What’s the meaning of life? 🙌 BOOK REVIEW 🙌 – March

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Nicolas Walker says:

Got me into reading again. Please keep up the good work!

sahrul wijayakarta says:


Nias Phydra says:

Thanks pewds for making this video!

Andre Manzaro says:

Try to read some books of Machado de Assis

dugwyler says:

Best video of yours I’ve seen, please keep doing it. Good for the kids, using that influence for the good

If I could offer one criticism, temper it down to a smaller number of books and focus on them. Then maybe split up the videos a bit. That newboy attention span though

Eduardo zamudio says:


von Falkenstein says:

read “tell the truth and shame the devil”

Doremi says:

I also want to read more Japanese Literature! And it’s due to Haruki Murakami 🙂 If you do more reviews on Japanese literature I will definitely read them.

Satnam Singh says:

Slaughterhouse-Five is a pretty good book

CodenameTurtle says:

I love this series, I hope you continue with it for a long time 😀 it’s so relaxing somehow that it makes me feel closer to you. @_@ I need to get back to reading, been spending all my time gaming but I definitely miss it.

frankie villareal says:

I dig this

Takumi Hirohito says:

Love you felix ❤

Rebs Blog says:

I really recommend flowers for Algernon it has a deep meaning.

duck blah says:

I LOVE THESE VIDEOS!!!!! ugh so many books I need to read!

Mal613 says:

Not a big book by any means, took me just more than a day to read. The Revenant – Michael Punke, very similar to the movie but a bit more entertaining than watching Leo crawl across the ground for 30 mins… very nice book.

Cardboard Tenshi says:

LITerature B )

Animated Trash says:

I analyzed Flowers for Algenon and the metamorphosis in school, so this was really fun to listen to

J Curry says:

This isn’t really a book or novel but it’s definitely something to read. It’s a short story called ‘The ones who walked away from Omelas by Ursula K. Le Guin’. The story is based around happiness of people and how certain situations affect people and their decisions. Thought I would share this amazing peace of work.

Katula15 Koko says:

i like love these series 🙂

Berna Casales says:

This dude sucks

Håvard Ramberg says:

Read the Shadow of the Wind

Martina Massun says:

I want Pewds to read us book quotes

linanryz says:

This is my favourite series on youtube

the golden otaku says:

Ohhh .. the old man and the sea , we was studying it in the last year I think , and it was so bad and boring and it was also a dumb story I don’t even know why did it have a prize any way it’s really boring .

Rafael Montes Velastegui says:

More Yukio Mishima please!

Frida Wranding says:

Hej alla svenskar

Floofi Floof says:

Moby’s Dick

The Clock Work Prince says:

Ooooh crime and punishment that’s one of my favorite books the author excels at describing stress and stressful scenes

Nanette Nette says:

I read nabs search for meaning and it was a good book. Makes me want to read it again

Basilicon says:

PEWDS pls read Sky Raiders by Brandon Mull

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