Young Man With A Horn – Dorothy Baker BOOK REVIEW

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Bookish says:

I remember in your review of _On The Road_ you really liked the descriptions/depictions of jazz being played. How do the descriptions/depictions in Baker’s book compare.

My favorite Jazz musician is Theloniuos Monk.

Better Than Food: Book Reviews says:

Again sorry about that beeping everyone, I made several attempts to remove, no dice.

Stewart Low says:

Jimmy Giuffre. Been listening since I was in utero . Miles, not only the classic quartets but also the electric stuff during the last few years of his life (with Kenny Garrett, Mike Stern).

Sultan Alrefaie says:

Ever thought about selling coffee online? Brands name”better than food” and you can promote the coffee here 🙂

a l says:

Can you please tell me the type of your espresso machine? I want to get one and I’d rather just copy your choices… not just in books

Creepypastas The Beast says:

Hola. 🙂

Elliot B says:

I love Coltrane when he’s not going *too* crazy. Pure spiritual beauty paired with technical mastery. I also really love Joshua Coleman — he can play the hell out of a horn and you can hear how much fun he has doing it. His St Thomas is a famous.

Glyph 123 says:

As always…better than many reviewers. You made me check out House of Leaves and God! What a ride that was. Don’t know much about Jazz in book form but I’ll definitely check this out. Thanks.

interzone 84 says:

Hasn’t Wayne Kramer released a biography? described in one of the uk papers as a  book by a career criminal who happened to  play guitar……….Now that’s gotta be Detroit.

NaturesLastBat says:

no offense but you look pale, frail, and malnourished, did you go vegan ?

Panda Redemption says:

My favorite jazz musician, or at least my favorite jazz guitarist, would probably be Grant Green.

Tiege Davies says:

Yeah man, bill Evans and Mingus, cannonball adderly is probably my favourite jazz musician

ColourBlindHero says:

Since he recently died, do you plan on reviewing anything by V.S Naipaul?

Sean Savage says:

I’ll have to check this one out. I’m a huge jazz fan and jazz literature is something I have not yet dove into. Are you related to Bradley Cooper lol?

David Einhorn says:

Hard to say, but probably a three way tie between John coltrane, Eric Dolphy, and early free jazz pioneer Cecil Taylor.

asderc1 says:

You said Whiplash was one of the last new films you thought was really solid. Did you watch You Were Never Really Here? The best thing I’ve seen come out in years.

Thomas Yarbrough says:

Joe Zawinul is my favorite Jazz guy and musician period. His improvs were epic and he had power and great tone

interzone 84 says:

im sure my alt hardcore band from the late 80S considered that for a name………..weird……This I will be purchasing……keep on being you bro x

Guy Montag says:

Mine is John Coltrane. After listening to some interviews he did, and listening to his music post-Miles Davis group, you’ll no longer find it silly that he was made a saint. His music is pure love, joy, and wisdom. Listen to “the wise one”.

timkjazz says:

Joe Henderson – ‘So Near, So Far’ – stupendous album.

Michal Szczeskiewicz says:

… I come from the classical side of things, and I promise you that a musician who can’t improvise or compose is useless. Imagine reciting a dramatic monologue with perfect diction and not understanding a thing.

McCoy Tyner’s great. Also love this album [Kurylewicz/Stanko]: It’s only trumpet and piano. Oh, and you might recall Stanko as the trumpet player from the early Polanski films [Knife in the water, Rosemary’s Baby, etc]

asderc1 says:

If you like Bix listen to Sidney Bechet. I used to love my granddads stories of seeing him live, by accident, in a smokey bar in Paris while on national service. Beautiful music.

riley poplin says:

Transcoastal racially philosophical aesthetically insightful jazz novel. Thank you.

asderc1 says:

I love my free jazz, Albert Ayler, Ornette Coleman, definitely check out Ayler’s version of Summer Time and Spirits Rejoice, one of the most heart wrenching players of any instrument. But obviously Miles and Trane are something else

Big Hard Books & Classics says:

Nice review. Congrates, Julia! Cant wait to hear that “Detroit” review (“Go MoTown!” Go Jazz!)

Seth says:

Probably cliche but Miles Davis.

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