Hey everyone! Here’s my review of Warbreaker 🙂

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Wontys says:

Sanderson is amazing. I have no idea how he can create new storys, new magic systems, new characters etc. And always is somethink new, it’s hard to find inspiration in the books of another authors or history our world. And that how he’s writing about this everythink… oh my gosh, I can’t stop read his books. I would like to have imagination like Sanderson 🙂

Veridissima says:

Now I want to read this book even more!! Great review!!!

Snake Plissken says:

Is there a specific order in which Sanderson’s books should be read?

Covenfan1234 says:

is there romance in it? cause i think i read somewhere that this was a sanderson book for people who liked romance

Tam In India : A Booktuber says:

Loved your honest detailed review

David Kircher says:

There’s a character named Ciri. Sold on the Witcher reference alone.

Lexi L. says:

Ahhh omg I CANNOT wait to read this book it’s been on my amazon wish list for ever and it just sounds so good but I’m trying to have a little self control and finish the mistborn trilogy first before I buy more of Sanderson works

AllomancerSam says:

I’m so glad you liked this one! Warbreaker is my favorite Sanderson, and possibly my favorite book over all. Do you know about the Warbreaker character cameos in the Stormlight books? They were one of my favorite parts of Oathbringer. Loved the video!

Scott Aguirre says:

i’m glad you made a review of this. I will read the copy you sent me for the giveaway after I graduate in a few weeks 🙂

Seth Borchardt says:

Great review! Probably my favorite Brandon Sanderson book. I wish he would continue this series.

Steve Torres says:

May contain SPOILERS so don’t read my comment unless you finished this book….

I really loved this book! I felt that the ending felt kind of rushed though. But once again in typical Sanderson fashion, he is able to create another unique and creative magic system. I hope this is going to be a series because I want to read more about Vi and Vasher’s adventures. They were my favorite couple in the book. One of my favorite fantasy tropes though it’s used often is the princess falling in love with the mercenary. Anyway one of my favorite standalone books and happy that you enjoyed it.

Carol Marie Reads says:

I loved this book. I was so excited about it being a stand alone but according to Goodreads there’s a second one titled Nightblood. But according to Sanderson like two years ago he said don’t hold your breath lol.

tREX13470 says:

It’s kind of a shame that you’ve read Stormlight Archive before Warbreaker because… you know. But anyway, I love Warbreaker, to me it’s a second best Sanderson book, with The Way of Kings in the first place, it’s a shame it’s not as much talked about as the Mistborn or Stormlight and I’m very happy that you also liked it.

poop pooper says:

Did you ever read the Watcher series by Sergei Lukyanenko? I have read the first 3 books and they are great!

Quack Addict says:

I LOVE your book reviews!

Michael Barbera says:

I’m 400 pages into “Mistborn.” I honestly don’t get the hype — the writing is atrocious and the characters are bland.

Michael Feeney says:

Awesome review! It’s on my short (long) list of books!


Eirvven says:

I’m not gonna lie, I loved Nightblood the most. As far as the non-human characters go, he was by far my favourite.
I’m so glad you liked Warbreaker as a whole. (now you know who from Warbreaker appears in The Archive! :D)
What about Elantris? Did you finish it?

Dianne Polmanter says:

Ordered this book right away! You make them all seem so interesting. I’m wondering did you get the Raymond Feist care package yet?

Erica Borland says:

Ohh perfect timing, I had a random notion to read this so I’ve just ordered it. Curious as to what a Branderson stand alone is like :O

Shania Bates says:

I absolutely loved this book. Lightsong was hilarious

BookRealKatie says:

I did not know they were all in the same universe, thats amazing! I’ve only seen Warbreaker recently but it sounds so good. I want to finish the Mistborn series first.

Lucinda Jennings says:

I got on the Brandon Sanderson Hype train and have enjoyed all his books but absolutely loved Warbreaker, it’s my favorite book of his. (@CinnieRose)

Lindsay Puckett says:

I had no idea this followed female characters! That BUMBED it up on my TBR

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