Vlogmas Day 5: Russian Literature TBR

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Books Mentioned:
The Master and Margarita: http://goo.gl/KeiM3k
The Cossacks and Hadji Murat: http://goo.gl/ED4FQF
Crime and Punishment: https://goo.gl/iPKvHg
A Country Doctor’s Notebook: https://goo.gl/VqPTmn
There Once Lived a Woman…: http://goo.gl/54tOVO

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avaria 12 says:

Perfect pronunciation on the last book:) I don’t think she writes much these days.

AshtheViking says:

I can’t wait to read The Young Doctor’s Notebook. The tv adaptation of it with Daniel Radcliffe and Jon Hamm is SO FRICKKEN GOOD. Absolutely hilarious. I loved Bulgakov’s Master and Margarita so I assume the source material is even better then the show.

alnsubuga says:

I really hope you’re able to make this into some kind of series. It’s great to get tips from other people on literature from around the world. I’m planning to buy the new Russian classics series that’s coming out in January in the UK. The covers are beautiful and I think I’m finally ready to try getting through War & Peace.

Mr. Putler Gollum says:

l don’t think that Stalin tried to protect Bulgakov. Because all his original works were band, also Master and Margarita is a critical satyr about Bolsheviks rise to power.

chboskyy says:

So much Russian lit <3 I want to get properly into some more Russian Lit in the new year, I always enjoy the ones I read! The Master and Margarita is awesome and bizarre 🙂

Dmitry Volkov says:

Hi! Have you heard something about Russian author and literature critic Dmitry Bykov? So, he says that The Master and Margarita was written by Bulgakov special for Stalin, to give him a massage “You can be cruel but you should not press poets and painters.”

Buttersnaps says:

Crime and Punishment is the best book of that lot

Dyllan says:

Have you read any Nikolai Gogol? I read his book, Dead Souls(1842), early this year. It was a pritty good book. It’s a satirical/realist novel about a Russian government official who comes up with a sort of get rich quick scheme. It split into two parts, the second left unfinished, but I do recommend it if you happen to come across it. I believe you mentioned in a video once something about Tolstoy analyzing Russian society very meticulously, and that being a bit strenuous. I don’t believe you’ll have that issue with this work, although it is a bit long, it’s more of a show not tell novel.

Another great Russian novel is We by Yevgeny Zamyatin(1921). It’s credited as be the first sci-fi dystopian novel. Although you could argue that honor perhaps could go to H.G. Wells,(though admittedly I’ve never read his works so I can’t say), We certainly seems to set the tone of twentieth century dystopians, such as Brave new World and 1984. To be perfectly honest I can’t really remember the plot all that well, been two years and I have a lousy memory, but I do remember really enjoying it, and would say is a must read, even if you don’t particularity like sci-fi or dystopians, it certainly has historic worth I’d say.
You fallow a character we doesn’t have a name, just a number, as he, a guess you could say falls in love with a another individual. Problem is the society is poly-amours, or something like that, and he wants to be monogamous, that’s one of the problems that arises. But now that I think of it I can’t remember if some of the stuff that comes to memory was from We or Brave new World…were poems that fallow the rules of logic, and state designated “sex time” from the former or latter???, anyway, just those two examples tell you something about the society in the book.

Kevin Varney says:

A lady Russian author, whatever next!

Anni Thomas says:

The scary fairytales sound really interesting 🙂 I have yet to read another Russian author apart from Tolstoi

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