7 Secrets: Megyn Kelly Dishes on Fox News, Politics and Her New Book

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly recently sat down with Variety for the Power of Women issue, where she revealed, among other things, details of her new book and an obsession with Judge Judy.



king persia says:

she will be reporting trump is the best thing ever if he wins, and if clinton or sanders wins she will be “reporting” they are the best thing ever for merica


Next… i wanna see her on a movie with ANGELINA JOLIE



HerbalVore3000 says:

Megyn Kelly for Pres 2016

Marie- Lee says:

This is what being on Trumps bad side gets you… instant fame. Now she’s writing a memoir, next there will be a Lifetime tv show. She should send Trump a thank you note.

king persia says:

this lady is like kardashian with a brain -very scary. dumb luck right place at the right time. her stupid questions are comparable to a girlfriend you don’t want to tap anymore because of her runny mouth but keeps talking and talking. megan smelly if you are reading this why don’t you support trump or go support clinton. i hope trump wins just so he can make you suck it up literally.

soakupthesunman says:

What a fool… and a dumb liar… and a crooked, lousy “journalist”… and, frankly, an asshole.

Hoop Dance Work Out says:

Go on Megyn Kelly you styling brilliant DIVA!!!!

lovelylady says:

I like Megyn Kelly. She has a strong work ethic. I respect and admire that.

Marc Laval says:

I don’t like Fox,but this lady is smart,sharp,and attractive(never hurts),I hope she gets a show on a mayor network.She’d be great.

the green man says:

this is hilarious stuff about roger ailes in light of the recent developements….comedy gold!
no ethics,no journalistic integrity.
” the vitriol rises up” as if you and yours dont have a huge part in that megyn….

dodadagohuhsgi says:

“It’s my job.” “That’s what they pay me to do.” Etc. It’s finally all, and only, about the money. Donald trump represents all that is wrong with us. So does Megyn Kelly. They’re both the whores of their respective professions.–Tom Reilly

Remo Bandini says:


LXXXV says:

I think she’s real but has to put on a mask when on TV; that goes for pretty much anyone you see on TV.

xoxoxo says:


Lucy Mum says:


sandra varga says:

ok, so what’s going on with coverage on her now?

DsGalaxies says:

Judge Judy calling someone a moron, to Megan it is ok and she can relate to that but I bet if it was Donald Trump who uses the same word on someone— well, I think Megan will let you know that it isn’t ok.

pilgram driver says:

she was fairly attractive, she’s starting to hit the wall, bad attitude shitty looks

Black Donald Trump says:

go away megan. your show is trash and so are you. get off of TV

Syd4402 says:

I’ve been a big Megan fan from the beginning;  hope she doesn’t let her ongoing success go to her head.   Stay humble Megan!

Cruz Support says:

Megyn Kelly sold her cheap ass to Dumb Donald in their secret meeting to get a prime time special. As did FOX News

Tahititoutou says:

The interviewer is interviewed. LOL!

Melissa Gray says:

Megyn Kelly works for fox who the Suadi Prince owns half of…the Saudi’s are here to help bring down America. Megyn Kelly is a hit agent for her employer THE SAUDI Prince. She is a fraud!

Mike Wang says:

Very smart lovely woman.Only good thing on the normally low-IQ Fox channel.

Nick Newman says:


Patrick Switzer says:

I admire Megyn Kelly

Whitney Johnson says:

Excited for the book to come out , you are the reason I watch Fox and has been my reason for years . Your kids are lucky to have such a strong and loving mother.

Kirk Maraj says:

there is a fine relationship with the concept of trumpism a theory of global fame and naturally a quick way to make a buck . PRE trumpism suggest an ordinary life of slow média growth and stance. M Kelly brilliant mission.

Saif Saad says:

This is the American reporter that have her period on the stage in the presidential debate ?

Justyburger says:

I’ve definitely grown in my respect for Megan Kelly, but her words here are very wise. I love what she says about the ridiculousness of calling college law enforcement when they are offended. This has to stop.

savannah walsh says:

I think she should probably step foot on the University of Missouri campus before making snap judgements about what school officials are encouraging.

Richard Spector says:

megyn you are the best iam very proud of the way you stand up to your argumemts
you are a wonderful person run for president i will be there for you.
Richard Spector Israel

Deb McCreedy says:

I appreciate Megan and enjoyed this interview. Smart and courageous lady. Calls it like it is and takes the heat. Way to go Megan.

Kirk Maraj says:


Jeff Brasfield says:

secret number one- she is a man.

Grenge g says:

poor guitar

Banks says:

When did we start taking people who work for a propaganda outlet seriously? Megyn Kelly is loathsome — one of the people responsible for spreading propaganda to a sizable chunk of the American public. I have to go cleanse my eyes and ears by watching a Jill Stein interview.

Brian Moore says:

Strong successful women so of course the comments are dripping with hate.

msjanarebollo in gloves says:

yikes! opportunist

Emmanuel Diaz says:

God she’s so smart and elegant I love how tough she is. We need more women like her in this country. Whoever said beauty and brain never come together is full of shit and shes living proof of that.

patriotliz says:

Her male chauvinist boss, Roger Ailes, makes “his girls” (with few exceptions) dress like hookers to be “eye candy” to garner male viewers. They wear tight skirts that ride thigh-high to show off as much leg as possible when they sit, heavy on the make-up, hooker heels and almost always sleeveless tops even in the dead of winter. Once a male colleague gave his female colleague with a sleeveless dress, his jacket because she c/o being cold. HA! It’s clear that all these FoxNews cuties, whom I can’t take seriously no matter what their educational background, allow themselves to be EXPLOITED by their boss’s demands on what they should wear to please him and male viewers. And yet Megyn takes the moral high ground attacking Trump for being “anti-women!” Trump is an equal opportunity insulter. Trump has been insulted plenty for his looks, his hair, his hands, etc. But apparently women like Megyn (and others including Cruz) believe that women should NOT BE TREATED EQUALLY when it comes to insults and automatically charge sexism. Why don’t these allegedly “strong women” just take it like a man and stop whining. Megyn is a big fat HYPOCRITE.

Andrew Collins says:

That is one sexy woman.

Marcus says:

Have to say Megyn you let yourself down going to See Trump.

Sid Fernandez says:

i’ve just started to research this lady but what i’ve seen so far is a pretentious woman of self-loving and superficial character.

Marie- Lee says:

She looks weird without the usual scowl on her face.

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