in certain situations lol ..Awesome brother!

Primal Punch says:

Aww, man! You’re stealing my line! Ha ha ha! I Facebooked all three of your review vids, Brother Tim, very cool of you. We should shorten “Facebooked” to make it easier and simpler to type and remember. How about “Faced”? No, I have a better one! How about we shorten Facebooked to Fooked? So, I Fooked your videos! I should not comment on videos until I have had my coffee! I hope you have an excellent day, Brother, all my very best.

TimBlankJ says:

Thank you so much brother … but really i kinda suck at verbal book reviews .. Im just trying to help you guys you all wrote some great zombie books and i think everyone should give em a read. Really I should be thanking you for giving me some great books to read. So thank you Brother you rock!

TimBlankJ says:

Well dam i should have said all that lol … Thanks bro and thanks for watching!

Neil Couey says:

It was a fun read. The story flowed well, the Zombies were real, the situations were believable and the political satire was spot on. I liked it a lot too. Good review.

Primal Punch says:

Awesome review, Brother!! Man, you really go above and beyond. Thank you for all you do, Brother Tim. I am going to Pin this on Facebook, or whatever the hell you do to things on Facebook. Thumbs-up!

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