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In-depth review and analysis of Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, one of the famous Bronte sisters. This novel, the only one she ever published, was notorious for its extreme melodrama and violence, contained within the isolated, Gothic landscape of the moors. This video may be useful if you are studying or revising the text for A Level or University.

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From the Heavens: https://www.fictionpress.com/s/3235272/1/From-the-Heavens-Fish-and-Chips-1


Christine AnD says:


DinosaurFilms says:

Great review.
Even though this is entirely random: In a way you remind me of Heath Ledger. I think you could pull off a fantastic Joker cosplay.

KATCompositions says:

Thank you, really appreciated! Yeah I guess it lends itself to a Marxist approach, with the whole motif of transgression.

Jennifer Silva says:

bravo!!! this is stunning! I like the way you described Heathcliff and Catherine’s relationship as “crossing the boundaries of life and death as well as social class + race”, because I’m currently writing an essay on the limitations of a marxist literary reading of WH, and you’ve basically hit the target on what I’ve wanted to say! thankyou again 🙂

Barbara Jean Phillips says:

I love your analysis. I will listen several more times to get it all. I wish there was a transcript! My fingers were itching to take notes because I wanted to remember so many of your comments.

Jay Thorton says:

Yay, someone who gets it!
Although I imagine Twilight fans will be quite happy with Wuthering Heights, considering Edward’s and Bella’s relationship has a similar messed up mentality, what with threats of death and suicide, stalking, and being trapped in an immortal relationship. Actually…they’re more alike than I thought.

Tal co says:

This is a wonderful analysis of Wuthering Heights, and in a way, I’m thankful its short, although I’d take all the information I can gather for my coursework.

Christine AnD says:

Those snipers

Swagking420 says:

This is great for revision ! Thankyou! Subscribed 🙂

Celia Mellow says:

Thank you for this, it is a wonderful video 🙂 It’s lovely listening rather than reading, I have my A2 English Language and Literature exam tomorrow morning and you’ve helped me to chill out a little bit 🙂

Auntie Creeps says:

That was a wonderful analysis of one of my most favorite books! I recently narrated the ghostly part of chapter 3 on my own channel.

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