10 Most Influential Books Of All Time

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Kev G. says:

Your shirt looks dirty. Thought you should know that.

Ben Crispe says:

Nope. Just nope. You didn’t put the Principles of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy by Issac Newton anywhere on this list. This list has no validity.

SSJR Black says:

You forgot Mein Kampf

xman v says:

Literally a book people memorize over 1.8billion and you pick the bible as number 1 seriously lol.

Ali Khan says:

*R u kidding me!!!* The Quran is not only read but followed by billions across the globe for the past 1500 yrs. Nations n empires were formed on its name n its the law of many countries as well. Christians today might be more in number than muslims but if u compare the percentage of muslims who recite the Quran everyday vs the percentage of christians reciting the bible…. the Quran wins. P.s after 2060 muslims will be more than christians as islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. Now tell me about the most influential book of all time!!!

xman v says:

The quran is number 1 imagine this 1.8 billion people have memorized it’s first chapter.

Sam Fisher says:

This list is shut.

Arsenic Wormwood says:

Why Quran is not as popular as the bible is that its not that catchy it does not have stories like genesis fall of man, noahs ark and more stories that even a kid can remember till adulthood

Mr Becker says:

Should be named… in the western world after 911

Otto Von Bismarck says:

Shakespeare created 229 words, the fifth most of any author.

James Dickinson says:

Long live Islam and the Quran as the constitution of mankind

Richard Kuklinski says:


SaN YaSi says:

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Nisha Rahman says:

I love how he portrays the bible. It’s hilarious and so true. A good percent of the bible is highly contradictory. As was the religious past of the Christian church.

Anas N says:

quran is The no 1. Why bible?quran is the constitution and manifesto of 1. 5 billion people in the world.todays world is chaging day by day by this quran.most of powerfull contry and its army fear and study the quran.

Entei Entei says:


Dougie Quick says:

By FAR…BY FAR the MOST influential Book is the Bible ….DUHHH! Ridiculous that it does not get mentioned in so many lists …like a book translated into more languages than any other …FIVE BILLION copies is not BY FAR the most published and influential book ….DUHHH DUHH DUHHH ….whether one hates or not if one is going to be at all honest? They told HAVE to confess this elephant in the room or just be seen as a lying dolt

The amazing thing is that is also OBVIOUSLY the least understood “Book” ….why is this obvious? Well duhh….because thousands of sects that claim to understand? All come up with different understanding ….even radically night and day different! Which obviously means that overwhelmingly convinced LYING! The only CLAIM to understand. Now if you ask me the whole problem when reading the Bible begins when anyone insists it is to be understood literally rather than “Spiritually” (allegorically) …as a matter of fact the Bible says that God IS Spirit and those that will worship Him MUST do so in SPIRIT and in truth (honesty)….This is not the place to preach but if you want to see in just a couple verses what “Spiritually” means according to the Bible? Read for example this verse~~> [Revelation 11:8 “….And their dead bodies [shall lie] in the street of the great city, which SPIRITUALLY (not literally) is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified…” See how “spiritually” can NOT mean literally? Jesus was not literally crucified in either Sodom or egypt! NOR are they together “a great city” not even being in the same place! But it does not say this is true literally …it says “SPIRITUALLY” hence the definition OF “Spiritually” …you won’t find any churches or even Bible haters mentioning this …it is utterly ignored in my experience…. It also says the letter (the literal) kills but the Spirit (spiritual) gives life ….two other verses where the same Greek is translated “Spiritually” ~~> [Rom 8:6 “….For to be carnally minded (literally minded) death (the ietter kills) ; but to be spiritually minded [is] life and peace…”.
[1Co 2:14 “…But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God (the parable way it is written) : for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know [them], because they are spiritually (allegorically) discerned…”

It is the mistake of the Pharisees heart to imagine understanding and following “the letter” (the literal)…Christ (the WORD) speaks in PARABLE and without parable does NOT speak….cover to cover PARABLE ….SPIRITUAL/allegorical….God “fathers”/ authors …His “WORD” (the NAME of Christ) ….His “SON” ….authored/Fathered WORD ….[Rev 19:13 KJV] 13 And he [was] clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God.

I could write hundreds of pages filled with quotes but this not the place ….the verses above? I believe should be enough that you fear to anymore gamble on mere presumptions….That I believe to be engaging in “original sin” ….to “eat”/partake of the “fruit” (product) of thinking to know (knowledge) of “good and evil” (what is right and not right concerning God) ….”in the “day” you eat thereof you will surely die” ….Spiritual “day” spiritual “death”…partaking of the LIE that one is AS God to KNOW good and evil ….

Theodoros PETRIDIS says:

The works of Eratosthenes absolutely revolutionised mathematics, they should be on the list tbh.

Mufti Ahmed says:

Number one should have been religious books in general

Ahnaf Tahmeed says:

This video is just what the…..

Abdallah Ali says:

The holly Bible of the king James version has printed 2.5 billion copies in the world wide so it’s the most sold book in the world.
However, the most printed book in the world wide is the Holly Quran and it’s 3 billion copies at least. Apart from the people who memorize the Quran and apart from the recorded CDs and DVDs…. But it’s not the most sold book in the world because simply it’s distributed for free….☺️

HolsappleArt Studios says:

What about the Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi?

Evil Weasel says:

What does philosophy mean

Phellippe Marques says:

Dude, you’ve got the best quality recording cam on youtube. Gosh!

WWE Plug says:

The Qur’an was meant to be #1

Yaman Sattout says:

I hate you

Marzia Musanna says:

Quran is the latest version of religion books, mohammad(sm) came after jesus.. so, Quran has all solution of every kind of problem and still unchangeable..!

Angelo Barros says:


Lilliana Peters says:

who check to see if the Flying Spaghetti Monster manual is real ……. Cuz it is LOL

purple haze says:

Thus spoke Zarathustra and the Little Red Book should be in this list.

AMS_Cult _ says:

Now I get that one South Park episode

Pikorra the RainWing says:

All hail Flying Spaghetti Monster.

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