Book Review: The Communist Manifesto

The communist manifesto.

One of the most influential pieces of political propaganda of all time.

Translated into hundreds of languages.

The inspiration for revolutions.

Stained with the blood of 100 million souls.

But what does the communist manifesto actually say, and does it live up to its infamous reputation?

That’s what I set out to discover when I read it earlier today. And I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it only took about a half hour to read, so here I am ready with a review and everything.

The communist manifesto is a pretty edgy book that doesn’t mince words. It openly calls for violent revolution, it demands a total overthrow of the social order, and it promises nothing short of the total emancipation of the working classes.

But is it actually a good read?

Let’s find out.




Chapter 1 – bourgeois and proletarians.

Chapter II – Proletarians and Communists

Chapter III – Misc


CONCLUSION: Overall the communist manifesto is not so much a book as a pamphlet. It’s ideas strike me as pretty lazy and in many cases more like convenient rhetorical tools than actual indications as to what the authors thought. It seems plain as day to me that Marx and Engels just wanted to replace the capitalist class with a new class of communist leaders, who they called ‘the proletariat’ but would actually rule over the proletariat just like the capitalists had before.


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