A Random Biography Bookshelf-Tour!

… complete with Grandiose Scheming!

My review of Dallek’s FDR biography:

My review of the Brands Reagan biography:

My review of Hermione Lee’s big biography of Edith Wharton:


James Holder says:

Reorganizing your collection. . . this is going to be great!

txmatt2112 says:

One word for this endeavor…….EPIC! Can not wait for this booktube event!

Rachel 61 says:

Looking forward to your library tours. Already making notes of books that I want to read.

Wilsonn Shugart says:

A WHOLE Tour Of Your WHOLE And Good As New Library?!?! I’M ALIVE!
I blame my proclivity for wordiness on reading so much Nathaniel Hawthorne when I was a kid.

Totally Pretentious says:

And that way, we’ll finally get a tour of that bookcase full of books about books! Along with everything else! Huzzah!!

Michael Feeney says:

Looking forward to the library tour!

Thomas Mc Manus says:

I am in total awe of you reorganizing of your entire collection, only because I have the same set up. Bookshelves mixed with fiction, non-fiction, sf, and biography. I can’t wait for you to go through the entire library once you complete your project.
I have read so many good books that you have shown us in these bookshelf tours, and as always can’t thank you enough for taking the time to show us your personal library.

Highbury says:

As someone who wants to build a good biography collection, this is just pure ecstasy.

Reading Nomad says:

Great! Can I put in a early bid for all your philosophy books collection please? 🙂

Books Galore And More says:

A bookshelf overhaul! I have to admit Steve, I like to rearrange your bookshelf myself. I’ll be keeping an eye for your weekly report. All the best. ☺️

Becky Ford says:

Nathaniel Hawthorne was a little cutie patootie. Currently rereading The House of the Seven Gables, because I enjoyed it so much more than The Scarlet Letter when I read them 20 years ago.

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