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heleen hussen says:

Can you do a video on dan browns angels and demons series

Japita Singh says:

Such a great video…
Can someone please recommend a good book on mental illness?

Aleyda Reales says:

I can’t believe I’ve been following you for literally YEARS. Like When I got really into YouTube I started with the book tube community part of it and thanks to you, I don’t think my love for books would have continued to flourish. So excited for the books in the new year and your videos ♡

Look At Her says:

Jesse guess what I uploaded a bookshelf tour finally!!!! Please Check it out :)))

Lycan says:

The Innocent by Avi Arad for me was very meh but it had a really good premise behind it…

Pazuzu Jones says:

Are all of these young adult books?

Vriddhe Nanda says:

dude how you edit these videos and upload it. god from morning ive been trying to film a book review it hella work and ive editing to be done and its already noon. hands off to you for uploading frequently

Duarte Vader says:

*_I’m reading the Batman one that was written by Marie Lu._*

Divergent Pirate-Queen says:

A series that I had problems with this year was Red Queen. I know a lot of people love it nonetheless but I thought that the main character was very annoying and selfish most of the time, and I saw WAY too many tropes from other YA books. I’m sorry for those out there who love the series…

TheAla Zone says:

Not gonna lie, I kinda want to read Thornhill now.

OreoBooks says:

Aw, I really liked Highly Illogical Behaviour 🙁 but I can appreciate that everyone has different views

Classic Fangirl says:

Waiting on your Queen of Air and Darkness book review like………..

Strawberry Shortcake says:

Highly illogical behaviour is the worst book i have ever read . it’s extremely boring.

Aishwarya D says:


Khadijazz 57 says:

Kafka on the shore …i dont know how the hell i finished that book

Beauty Chatterjee says:

hey, Jesse, I subscribed and now I want you to do a review in the Spposville books. some of them include the secret path, the dark corner and the cold people. and can somebody tell me if they are good?

Saira Ahmed says:

Feel like he makes more not liking books than actually liking books atm

Kaidyn Harris says:

I was about to read “highly illogical behavior” thanks for the warning, it really prepared me.

The Night Walker says:

Wtf why is this like the first video you posted since forever

kloe yeung says:

Worst books of the year :
All of this is true
After by Anna Todd

Monica Furlotte says:

1984, loved animal farm. Am not enjoying 1984 at all.

Unabashedlyanne says:

1:18 the reason I hated Obliteration in the Reckoners Trilogy

John Bradford says:


BeanieBooStudios XOX says:

Worst book this year goes to:

Fangirl by rainbow rowell

Richa Daiya says:


alexislex112 says:

As soon as you brought up stand off I just said to myself, ” Amen!” I loved the first book, but getting into stand off was such a struggle to get through!!

Suga Free Kookie says:

I loved Winger, but when I read Stand Off I was angry at Ryan Dean for being so mean to his roommate for no reason. :/

Haniya Syeda says:

I’m honestly just waiting for something about Kingdom of Ash!!!

Mickey Ganger says:

You’ve got Jake Peralta vibe and I love it!

itsEllie xo says:

You have inspired me to read more, thanks :))

Kaitlin says:

I didn’t like Solo all that much either. I just really wasn’t a fan of the main character.

Anna Rose says:

oh i really liked thornhill! i think because it was aimed at like middle grade age, it had the right amount of ~creepiness and predictability but i enjoyed it nonetheless

Opal Wolf says:

Ok, there’s a pair of books near your right ear that look very familiar to me. One cover is greeny-blue with some kinda beige bits and the other is red with beige bits, what are they?

Christina Creech says:

I’m just waiting for something about Kingdom of Ash and Map of Days.

Meghana Naag says:

Title of the Video: WORST BOOKS OF 2018
The Video: Jesse focusing on the good things rather than the bad ones in books he didn’t like.
And that’s why ladies and gentlemen I like his videos.

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